Monday, September 30, 2013


My sons own their own business.

They work in their own office.

This brings certain pressures and stress to their lives – indeed.  But, it also affords certain privileges.

Like bringing your dog to work – every day.

Did you know that there is an official "Take Your Dog to Work Day"?  Yup, it started in 1999 in the United States.

I think it's a great ideathough I'm thinking it's a lot more practical in some occupations than others.  Some less-than-ideal scenarios:

At the nail salon – "Rover, stop licking her toes!"

At the library – "Skippy, use your INSIDE voice."

At the baseball park – "No, Spot, NO!  Don't go after that fly ball.  Spot…Spot...oh no."

At the local restaurant – "Yes sir, I'll get you another order of bacon.  By the way, have you seen Bowser?"

At the dentist's office – "Open wide.  Oh, Fido, stop sniffing her canine teeth."

But, at my sons' office, Marty is an asset.

He makes a great receptionist.  His greeting skills are excellent.  Most times when I pull into the parking space in front of the office, I can see a small beagle head waiting at the front door.  Though I can't see the wagging tail, I know it's wagging.  The wiggly head gives it away.

And if the little happy face isn't waiting at the door, it pokes around the corner as soon as I step into the office.

He is a living, breathing, furry welcome mat.

Marty is also very good at keeping up office morale.

Marty makes sure that he visits everyone throughout the day.  Sometimes he's lounging on his dog bed, sometimes he's stretched out on the couch.

But, he's an equal-opportunity visitor.  

Another thing that Marty excels at is ball retrieval.  My sons have a miniature ping-pong table at the office.  Good for coffee breaks.  And any errant ping is immediately ponged by one eager beagle.

Marty is also trying out for the Annual Office Calendar – and spends part of the afternoon posing in various positions in the small patch of sunlight that hits the carpet every day.  He's got to be careful though – tender pink beagle skin can get sunburned!!

So, being Office Beagle is quite a treat for Marty, and I dare say it's fun for my sons, too.

When I'm in town, I like to spend some time at the office.  I'll work on my blog, or I'll read – (most often I'm enlisted to bring in lunch!)  And I enjoy just *hanging out* with the entrepreneurs.

But, yes, it also gives me some precious time with my grandbeagle – who snuggles up next to me.

I got to thinking about this – because I'm always looking for what lessons Marty has to teach me about God.

And in this situation, I learned a few things.

First of all, it's a real privilege to be able to go to the office.

Just like it's a real treat for us to be invited into the throne room!

Yes, friends, we are told by the King of the Universe to "Come on in!" Do we lose sight of how wonderful this is?  I know I do.  I forget that my prayers are an awesome privilege.  I am speaking to the Almighty God, after all.  Who encourages me to talk to Him!

We must never forget that the Lord Himself asks us to come into His workplace.  He includes us in His purposes. 

This is a wonder indeed.

I think of Marty's eager welcome.  Do I approach my day that way?  Do I treat other people that way?

How often do I view people as interruptions to my day?  But, those random meetings or conversations are not to be taken lightly.  We must hold our schedules loosely, for God has ways of bringing His assignments into our lives in the most unexpected – and sometimes untimely – ways.

We should greet them eagerly.

How about that issue of morale?

Am I a positive influence on the people I meet?  What about the people that I know – the ones that I live my life with?  Am I an encourager, or do I bring them down?

I am chagrined at how often I fall into complaining, or into doomsday worrying.  And all too often, I "share the wealth."  I spread my bad mood, or fretful spirit all over everyone I come in contact with.  I wear my feelings on my sleeve, yes.  But I also seem determined to have everyone look at, and smell, and touch, and put on my sleeves.


I don't think I boost *office morale* at all sometimes.

Marty has a way of sensing who needs his presence.  And in his quiet beagle way, he brings peace and joy wherever he goes.

I need to be mindful that I do the same.

So, once again, Marty teaches me lessons.

He allows me to see the beauty of his heart – and shows me how I should behave as a believer.

Grateful for the invitation to the throne room of God.  Listened to, and included in His grand scheme of redemption.

Cheerful and eager to meet and greet those I come in contact with. Even if it means interruptions to "my" day.

Quietly and peacefully bringing encouragement to the people I know. Being there when someone needs me.  Spending time with them, just hanging out.

And Marty shows me that work doesn't have to be drudgery, not when you're a friend of God.

Every day, I think I should wake up with this thought:

"Today, I get to go to the office with The Boss!!"

