Monday, June 3, 2013


OK, does anyone out there have these things??

You know, those lovely tannish-brown spots on my skin that seem to cover more and more territory each year –

(If you do, I feel your pain…)

I actually looked these things up on Wikipedia:

"…blemishes on the skin associated with aging and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun."

Blemishes – no duh.

Their other names?

Liver spot.  (Yuck – add onions, I feel like crying…)

Senile freckle.  (Yes…senile freckle.  Like it forgot how it got on my face…and hands...and...)

I think they're gross and unsightly.  They are unwanted reminders of my Southern California *worship-the-sun lifestyle*, and the fact that I am getting OLDER.

I've thought about getting them removed.

But electrosurgery, laser treatment, or cryotherapy sounds painful and expen$$$iveand painful.

Those dark-spot erasing creams?  Not sure if they're very effective or not – (I'm open to suggestions if one of you knows a good one).

So, I hate these things because they're like neon signs that flash out the truth – I. AM. NOT. YOUNG. ANYMORE.

But see, that's the real deal.

The age spots are irritating – the age is disturbing.

Disturbing because the years march on relentlessly, out of my control, and always leading inexorably toward that final curtain.

I don't like getting older.

I've had so many conversations with my mom lately about getting older, about approaching the end.

And even with faith, even with a close walk with the Lord, the Valley of the Shadow of Death is daunting, scary, threatening.

Last night we were talking about my dad, whose mind is drifting away so rapidly now.  Mom told me how it's hard for her to see – both for his sake, and as a reminder that she, too, is getting older.

And out of the blue, I said this to her:

"Mom, don't think for a second that the Lord who has walked with you all these years will let go of you now.  He's holding on to your hand tighter than ever before.  Old age is just a chance to feel Him closer."

We both stopped silent.

You see, I didn't really think those things – I just said them.  (The Holy Spirit has a way of doing that, you know…)

And, the more I thought about it, the more I knew it to be true.

For me, too.

Growing older is a privilege in so many ways.  My walk has indeed grown closer as I've added candles to my birthday cake.  My faith has grown deeper, my sense of God's Presence more tangible, my love for His Word stronger.

I ask myself these questions…

Would I feel Him as surely if I was younger?

Would the walk with Him be as sweet if I could walk without pain?

Would remembering His faithfulness be as powerful if my memory wasn't so flaky sometimes?

Would reading His Word be as wonderful if I didn't have to do it with glasses?

Would hearing His voice be as tangible if my hearing was not growing weaker?

Would my heart not soar as high if I wasn't slowing down?

I don't think so.

Because it is in the aging that I am learning new depths of His character, and about what it means to grow on the inside, while the outside just grows old.

Sagging flesh is weak, but He is making my spirit strong.

I'm going to share these thoughts with my mom today.  And I'm pretty sure she'll understand.  (She will, for sure).  She knows that there is something to be said for the gray hair of wisdom that comes with age (even if you dye it like I do!!).

She will know that the sure hand of the Lord grips tighter with every year that passes.

She will know, because her testimony speaks to me.

A woman of grace and faith and love and humility.

An older woman who knows how to age with beauty.

Maybe that's what those old age spots truly are – beauty spots.

Spots that testify to the mileage of our journeys.  Spots that testify of our flawed flesh but saved souls.  

Spots that testify to years spent with the SON.

Hands to work...Heart to God

"Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life." 
(Proverbs 16:31)

What is God teaching you in the process of growing older?

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  1. Oh Sharon, yes I have those age spots and the depressing negative thoughts that sometimes go with them. Thank you for this, I will come back and read again, at the moment my grandson is calling me to do his lunch :)

  2. I love the words that came out of your mouth to your mom. Our own words minister to US too, don't they? Even when you blurted them out, God was reminding you that it's true for you too.

    I was a California beach girl too Sharon, and don't forget, while I was at Westmont, we 'studied' on the beach every afternoon! I like your final lines... we will think of those brown spots as beauty spots. :)


  3. This was my favorite line:

    "Spots that testify to years spent with the SON."

    That changes my perspective on these little brown dots that seem to multiply nearly as quickly as my gray hairs....

  4. Love that the knower within us knows just how to provide the right words when we need them. A like this fresh perspective you've given on aging.

  5. Your hands look full of love not age spots. But even with a few of them - it means you have learned to walk with the Lord more. We don't let things bother us as much. And wear sunscreen on them not to get anymore! I love you just the way you are. So does Jesus. sandie

  6. Sharon,

    What an incredible story to share! I too, found a similar thread in what I wrote this morning. About being grateful and thankful in ALL things. I am reminded about something our elderly pastor shared one evening about the signs of old age and how we need to view them not as a burden but as a sign that we are growing closer to Heaven and our heavenly home. Each time we wake up in the morning with more aches and pains than ever before, smile and rejoice because we are one step closer to Heaven.

    Imagine how much it will also frustrate the enemy who wants nothing more than to get our focus off of God and on ourselves.

