Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love shoes.

Does that sound typically female? (Oh, I hope not…)

But I do have more than one pair.

No worries – I'm not even close to beating Imelda Marcos' record (anyone remember her? She had like 2700 pairs of shoes in her many closets. Can you spell OCD??)

I've got shoes for walking, and shoes for lounging. Shoes for the rain, shoes for hot days, shoes for in-between. I've got cute shoes and practical shoes. Dressy shoes, and then even dressier shoes – those would be the high heels. (Question – do shoe manufacturers realize that our feet are not shaped like Barbie's?? Just sayin'…)

Shoes have purpose.

Even if that purpose is just for making my feet look cute. (You're probably wondering – I wear a size 6. Used to be a size 5 until two babies flattened those puppies out…)

My shoes take me all over the place. I accomplish many things in my shoes. I get the *have-to* stuff done in life, the *really-ought-to* duties, the *yeah-OK-I-probably-should* things – but I also spend quite a bit of time in my *just-kicking-back* fun mode, too.

But, the other day I got to thinking.

Is there something more I'm supposed to be doing in my shoes?

And then, I was hit with a profound thought.

Someone else is literally walking in my shoes every day.


"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me." (Galatians 2:20, NIV)

I immediately had this picture in my mind. A pair of feet, shod in rather shabby, well-worn sandals. Dusty, dirty – maybe calloused and blistered. Sandals that literally walked all over the place.

I read somewhere recently that someone actually calculated the miles between the many towns and places that Jesus visited. It was rather startling. No cars, no mass transportation, not even a bicycle.

Jesus walked.

To reach people with His message – His very Good News.

Am I not to do the same?

After all, one of those wardrobe items from Scripture is the Ephesians *shoes of peace*:

"For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared." (Ephesians 6:15, NLT)

The Shoes of Peace represent our readiness to share the gospel message. We must never leave home without them.

I ponder.

Every day, and in every way, I am carrying Jesus to people.

His hands, His feet, His words – His love, His kindness, His joy, His peace.

People won't literally see His face, no – but are they seeing His face in MINE?

I'd like to think so. And I know they will be better able to see Him if I make a conscious effort to move out of HIS way and let Him do the walking and talking. I'm not going to win any souls to Christ on my own – that is the work of the Holy Spirit.

But I do believe that I make the Gospel more or less attractive by my behavior.

So I ask myself these questions:

Do I resemble the Lord?

Do I act, think, speak like Him?

Do I reach out to the ones that He would reach out to?

Am I willing to walk in His shoes for the sake of others?

Am I willing to walk in their shoes for the sake of Jesus?

The answers will have a profound impact on my priorities. They have the potential to turn my life upside down. I want them to…

So I'm putting on my Jesus sandals.

Lord, where do YOU want to go today?

How can you let Jesus walk in your shoes?

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  1. Walk on sweet sister, walk on.

  2. Great questions to meditate upon everyday as we put our shoes on. I'm wearing my ancient clogs today - got them in Yellowstone. Paid a pretty penny for them when the kids were toddler-types but never regretted it - they have outlasted all others. Like the Lord . . .

    But, that's another blog post.

    BTW - my feet grew a size, too. Started out adulthood as a 6.5 and ended up 7.5 after kids. However, depending on the cut - and my weight - I ha worn 6.5, 7, 7.5, and 8!!!Blame it on the cut of the shoe . . .

    And, yes - I grew up thinking that my feet would eventually morph into Barbie feet. Sooo glad they didn't. Love my comfy flats!


  3. The 64K question: Am I willing to walk in their shoes for the sake of Jesus?

    Good post today.


  4. Oh, so many thoughts ran through my mind as I read this. Most were spiritual, but I admit that some were the mental meanderings of a big foot. Size 5? Really? I started out an eight and flattened to a nine. I'm almost positive if I had any more children, I'd be able to wear Goliath shoes. On top of that, fibro stole my pretty. But that's a lamentation for another day.

    But on a serious note, I found this very thought provoking and convicting. Too often, I'm too busy worrying about the Debbie shoes.

    That last question got me the most.
    Am I willing to walk in THEIR shoes for the sake of Jesus Christ?

