Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ever had a big dream?

Well, I had one when I was a little girl – and it came true! Let me tell you about it…

When I was about five years old, we lived in a suburb of San Francisco. My dad worked in the city. He rode a commuter train, every day, for all those years of working. Late in the afternoon, my mom and I would go pick him up…

I can vividly remember parking on the street, next to a store. (By the way, we always parked in the direction we were going to head home). Then there was a large vacant dirt lot that stretched from the side of the building to the train tracks.

So, I would plant myself in the back seat, and look out the back window – waiting for the train to arrive.

When it chugged in and came to a stop, there was always that moment of anticipation…

And then a virtual ocean of men would flood out of the doors. They marched like a battalion of brown and black ants.

I would excitedly look for my dad.

He was usually pretty easy to find. At 6’ 3” tall – he literally was head and shoulders above most of the crowd!

This was a great moment, every day – but on this particular day, it was something extraordinary…

For weeks I had been daydreaming, pining, nagging about a certain toy that I just HAD to have – a HULA HOOP!

It was all the rage – and I was raging to have one.

I think my parents told me they couldn’t afford to buy it. Sigh…

So, this particular day, I'm scanning the masses just like before – when all of a sudden, there in the middle of the crowd…


It couldn’t be, could it??

A large, red circle was bouncing along – it was…(cue choir music here)…a
hula hoop!

THAT was pretty exciting in itself – but can you imagine how *excited* I was when I realized that the arm holding it above the crowd belonged to my dad!!

And that meant…

That hula hoop was MINE!!

Oh, what a thrill that was – getting the hula hoop, for sure – but also realizing that my dad had taken the time out of his workday, gone to a toy store, bought the crazy thing, then negotiated it on that train all the way home to me…

It spoke of love.

You know what this story reminds me of? I'm still a little girl inside. And I'm still daydreaming about a certain thing that I just HAVE to have…


I am eagerly watching the sky for my Savior's return. Anticipating His arrival. Excitedly scanning the clouds. Waiting for the triumphal shout…

He's coming, all right.

And He's bringing the one gift that I’ve longed for my whole life.


He's taken the time to purchase it. He bought it with His life. He's carefully negotiating me through this life, all the way home…because He loves me.

He loves you, too – you just have to know that today – in the deepest part of your heart.


He's coming back – and He's bringing His reward!

"Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. There is more than enough room in my Father's home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you? When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am."
(John 14:1-3)

What’s the best childhood gift you ever got?

How do you feel about the incomparable gift of Heaven?

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  1. Hi Sharon -

    Of course, there is nothing better than our aim for heaven. Thank you, Lord, that we are strangers and pilgrims here. And praise Your awesome name that we shall be rewarded by You, Lord, the BEST - the HOST WITH THE MOST.

    Thank you,Sharon - I love this story. My heart moved from the love demonstrated between you and your dad.

    You expressed, "It spoke of love."

    Yes indeed it did - this story gave me heart flutters.

    You asked, "What's the best childhood gift you ever got?"

    My mom was sick a lot...

    My best childhood gifts are the days when my mom came home from the hospital. I loved her so...

  2. Sharon: My hula hoop was blue and I took it everywhere. Looking so forward to Heaven where we can enjoy life everlasting with Him and the family.

    My best gift was a brownie camera. I loved taking pictures then and now.

  3. We were just talking about heaven! Yes, looking forward to His coming!! Our pastor did an awesome sermon on it Saturday night and you could just feel the anticipation. We just passed billboards from a group stating He is coming back on May 21, 2011....so it opened the door of discussion with my 15 year old.

    Oh my Dad is 6'6"...and I remember the Hola Hoop and I remember my tall Dad trying to do it...it makes me smile even now.

  4. I was in love with all things Barbie when I was
    a little girl. Every day when I came home from
    elementary school my precious mom would have
    new outfits for Barbie and Ken waiting for me to
    put on them. Soon all my little girl friends
    were stopping in after school to see what Mom
    had made that day.
    Of course, nothing compares to the love Jesus
    has for us and His priceless gift of eternal
    salvation and a home with Him in heaven!

  5. how cute about the hula hoop, Sharon!! Cool that it was a bright red one too!!

    I eagerly and lookingly look forward to that day when I either go home or Jesus comes back. I keep saying this day and age we need to keep watching the sky!!

    Heaven is going to be fantastic because Jesus is there!!!!!


  6. I loved this, and in my head I was picturing my own dad bringing something home to me when I was a little girl. It was my flute, and I can still see his big old hands pulling it out from under his overcoat where he was trying to hide it. Funny that I hadn't thought of it until I read your hoop dreams. Oh, how I miss him.

    I love how you brought this one around, Sharon. So often, I look up at the clouds and wonder, "Is this the kind of day or cloud that He's coming on?" I know that's goofy, but it gets me all "hooped" up to imagine it.

  7. Sandra - You had the most beautiful mother - actually, you still do! And she is just glorious! God's precious Helen. And she's waiting for her baby girl... Yes, we are but sojourners in this world - weary travelers on our way home to a beautiful mansion in the sky!!

    Mary - We can hula hoop in Heaven!! I love your favorite gift - I remember those old Brownie cameras! I also enjoy photography. Do you think there will be the opportunity to take pictures in eternity? I like to think so. That we'll still have some way to capture the glorious beauty of God's re-perfected universe!

    Janette - Your pastor is on fire right now, isn't he?? May 21st, huh? We'll see - I'm looking at the clouds - every day. Oh, what a hoot watching your dad do the hula hoop! That must have been hysterical. Actually, I think my dad tried, too!

    Sandy - Oooo, yes, I loved Barbie and Ken - I had the original ones. Remember how Ken had felt hair that ended up rubbing off?! It was like he had a bad case of some sort of scalp disease! Did you have Midge, too? Your mom's outfits must have really been something! Tomorrow I'm talking about some righteous "clothes" - those are gonna be the best!

    Betty - I agree. I know we don't know the hour of His return, but I'm just feeling like things are heading to a climax. In my heart, I long to see Him face to face - what a glorious day that will be!

    Debbie - How very sweet of your dad! I have such a heartwarming image of him. I can't wait to meet him someday! You know how sometimes the sun rays come through the clouds? That's what I think the sky will look like when He comes back. I'll think it's just the sun - and then, all of a sudden, it will be the SON!! So, I don't think your thoughts are goofy at all. I think they're inspired.


  8. You know what I am really thinking - I'm thinking that I am so glad you got your red hula hoop - we don't get every gift we want - but sometimes these gifts are a gift from God.

  9. Sandie - You're right. I was a very lucky girl. And we don't get every gift we want - even from the Lord. But that's because He always gives us what is best for us. He loves enough to not always give us what we want. Know what I mean? (I'll catch up on your blog in the next couple days - and send an email letting you know details on today - it went well, but I am totally spent tonight!!)

    GOD BLESS, dear friend.


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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