    Love stopping by here for my daily refreshing drink of water.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Well, I needed a good perspective on my sagging skin and all the things that growing older brings. Yeah, I've got those brown spots, too, but I also have wrinkled hands. As one of my kindergarteners was so apt to notice--"Look at your hand--something is wrong with it," he was very concerned. Then he pointed out his hand, "Look, it's different than mine." Oh, yeah, it's really different with all those wrinkles, I thought! Kids are so honest.
    I look back on my years with the Lord, though, and sometimes I wonder if I wasn't more diligent in my younger years to seek Him out. Sometimes, I feel so worn out, I'm not sure I'm growing in Him--but then, I have been through quite a battle these past two years.
    I'll contemplate your revelations and ask the Lord to show me where I have grown in Him.

  8. Hi Sharon,

    Back for another read, I like or relate to what Janis has said above, sometimes I feel so worn out. Because my mother died when she was only 56 yrs old and I was only in my very early thirties, I sometimes find it odd to think that women my age or older still have ageing mothers alive to look after. You are younger Sharon I know that btw. I don't have any sisters so in a way I age alone, although I do have brothers and sisters-in-law. Well don't know quite where I am going with this one, but it has got me thinking. I am very grateful for all my sisters in the Lord and for My Saviour Jesus Christ for being on the walk of life with me. God Bless you for all you share, which always gets me thinking.

  9. I think this is one of the sweetest things you've written, Sharon. If we are alive, we are aging. Our outward man is perishing but our inward man is being renewed daily. Hallelujah! Yes, I see those lovely little brown spots creeping in more and more and I was never much for sunbathing. I think they just come with age. I bet if we googled it we'd find a ton of things we could try. I know I've read lemon juice works. I am about to the point of trying to do something about them because I think it's important to look as nice as possible for as long as possible. :o)
    Big Hugs!

  10. At age 65 I am very aware of age......and getting older. I am walking closer to The Lord than ever, I know. Great post, Sharon.

  11. Thank you for sharing your lovely spotted post with us here at "Tell Me a True Story." Yes, I have a few of those too. I hadn't thought about the fact that age does bring us closer to God in a real sense. Try adding a tablespoon of Apple Cidar Vinager in a bit of water with a few drops of honey to your daily drink fix. It might erase those spots a bit. Mine are not as dark as they once were.

  12. Hello,
    I just loved the title of this post! I had to come back just to read it. I must say this could be a whole new world for us ladies. Beauty Spot!!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful insight.
    Blessigs, Roxy

  13. Hi Sharon, I so know what you mean. I do not like this whole aging thing but it is definitely a time when one has to start making some changes. Loved this post, you are such a blessing!
    God bless

  14. I've never been a sun-a-holic - couldn't stand the work of sweating and always got headaches. To that end, I am in my mid-fifties and happy to report less on the wrinkle meter than some of my peers who fly to the beach (45 minute drive from our town)the minute the season starts. Erego - little to no are spots. Just a note - high grade frankincense oil has been known to have some fading and healing effect. Regardless - said all t hat to say this: I wouldn't trade places with the twenty or thirty somethings today for anything! So glad I learned my lessons and am on the other side of so much that I see my younger sisters in the Lord walking through these days. May the Holy Spirit continue to spout all sorts of wisdom from that mouth of yours - wise words to comfort and encourage your mom - and people like me with fifty-somthing issues to deal with like making career transitions when your whole worldview appears obsolete. Taking a sabbatical to seek the Lord this summer. Changes - and perhaps back burner dreams coming to the front. Will keep you posted. Blessings to mom and dad . . .

  15. Heart touching post my friend, love you.

  16. Hi Sharon,
    I deal with aging by looking forward to retirement! Just joking, but I do not want to go back in years, even if I could.


  17. Dear Sharon
    I like the last one: beauty spots! Looking at a parent growing old is hard. But what we will always be blesses with is their wisdom that has been accumulated during the years their hair turned grey!
    Much love

  18. "it is in the aging that I am learning new depths of His character," Yes! I was wishing today that I wish I knew as much about God and living for Him when I was young as I do now. "In the aging" is where I am today...and I'm more in love with God than ever.

  19. "Maybe that's what those old age spots truly are – beauty spots."

    I'm going to try to keep that perspective because I have tons of age spots too and I think they're so ugly. :-( But if I reframe them into "beauty spots" from years with Him, then maybe I won't resent them. Thanks!

  20. I KNOW what you mean, Sharon! I like to dwell on the gray hair being a "crown of glory"! God bless you

  21. This is wonderful. I want to print it and keep it for reading in my class. We're doing a unit on the Proverbs of Solomon this summer, and I have earmarked some about aging and being old as a potential lesson.

    Mainly though, it was good for me to read it myself. I'm struggling with the age thing as you know. I need to keep remembering these truths when the fear starts to creep in.

    Since I'm so late to this party that I doubt anyone will see this comment besides you, I will confess that it's not so much the aging in the physical sense that has me scared, it's that I feel an alarm clock has been set on my productivity and on my dreams, and it is tick tocking ever closer to going off.

    Make sense?


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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