Monday, September 17, 2012


I am beginning to make peace with my mountain home.

I am beginning to remember why I have always dreamed about living in the mountains.

The other day "The Hub" and I took a hike – one of those hikes that I love so much when we go camping.  Only this time, it was on our own property. Surrounded by massive oak trees and pine trees, crunching leaves and branches underfoot, gazing at giant tumbled boulders (like 12 feet tall) – I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't on vacation – I could do this anytime.

Of course, the other day I was also reminded that I do need to be careful out there in the wilderness that is my backyard now.  "The Hub" caught another HUGE rattlesnake right by our trashcans – (lucky for me that I never take out the trash – HA!)

Other than Mr. Pacific Rattler, I do love the wildlife up here.

The hawks, the deer (sometimes with babies), the blue jays, woodpeckers, quail, the lizards, rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks.

My favorite are the chipmunks.

I love watching them chase each other around.  Sometimes I'll watch them from my window for a long time – my own version of reality TV.

Here's one thing I've noticed, though.

Whenever I go outside, or if I have to drive down the road into town, all the animals I come across scatter and scamper away – frightened by me.

It kinda makes me sad.

I wish they knew that I wasn't scary, or mean, or threatening – I wish they knew that I was no danger to them.  I wish they knew that I love them.

I've often wondered – how on earth could I convey that to them?

An idea came to me today…

Become a chipmunk.


I stopped and thought about it – have I lost sight of the wonder of the Incarnation?

Have I ceased to be amazed at a God who chose to become one of us – just like you and me?

If I became a chipmunkI could speak their language, I could relate to their chipmunk life.  Sure, I would be giving up an awful lot – many of the privileges and abilities of being a human.

But, by being a chipmunk, I could communicate my true feelings to those furry little rodents.

Today I read this in one of my daily devotionals:

"Throughout the Old Testament, God seems to alternate between Spectator and Participant…The New Testament, though, shows the God who selflessly shared the dignity of causation by descending to become its Victim.  The One who had the right to destroy the world – and had nearly done so in Noah's day – chose instead to love the world, at any cost."  (Finding God in Unexpected Places, by Philip Yancey)

Don't get me wrong – God is still scary, Someone to be treated with respectful fear and awe.

But also, in an unfathomable way, He is Someone who chose to become a chipmunk.

Just so He could communicate His love.

Wonders never cease.

God put aside His God-ness, to save the world (you and me) because He loved us.

That stops me in my tracks…

As it should.

Thanks for the lesson, Mr. Chippie the Munk –

And Lord, thank you for what You did by becoming one of us.

This furry little rodent is eternally grateful!

My paraphrase, if you'll allow me:

"For God so loved the chipmunk world, that He sent His only Son to become a chipmunk.  And whatever chipmunk chooses to believe in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life."

Stop and think about it again today - what does God becoming one of us truly mean to you?

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    It does my spirit good to see this post from you. I am pleased you are more settled and many aspects of your mountain life seem awesome, but not maybe the snake. Your comparison here, (if that is the right word) is excellent.

    Thank you for sharing this way, today.

    God Bless - Nita

  2. Sharon:
    I like the way you think... I THINK the way you think! I wonder what that means?? Are we both strange, or are we blessed?? I thinnk we are blessed! I LOVE the chipmunk story, and the thought process that brought you to it. :) All of these things He brings to our minds help us to understand who He is in more personal ways.

  3. So glad you are starting to adjust and make peace about where you are at Sharon (but I do have to warn there will be ups and downs with it, but the ups will eventually win over the downs :)

    Love the analogy with the chipmunk. I'm glad too God decided to come down and be one of us; so humbling isn't it? Do watch out for those snakes!!!!!!!!


  4. I love the way you see thinks, Sharon! What a great comparison that really explains the reason God chose to become like us. Thanks for sharing! And...I am so glad you are enjoying your new home! Blessings, Joan

  5. Hi Sharon,
    How glad I am to be visiting you today. Didn't know you moved. Must be beautiful! Especially in the Fall. What you wrote is so true. The analogy is perfect.

    Wishing you shanah tovah - happy Jewish New Year.

    Trusting all is well with you.


  6. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with us. I'm glad you don't take out the trash and I like the way you shared the analogy of the chipmunk.

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  8. Ohhh my sweet little chipmunk (lover) Sharon:0)

    It is so wonderful to read your first wonderfully written declaration of coming to adjust peacefully and piece fully to your move to the mountains. Bit by bit. Chip by chip too!

    What a fantastic analogy of you wanting to convey your love to the little critters like one of 'em with Our sweet Jesus coming for us!
    I see the mountain air has not snapped away your creative inspiration and wit! I love the way you pen LIFE with spiritual implications, applications and such inspiration. You are definitely one in a million, Chipmunk! But I won't call you "Alvin" (nor Simon, Theodor or any of the girl ones - did they have names?) You will always be the treasured, and precious
    Princess Sharon... and the Narnia world of nature awaits your continual ventures with caution, please ... so you can write tales of wonder like this! Praying that this new life in hibernation from the internet world helps you rather than hinders you and that you will be able to continue acclimating and relaxing (no, you're not on vacation up there ... this is the new reality for you). I love to see a bit more from you than "Fan the Flame" but that does keep the kindling going and I was so glad to see this fine display of your natural self, enjoying hubby and God's creation together. No more fears and I hope you can make friends with
    them but don't start talking 'chipmunk'.

    Missin' you and your wonderful writings but completely understand. Just keep taking one day at a time, one step and keep watching out for those rattlers. So thankful that Jesus came so we would not keep running away in fear.

    Love(((hugs))), blessings and prayers, thinkin of you daily...


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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