Monday, September 9, 2013


OK, so call me Noah.

Let me tell you, we have had some *WEATHER* this past week up on the mountain!

They say that California has four seasons:

Fire, flood, earthquake, and drought.

Well, we have had all four "seasons" already this year.  I'm fully expecting a 5th season later this year - blizzard.

Yup, this has been a wild week.  I began the week lulled into complacency, waking up Monday morning to beautiful blue skies and very hot weather.  Ah, but Mother Nature is a fickle woman – and by noon a storm had rolled in over the mountaintops, complete with pouring rain.  This little exhibition was also accompanied by a symphony of thunder and lightning.

Tuesday we had a hailstorm.  Thursday, "The Hub" saw a bolt of lightning streak down out of the sky into the ravine right behind our neighbor's house.

One day I had to go into town, forgot my umbrella, and got SOAKED in a mad minute-long dash to the ATM machine.  (The irony is that I was wearing shorts and sandals because it was still a hot day!)

You can't believe how quickly a 15-minute downpour can turn our streets into rivers.  Eddie the Explorer has had fun pretending he's a pontoon boat. Sharon has not had as much fun pretending she's a pontoon boat captain.

The truly weird thing is that by dinnertime, the sky has cleared up again.

Gotta admit, it's been pretty exciting.

I happen to like thunder and lightning (maybe because my mom used to tell me that it was just God moving His furniture around...would that make lightning God fixing the electricity?!) - and rain when I can stay indoors.

But I have had mixed feelings this week, because we are also trying to get the outside of our house painted!  Several months ago, we planned to have the work done this week.  What is that old joke?  If you want to see God laugh, make plans. 

I hear Him chuckling.

Luckily, we have a hard-working painter, and he's been showing up earlier every day to get as much done as possible before we re-enact portions of Genesis, chapters 6 and 7.


But, of course, I have pondered this rather unusual week in light of my walk of faith.

And I am thinking about this...

Isn't life just like this - one sudden storm after another?

And aren't we caught off guard most of the time?

I'm thinking about old Noah.  I'm sure he had many years of heckling from the land-lovin' crowd.

"Hey Noah, I don't see any clouds in the sky at all.  But hey, it's a nice boat you're building there.  Let me know when you're done, ha ha - we'll go for a harbor cruise."

"Uh, Noah, the homeowner's association met and we voted that the ark should be dismantled.  It's in violation of the CC & R's, you know."

"Yup, nice Man Cave project there, Noah buddy.  But it's kinda an eyesore in the neighborhood, just sayin'."

No one saw clouds, no one was ready when the storm hit.

I'm not ready when the storms hit in my life.

Are you?

I often feel like those disciples sitting in a boat on a placid Sea of Galilee. The Bible says that the squall came up unexpectedly.  

"Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat." (Mark 8:24, NLT)

Life is like this – blue skies, and then gathering clouds, thunder and lightning, drenching rain – a hailstorm once in a while too?

Case in point…

I'm down for *my shift* taking care of my parents.  On Sunday I went with my family to the LA Kings Hockey Fan Day.  It was a long, long tiring day – but great fun!  (I love hockey season!)

When I returned, I went in to check in on my parents.

And found my dad, sitting on the floor next to the couch, and my mom trying to pull him up to his feet.

Adrenaline rush…

"What's going on?  Dad, did you fall again?"

Well, yes.  He did.  Fortunately, it was an "easy" fall, and he didn't get hurt.  I got him situated in his recliner again, consoled my mom, and made sure everyone was calmed down.

But, I was reminded how quickly life could take an unexpected turn.

I am often unmoored by my lack of control in life.  If I'm totally honest, I like control.  I enjoy being the boss of things.  I think it would be a lot easier if I ran the show, directed the players, and took the bow at the end as the Queen of Everything.

I think that – but I know better.

And so does God.

So sometimes God needs to move the furniture around.  Sometimes He needs to fix the electricity.  And sometimes we are deluged with drenching rain and pounded by hail.

Yup, sometimes He allows blue skies to suddenly change into stormy weather.

No, He isn't mean – He's just the King.

Of everything.

This past week I was reminded of that indisputable fact.  Storms are inevitable in life.  And most often, we are unprepared for them.

But God knows.

And He promises that if we trust in Him, we will NOT be shaken by foul weather.

"'Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.  Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock.'"  (Matthew 7:24-25, NLT)

Hand me an umbrella, Noah.

