Monday, January 23, 2012


Sometimes things are just misunderstood.

Sometimes things get a little mixed up between the *telling* and the *hearing.*

I have a cute story.

Many years ago when my youngest was in 1st grade, he and I were walking home one day after school. I was asking him about his day, when all of a sudden he said:

"Oh yeah. Susie was back in school today. She was *on the women* for five days!"

(Note: I changed the name, just in case…)

Thinking I must have heard him wrong, I asked:

"What was wrong with her, honey?"

"She was *on the women.* For like 5 whole days."

I was instantly puzzled. Now I'd done some reading, and had heard that the onset of puberty was getting earlier and earlier because of the hormones in our food. Girls were…ahem…"becoming women" as early as 9 or 10 years old.

But, first grade?? Six??

I immediately flashed on a picture of this poor, dear little girl – all bundled up in bed with a heating pad (and other paraphernalia) – while her poor mother tried to explain the facts of life.

I remember how traumatized I was at the age of 13!

I had to get more information from my son to sort this all out.

"Sweetie, did Susie say she was *on the women*?"


"So why did you think she was *on the women*?"

"Because when you're getting better, they say you’re *on the men.* So I figured that when she was sick, she was *on the women.*"

Oh, how I chuckled. I had to keep it inside because I didn't want my son to think that I was laughing at him. But it was just so cute.

Six year old boy's logical math:

Getting well = *on the men*

Therefore: Being sick = *on the women*

I didn't have the heart to correct him. Frankly, at least in part because I thought he was a "tad" too young for all the details. Years later, when I re-told him this story, we both had a good chuckle. ("Ohhh...on the mend...")

But this story has a good lesson.

I think about my relationship with the Lord.

How often do I just misunderstand something?

How often is something lost in between the *telling* and the *hearing*?

Quite frankly, I often misunderstand what God is saying because I'm not really listening. Sometimes I just want to hear Him confirm my own thinking, or my own plans. Sometimes I interpret His words to "fit" into what I want them to say.

Sometimes it isn't even a case of misunderstanding.

Sometimes I just plain don't want to hear what He wants to say.

Selective spiritual deafness.

Why am I like this?

Because much of what the Lord has to say is tough. It's gnarly and convoluted. I have to wrestle with it.

Yup, I've had many a *Jacob* moment with God.

Because God's words often rub up against my life – they rub ME the uncomfortable way.

God is a shaper, a molder, a potter.

And quite often, this old clay is a stubborn lump.

I don't want to hear.

Because the hearing of God's wordsreal, listening hearingwell, that requires action.

Trust and obedience type action.

The tough stuff of faith.

But, frankly, I'm tired of being my old "sick" sinful self. I want to be more and more conformed to Christ. I need the Lord's words, and I need to hear themmore than I want them to make me comfortable.

I want Him – and that means I have to listen. Listen to what He's REALLY saying.

Even when it's tough love.

Yup, I think I'm finally *on the men*!

Is it hard for you to truly listen to God's words? Why?

"My child, listen to what I say, and treasure my commands. Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding. Search for them like hidden treasures. Then you will understand what it means to fear the LORD, and you will gain knowledge of God." (Proverbs 2:1-5)

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  1. A cute story indeed Sharon. It took me a minute to understand he was referring to on the I'm guilty as charge. Somethings I do misunderstand and other things I understand well but choose not to line my actions up with it immediately as I should.

  2. Oh laughing...I have a six year old...and so true.
    Yes it is hard to hear and we do get lost in the middle of what He is saying and what we are hearing...for me many times it is the timing I miss. I hear and expect it to be soon....not decades away.

    Great story and great truth! I set today and stay still to listen.

  3. We had that same talk tonight - Kelly was thinking of one Wal Mart and I was thinking of another - and we were 'debating' which way to go! Finally we learned we were talking about different places. sandie

  4. I say the same thing over and over...this is excellent. This old clay is a stubborn lump too, hearing what I want to, changing the rest. Great verse to back up your story too!

  5. Ha ha ha ha ...laughing over here Sharon and blessed as always at how you weave your precious humor and humorous anecdote into a spiritual truth that I need..."the tough stuff of faith" and I'm sure I'm guilty of SSD... and some of the rest you spelled out so well.

    ...and ohhh my how things are lost in translation, especially what kids hear and repeat and think it means... but I'm not too sure about you being "on the men"
    that just doesn't sound right?

    Your writing always blesses me and you are so good at speaking His Word and testing our true mold and actions. I need some fine tuning to hear, or listen,to trust and obey.

    Thanks...much love,

  6. What a cute story. Thanks for the chuckle you gave me just now. So many times we misunderstand something and find out we don't really disagree, it's just a matter of communication. Thank you for sharing.

  7. "On the men" !!!! Ha! What a wonderful story.

    I'm right there with you Sharon ... I can't tell you how many times I have "misheard", ignored, or even flatly disregarded what God was telling me. Sometimes it's hit me suddenly - I'll suddenly realize that He's been speaking to me about something for weeks, even months, and I never consciously registered it ... because not hearing it was so much easier.

    But He's so persistent ... I love that about Him. He'll just keep telling me and telling me, through different voices, in different words, in different areas until it becomes too much or me to ignore. And the thing is, He's always right. Even when I've completely misheard, I can look back later and see just how right He was.

  8. This is a great story of not hearing correctly or making assumptions of our own. When my son was 2 or 3 I would sing him a song as he went to bed. One night he requested "Hog It."
    I asked him again and he repeated the same. Tell me a bit more please. "You know mom, When we Hog it to heaven."
    Yes, sing his favorite and wrote about this in his baby book.

  9. Children say the most wonderful things, don't they? What a great story. It's also a great illustration about things getting "lost in translation!" It is so important to listen, focus and ask questions to make sure we understand what God is saying and not simply hearing what we want to hear. Blessings!

  10. I love this story! What a cute little moment that must have been. It reminds me of a time when The Practical One was playing church and said that she was the Sir Lady. (figure that one out...)

    The message He gave you was received loud and clear. (Loudly and Clearly). I do the same thing. It's a hazard of the sin nature.

    1. I've been saying this for the past hour, with all sorts of inflections. I give...what is the Sir Lady??

  11. Hi Sharon,

    You have me laughing - But your wonderful story has a serious side to it, I am guilty - Yes through tough love or otherwise I want to be on the men -d - however sometimes it is easier to lay down with hot water bottle applied to painful areas whilst "on the women," for five days or longer - still chuckling, but thinking serious thoughts too. Thank you for posting this.

  12. oh wow! I haven't been able to comment on your page for a few days, blogger is doing some strange things with IE for me, so I'll quickly comment while I can.

    It's a good thing that He is the one doing the changing, since we do tend to stand in His way too often. He patiently molds, changes and rearranges, and He has had plenty of resistance from me in past years. Age does teach, and I am getting quicker to recognize the symptoms! :)

    Great post! Kids are such teachers.

  13. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings soraya


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