It's A Dog's Life

"So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most." 
(Hebrews 4:16, NLT)

"Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people." (Colossians 3:23, NLT, 1996 version)

"Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless." (1 Corinthians 15:58, NLT)

"'And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.'" (Matthew 10:42, NLT)

"[God] will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers, as you still do." 
(Hebrews 6:10, NLT)

What does it mean to you to be a worker for the Lord?

(Note: The above photo of Marty was NOT posed!  He cracks me up!!)

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  1. That's great that your sons have their own business and love the spiritual nuggets you learned from Marty. He's one smart doggy.

  2. I love how God teaches us through our pets. I have learned so much from my cats! Marty is a real cutey--I love to be greeted by a cat or dog when I enter a business!
    2 Encourage
    In need of encouragement as a writer?
    A to Z Devotions for Writers

  3. Oh, I just love this. First of all, I was wondering...OK, how's she going to relate this dog story to a devotional? Now, that I think about it, dogs are the perfect example of unconditional love as well as making one feel welcome. I know my babies do, especially my Dachshund, Oscar. Sometimes I feel like they are more excited to see me than anyone else I know! I love the comparison to God's relationship towards us. By the way, I have taken my doxie to work with me before...I work in a very laid back PT clinic...he had a blast and entertained our patients!

  4. Thanks for the laughs today!
    There's a German Shepherd at a barber shop in a town nearby that sits in the window all day.
    I was imagining how terrible it would be if we were greeted by a snarling dog upon entering a place of business...Then I thought about how most businesses (and residences) have a welcome sign on the door or on the window...we must honor our Father's love towards the lost who wander into His courts, just like Marty who greets a stranger who enters into his master's place of business!
    Good post!
    God bless~ Lisa

  5. Fantastic less learned through Marty. He is adoreable!!! Dogs are a true gift from God.

  6. Fantastic LESSON...I can't type lol

  7. Quite an asset, that Beagle! My son has his own business and works out of a home office/studio also, and used to have an office cat. This reminds me he was thinking of employing a replacement. Maybe I should do some cat-searches.
    Thanks for this fun post.

  8. Very good point. We all need to be like dogs. I bet Marty is precious.

  9. So sweet and such lovely points you have made

  10. Thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story." Marty is a great helper in the office. A dog is good security too. I loved your applications as to what we can learn from a dog.

  11. I love that picture of him looking out the window, Sharon. Marty looks totally dignified in it. Neat too that he can accompany your sons to work every day. I like the lessons that he teaches you; good lessons for us all to incorporate into our daily lives; I think they would help our days go more smoothly indeed.


  12. Our neighbor's dog, Charlie, visits us and we get so excited because he is so happy to spend time with us and is very affectionate. After reading your post, Charlie would be a good reminder for me of entering the throne room excitedly. If I were a dog, I'd opt for a happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever and not a sad-eyed Basset Hound.

  13. Dear Sharon
    I once read that we can learn a lot from dogs about love! They always forgive, always love, always looking forward for you to come home, always think you are just the best AND they never sulk or talk back. I wished I could pay Marty a visit.
    Blessings and love XX

  14. :) thank you for making me smile more than once. As always a great blog. God Bless and have a good week

  15. What a sweet big boy he is. Sharon, you know I can relate to this post because of our mutual love of our dogs, granddogs included, but relating them to coming into God's presence, to being a "tail wagging" encourager, that is a gift God has given you. Seriously, I won't forget that.

  16. What a great story! I enjoyed every word.

  17. Hi Sharon! Our pets are just so uncomplicated, aren't they? They love unconditionally, and are always happy to see us. It's that kind of 'uncomplicated love' that we should all aspire love and be happy because we are alive, living in a world with all our sisters and brothers.

    I still wouldn't give him the TV remote. So...I have some work to do :)
    So nice to see you today!

  18. "Today I get to go to the office with Boss" I love that!!! never thought about it that way, but it's true! We have access to his presence and how easy it is to take that for granted, I too need not to worry! I am working for the big Boss, of course that's when I follow his lead, right? lol! Yet how wonderful to be reminded through the attitude of Marty. Loved the story, thank you!!

  19. I love Marty and his stories. What a great receptionist he is. He receives people and welcomes them. I need to do that...especially with family. I need to focus on encouraging them instead of always gripping. Thanks, Sharon for the cute story. Say "hi" from Chip.

  20. I love your humor! I cracked up imagining Marty at certain locations where he'd be a nuisance. :) What a great analogy. I certainly do NOT greet my day like a joyful pup or other people often times either. Thanks for sharing your encouragement today.

  21. Great analogy here! And so much fun!

    Thanks for linking up with Woman to Woman's Word Filled Wednesday! Join us again next week. God bless!