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

"'When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.'"  (Isaiah 43:2, NLT) 

"The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."  
(Deuteronomy 31:8, NIV)

What unexpected *downpour* has overwhelmed you lately, and how is God helping you through it?

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  1. Yes. Storms happen in all of our lives. The only difference is the believer in Christ as HOPE that things will work out according to HIS plan. We just have to see the lessons and blessings in the 'storms'.

  2. Quite the weather you are having! We could use rain....but today we are climbing to near 100 degrees with humidity at 99%right now! Ugh...... Storms do come troubles surround us....but even though the enemy comes against us, we are never alone. Great reminder Sharon.

  3. You are having the pits out there. We have a young man that is out in California putting out your fires. Phew - love sandie.

  4. Hi Sharon

    Yes lots of storms have come my way and YES, I like to be in control. But hopefully I am learning and ever grateful to God for His Grace and Mercy

  5. I just love that passage from Isaiah it has helped me hunker down under the down pour of life's storm on many occasions.

  6. Those passages are favorites and the Lord has proven over and over His faithfulness in my life. This is the rainiest summer we can remember and we're glad it seems to finally be over. I wish there was another way to grow in the Lord without going through storms in this life but I don't think there's any other way. We've had our share and I'm ready for some long months (years!) of sunshine now!
    Hope your dear folks get stronger and stronger...

  7. Great post and I am shouting AMEN...I can so relate! The storms make the rainbows look even more beautiful.

  8. Great analogy. I've been going through some business storms that has been pounding for five years... the kind of storm that was set in motion by my own doing. It's been a tough five years, but I've gained insight through studying God's word. All the things we fear in this world sit smack in the palm of our Father right along with us, so am I going to fear the world sitting next to me in His palm or revere my Father?

    The tough physical storms can change the date we go, but not our destination...

  9. It is so amazing how unpredictable the weather often is. But it does keep us on our toes. Sorry you were drenched. Yes, Noah and his family must have been wondering if this was all going to happen. At least they were believers, and the poor other people laughed and were caught in the downpour. Too late. I do hope we will believe and trust and not be one who is caught too late. Thanks for sharing at "Tell Me a Story."

  10. Thanks for sharing some great thoughts - you have wonderful photography, too : )

  11. Sounds like mother nature must be in the change of life over at your place....she's been all over the place uh?

    Thank goodness we can depend on God to help us through the ups and downs of life and is always faithful to show us that rainbow just when we need it.....

    I am still laughing from your comment on my are so funny....

  12. I have to say, I for one, am glad that the hot weather has moved out of here; I would imagine it has been a wild adventure with all the storms up on the mountain, Sharon. I so agree about the storms of life; of course after a lot of them there is that glimmer of a rainbow and always the hope of the Lord, for which I am eternally grateful!


  13. Praying for you sis, love you.

  14. Hand me the paddle "Noah" Sharon or meet me with your pontoon Eddie... seems like we are sharing the same "storms" and I need your help bailing out over here!

    How I love, love, love what you can do with words and even the weather, always tying it in to God's Word and our lives. You are hilarious in this one. I love your humor. I love your photo! (and I love your photo album to the right of Majesty). However, I am not very fond of the rain, lightening or thunder any more, could use some rainbows down here
    and a sump pump. I'm so tired of mopping the deck, dumping the buckets and waiting for a break. Yet I am thankful that the drain pipe is finally unplugged and the water is flowing from the back to the front street. Hallelujah!

    Can't imagine what a storm looks like from way up yonder on the mountain looking down.

    I do hope your dad is alright and your dear mom! I also can't picture myself doing this caregiver role either. God knew (when it came to my parents)... I wonder how he forgot when it came to Sam. (sigh)

    Anywhoo, I am praying for you and glad at least you have the hockey season to deter the brunt of all the other storms. And I sure hope you're wrong about blizzards.

    We seem to be facing the same perils and downpours!
    So glad that we're ship mates! Couldn't have chosen a more delightful Storm Watcher and Captain. All hail to Our King! Thanks for making my miserable, aching body, a bit more thankful and weather proofed with your fun and wild adventures from the mountain to the valley! Hope you (we) get a break for a while through God's grace and your house can get painted per plan and no more laughing for God for awhile, electricity fixing or furniture moves
    (I always heard it was the angels bowling and getting a strike)... Sharing my "big yellow" umbrella with you that Karen passed on to me!(actually mines blue, if I could find it)... I'm just not quite up to being a Noah!

