Friday, January 10, 2014


I have sad news, friends.

My father had a very bad fall on Monday afternoon, and he is in the hospital.

I would really appreciate your prayers for him, and for my mother.  And for myself and my siblings, as new decisions - difficult decisions - are being made.

To honor my dad, I'm reposting a poem that I wrote for him for Father's Day several years ago.

He's still my daddy, and I'll always be his little girl.


When I was small
I used to walk around
in his big shoes,
clumping through the house,
Playing, yes
but also proud of my daddy.

Strong and sure
Always there
to protect me -

Now that I have grown
It seems
that I have spent my life
Trying to follow
in his footsteps...
They are big shoes
to fill.

But he left a path behind
A character road
of intelligence,
and fairness.

In following him
I have learned to be
a leader,
I have learned to be
a better person.

Through the years
some things have changed,
most have not.
I am still proud of my daddy
Strong and sure
Always there
To protect me -

And though his steps
are slowing,
They are still
worth following
And I do -

For I will always be
a young girl
Walking around
in his big shoes...

© Sharon Kirby,
 June 15, 2007

Dad, know that I have always loved you, and I always will!

"Honor your father and mother. This is the first commandment with a promise: If you honor your father and mother, 'things will go well for you, and you will have a long life on the earth.'" (Ephesians 6:2-3, NLT)

*What is one special memory you have of your father growing up?

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  1. I will pray for your dad and you and yours! Lovely poem tribute. I was thinking of my dad over the holidays and how he liked to decorate and welcome family into their cozy little home. Fond memories!

  2. My chest is heavy. I loved this. I have probably read it before but today it was new to me anyway.

    I am honored to be one of your prayer warriors, Sharon.

  3. Sharon, I actually groaned when I read that your dad had fallen. It took me back a year ago to my own father's terrible fall.

    Please know you and your family, and especially your dad, are in my prayers.

    The poem is so heartwarming and moving. I know your dad is proud to call you his daughter.

  4. Praying, Sharon. Our aging parents are so dear to us. It is very difficult to have to make necessary decisions for them that often aren't at all what our parent wants.

  5. Dear Sharon, I am so sorry to hear about your daddy... my heart and prayers goes out to you. The poem is precious and I'm sure he has appreciated since you presented it to him. I was blessed to have my dad for nearly 91 years. I am the baby out of eight children and no matter my age, I was always his baby doesn't matter how old we get, we are always a child from our parent's perspective. God bless you and your family as you make those hard decisions.

  6. I continue to pray for you and your family, Sharon. While physically our aging parents are changing and the role of who is caring for who changes, their influence and love never does.

  7. Lifting your dad and your family up in prayer, Sharon. It is never easy with our parents. May God continue to bless the decisions you are having to make.

  8. I am praying..and so so sorry, this is a very hard time. It has been hard for me to go through it also and for my Dad not to be able to come to my daughter's wedding was hard. I am praying for you! Hugs!

  9. I will put you and your dad AND your family on my prayer list. I am so very very very sorry. And no matter what has happened or what is happening - he will always be your father. Hugs, sandie

  10. What a lovely poem! Praying for you and your dad today. So sorry to hear it. I treasure every visit I have with my parents, now that they are old and their health is failing.

  11. Such a beautiful poem Sharon. I will certainly be praying for your father and the rest of your family.

  12. Sad to hear this Sharon. My son in law and his brother are having to make difficult decisions about his dad also. It makes me dread getting really old and unable to care for myself. Life is very hard sometimes isn't it? thoughts and prayers going out to you. X

  13. I am so sad to hear this Sharon. Your poem puts a big lump in my throat, as it would his. I am praying for you my friend, and for your dear dad.


  14. THank you for this sweet memory.. I remember clomping around in my daddy's shoes, too, and now that he went to heaven in mid- December, it is wonderful to be reminded of all the small graces and loving moments we shared. I am praying for you at this time!

  15. Oh, Sharon! I'm so sorry that your dad had a fall. I will be praying for all of you as I know this may mean some changes. Like you wrote, our fathers are always our daddies, even when we are all grown up.

    One of my favorite memories of my dad was how he would always put on the cutest show when he dove into the pool. He would push out his chest, flex his arm muscles and do a perfect swan dive! It always made me smile.

    Love, Joan

  16. I am very saddened by this news about your dear daddy, Sharon. I went through many hard things like this with both of my parents. I will be in prayer for all of you. Please post any news as your friends continue to hold all of your family before the Lord. The poem was so sweet.
    God bless~

  17. I do like this poem, Sharon. I am so sorry about your father's fall and the subsequent consequences following it. I will continue to pray for your family; it is hard I'm sure with the decisions that lie ahead.

    Sadly, I don't have any memories of my dad from growing up since he died when I was 18 months old.

    Hugs to you, Sharon, do take care of yourself too!


  18. Praying for your Dad and you and your family!
    ~Dearest Father in Heaven, I lift up Sharon's Dad to you...Bring healing into his body as you comfort the family with peace and hope...Bless Sharon as she walks in obedience to you by continuing to follow your Word in honoring her parents while they are living out the rest of their mortal lives here on earth....Please make this journey a smoother one as the days get closer to their complete healing when call them home to you.~ In Jesus~ Amen.

  19. Hi Sharon,
    I just prayed for your dad and your family during this challenging time. I haven't been blogging for awhile. Great poem.

    I love the pictures you have on this site.
    May the Lord give you strength and wisdom in the days ahead.

  20. Blessings Sharon ... and what BIG shoes you have filled and are filling! This tribute to your dad, honors him and I know he and HE are pleased as you follow after Him!

    I'm still praying for all of you! with God's love and grace all becomes possible just keep walking and remember ... "when you walk through a storm, hold your head up high ... You Never Walk Alone

    Strength, peace, love and hope with JOY,
    (((hugs))) Peggy


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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