  22. This is great!!! And yes, the house with the retro feel also brought a sense of comfort. My son has his own business and he takes his dog along with him..this summer he took his newly adopted son. Yes the lessons of do we greet the world with the same...I think my post today goes so well with this also. The zeal for life...that affects all those around us. We can sure learn from God's creators!

  23. Sharon,

    Love this unique perspective on how we should "view" our days when we wake up! Thanks for offering this especially on those days when it seems overwhelming!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  24. Best post I've read in a long time. Our dogs work with us. We need to always be learning from God's creation.

  25. Wonderful, blessed insights, Sharon! Enjoyed your post, and Marty's pose, very much!

  26. What a great analogy! I'm here from still saturday. I loved my visit!

  27. Lol! Marty is gorgeous! Fun but thought-provoking post.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  28. I always enjoy Marty stories. Love this one!

  29. Marty's a real gem! I think he daily dose of morale is just what this world needs. Beagles are my favorite. I wish I could have one.


  30. Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

  31. How fun! I love the learning - I love that when we look, we find lessons in everything. Marty is a very wise dog... Visiting from Sunday Stillness. Janet

  32. Awww Marty (and precious Sharon) sorry that it took me so long to drop by and visit you!!! You are such a BEAGLE BOSS! Love every part of this and your 'grandma' should have this one on your blog ... [just copy and paste it over there Sharon]

    You are the perfect receptionist Marty and your 'grandma' is one grand writer ... love your humor once again and the connection is always there for me. How God can use a dog to exemplify so many life lessons. I know you needed the snuggles of love and comfort he brings ya' and I needed this SMILE :) ... and the lesson of how to boost my demeanor and perhaps morale of how I should act as a believer! I cherish so much the gems you share of God and His Word! but I treasure the love you show for Marty and us in the way you convey God as Our Boss! Let me always enter His Throne room with the eagerness welcome of this grand beagle Marty ... once again being a vessel through which you can share God's truth with 2 verses from He-brews. WOW! Marty, you're so adorable! Love your sitting posture and photo!

    I guess being a worker for the Lord fits with your "Fan the Flame" of servant. For me, when I serve, is how I work for the Lord, for the simplest act of serving another for Jesus to an all out project of great evangelism, each one is an honor to be a vessel for Jesus, His feet and hands serving others, welcoming them just like Marty. Jesus lives through us and the manner in which we work unto Him, for Him, He through us, but also when we do not work up to the best He's given us to greet like Marty and treat everyone as worthy of being special (whether with a sniff or a wag or just a simple SMILE or compliment) we are His representatives, to do as He would do as we are given so many opportunities that we just pass up or pass by or pass over, not at all like this
    Lavishly to

    ....your acts of kindness will bring you a warm response inside and like Marty, a pat on the head, a sweet morsel of yummies, a rub on the tummy; just small returns of love for a welcome home or to this place, how can I help you today?
    Yep, wow bow wow ... as we bow to Our Lord and King at His Throne, not with a bow wow wow ... but WOW, praise to You, almighty and most highly exalted One! I can hardly wait to meet You this day at the door of my heart ... won't You please come in and change me. There's much to do and not a minute to spare ... not drudgery in my day when You are present and go with me everywhere. Thank You LORD God, Creator and King ... no wonder You reversed the word 'God' and named this critter 'dog', cuz He reflects Your love unconditionally. [this goes with my beginning post of November giving thanks which I'm all set up and half way drafted and ready to go]

    Thank you Sharon for sharing Marty with us! (I should have done the acrostic for his name or do you have one already for Marvelous Marty) :0)

    Love, peace and big hugs... Chiquitita and Marty would make such cute babies

    1. Your acrostic was FANTASTIC!!

      M aking
      A ll
      R elationships
      T urn to
      Y ahweh

      Hey, I did it fast!

      GOD BLESS!

  33. Thanks for linking to Sunday Stillness. I love your analogy about your dog. God spelled backwards. Yes there are many ways we can learn to be like Christ by checking out how Fido lives life.

  34. Wow! I doubt you'll even see my measly little comment after all that fanfare, but I'll add it nonetheless. I loved the analogy, and I'm very guilty of not being a good "office dog". Oh, you might not know it if you were to wander into my waiting room because I would probably wag my tail. The problem is that my heart might not be into my wag as much as I'm pretending. That's something that I'm very, very convicted to change about myself.

    I love that picture of Marty.

  35. Marty is adorable - and this is a wonderful post. Thanks for linking to Still Saturday - hope you will return in the weeks to come.


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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