  5. Blessings Sharon, Finally... after mant attempts to comment in Google Chrome (which Blogger claimed is working best for the problem they were/are having with embedded comments such as yours and I had to change mine back to pop up window until it's remedied), I decide to give old IE a try and it looks possible like it may work this time but I'm not signed in here... so first things first! (grrrrrrrrr, I really am annoyed with Blogger for the last few days)... Ok signed in, hoping it will work... I will press on but have lost all the anointed words I was bursting with when I first read this profoundly thought provoking and inspiring post... with so much in it and so many graet self reflective questions in how we are walking... Wait a second... I think I should change my shoes...cause they are not even shoes and have allowed my size 6 to be flattened out to a size 7 (really size 5 to a 6). I know I focused on your sweet feet... in part yesterday before I discovered it would not post what I wrote (grrrrrrr) but this was my first thought and my testing one that I used the many times that I came and tried again...

    Sharon, my dearest sister Sharon... I DO see JESUS in your precious face!!! and in your wonderful writing... so much much more would I see Him, if I knew you in person! The Holy Spirit beams through you and I definitely feel the POWER!

    I don't have sandals like Jesus, but the ones I use out of plastic have walked many miles in convenience and comfort rather than seeing how my steps are reflecting Him. Your questions go deeper yet still include that well known quote from? a Cherokee Tribe of Native American made into a song and also "To Kill a Mockinbird" shares the idea;
    "don't judge another, until you have walked a mile in their shoes"... while I waited trying to reply with a outstanding comment for such an outstanding piece by you... I came across this also about developing empathy by walking in another's shoes, but I like the twist that you took on this about Jesus' shoes... for others and also for Jesus' sake... because after all this is the love we are to really show one another... His Love, His Light, His peace, His shoes... and ALL that His shoes of peace represent to the one in need of compassion or empathy. Truly walking and talking the gospel, really is the "HOLE in the GOSPEL" that far too many Christians fail to share in Word and Action. And to go, where HIS SHOES LEAD US for the day... well, far too many are far too busy with their own personal agenda to be able to ask where should I go you wrote so eloquently: "Lord, where do YOU want to go today?" so we must ask instead or determine that "wherever I walk today, may I walk in Your shoes, Lord, where I go, lead me in what to say or do as I go about my daily living, let me be totally aware, that I walk in Your shoes and You are walking with me and would like my steps to reflect Your steps and DO as You would do... in this circumstance or that..."
    I put on the shoes of the gospel of peace

    1. Typo correction... "mant" should be "many" and I won't even continue to read what I wrote in case there are more embarrassments...sorry (peggy) just human

  6. Yes, Sharon He literally does walk in our shoes every day and He knows what this is like... He has walked far more than we ever could... in complete surender and obedience, right to the Cross of Calvary. Yep, move out of HIS way, and let HIM do our walking... in my case, my talking (needs a bridle)... may my tongue wait and speak as He would want me to say what I should to magnify His Glory and His Word in what I say and how I say it. The walking part, I'm getting better at... following, it's the talking part... we gotta work out together (funny when I went to type this I typed "toe gether" "toe-get-her or him") that's putting one step ahead of the other toward him or her to share the Light of Jesus... frankly, my feet stink and easily get dusty and sweaty when I take to walking as Jesus walked but if I freshen myself up and maybe some talcum powder... I dip into His Word and pace myself with His Words flowing in me, I do a much better job... but I have to stay in His Word and let it renew my mind constantly and soak in it until my soul (sole)
    knows how to let my thoughts be transformed by His thoughts, so intimately that His thoughts become mine and His Word becomes what comes out of my mouth... Now that's putting on Jesus' sandals and walking a mile with a smile and you, my dear sister in Christ inspire that in me and write tremendously with the impact of "Sharon sharing God"... I'm privileged to be able to read the words that flow from Him through you... thank You, Lord and thank you Sharon... Love, Peggy (copied and pasted just in case)

  7. Great as always...we always pray over our son in the morning as he goes off to school that where he is walking he is bring forth the love of Christ...where every his feet walk, he is bringing forth the kingdom of God. It has been amazing to me to hear him come home and tell me of needs at school..teachers that have cancer, students that are having surgery..etc. Your post continues to encourage me to think about where I my own shoes

  8. Sharon,
    "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news.." :)

    So true! Nice to hear from you again, and thanks for stopping by Spots and Wrinkles today. Blessings to you and your Jesus sandals.

  9. Great post, Sharon. These days we are so spoiled, we drive or have public transportation to take us anywhere. If Jesus walked to take the message to others, we certainly should be taking Jesus with us.


  10. I just woke up from a dream where this man was saying over and over to his daughter (to get her to repeat it back to him): I will not take off my Jesus shoes. I will not take off my Jesus shoes. I Googled Jesus shoes and found your blog. 3:45 a.m. I needed to read this. Thank you for posting.


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