    *be sure you follow the link to the video ecard - love and prayers (((U)))

  15. Hi Sharon, I always love reading your post. I get so involved in the story and then.... you bring in the God angle. Love it Noah, I mean Sharon
    God bless
    Tracy :)

  16. Amen friend...if we trust in Him, we will not be shaken! Such encouragement! Jen from UNITE

  17. What a great one this week! I can relate to the first part because if you recall we started raining here the very week we began the kitchen, and it hasn't stopped much since. My life seems to be the very picture of "It never rains but it pours".

    Loved how you brought it around scripturally and made the point that I clearly need to hear these days. To be honest, I have not been a very good storm survivor lately.

    (And I'm sorry that your dad fell. I know how hard all this is for you and really do pray for you.)

    Sorry to be a day late and a word short.

  18. And it was nearly 100 degs here today and is now rainy and thundery and lightning happening just as I read this and am writing. Our days/lives can't not change moment by moment it seems. No real control. OH and re: Noah. I've written a story about it, but some of it is based on the heartbreaking issue that occurred when Noah and his family were in the boat...and at their ages, knowing many family and friends for years and years, who were OK sometimes but sarcastic other times, must have been a time when joy was nearly impossible. It was such a tough time. But God's joy poured over and through them and gave them a chance to rejoice in times ahead.

    I don't compare myself to Noah.... but I DO compare myself to Jeremiah. I posted about that not too long ago. YEP! What he went through and what I go through --- personality issues if nothing else -- really is similar often. Look forward to seeing him/meeting him in heaven; want to sit down under a beautiful tree and talk with him, share with him, truly see him then and forever.

    Bless you... good sharing, good thinking. Hope you are doing OK with the weather issues now.

  19. Hi Sharon! I just love your sense of humor! Noah building a man-cave? Priceless!

    Storms sure do come and go, and at a moments notice. I think the Lord wants us to be caught without our umbrella's so that we have to depend on him. Nothing else, just him. After all, he is a jealous God! I am trying to keep floating in storms. Sometimes I do well, sometimes not, but I am always trying. I think God loves that!

    Great post today Sharon! I really enjoyed it. From Winsome Wednesdays,

  20. Love the way you put this.

    Thanks for linking up with Woman to Woman's Word Filled Wednesday! God bless.

  21. I like your line about really liking the rain especially when you can stay inside. That's me, too. It's so dramatic....but keep me in a safe place! Same with the storms in life so I really feel encouraged with the ending scriptures. I'm safe; His Word says so. And we are getting stronger!

  22. Boy! Have I been deluged with a storm! I thought I was prepared. I thought I had laid a strong foundation and planned ahead but it still caught me by surprise. It's that wonderful remodel project~that still isn't complete after nearly two months. Believe me there is a blog post in here and it's just dying to come out. I'm just trying to figure out what lesson I was supposed to learn because I thought it was different than the way it's turning out. I think your lesson that there will always be storms might be it.
    A friend of mine said the worst remodel you can go through is a kitchen remodel....She was right! But God has helped us survive this as we fumbled through changes that had to be made midstream~and a refrigerator that had to be sent back. I would not have made it through if He had not helped me plan out some strategies ahead of time.
    I love your humor in this post. All the quips at Noah made me laugh. I needed that. Always enjoy the natural flow of your writing, Sharon.
    God bless~we'll have to talk sometime soon or the holidays will be upon us in the blink of an eye!

  23. Hiya, Sharon! Blessings as you await your "blizzard" - they say it's gonna be a tough one. We have had the rain here - but some of our days have been lovely of late. The rainstorms, though, seem to be more fierce the last year or so. Always new issues - those unexpected turns - with the house, too. Currently, Ed is pulling up the deck to shore up gaps under the sliding glass door that was causing leaks in the basement during the rains. And, hurricane season is soon upon us here in Jersey. God sent an angel from church who told us what to do - HE IS THERE - and it may end up costing in double digits to no digits at all! *sigh* Even in those unexpected turns - HE is there. Hard to hold onto that sometimes in this faith walk. Hope your dad is mending well and you are taking His peace.

  24. OH! BTW - I meant to say that we'll be seeing NOAH at Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA in October. If you don't know about this, you should google it and watch some of the promo videos - AMAZING place. Noah features LIVE ANIMALS in a theatre almost twice the size of a Broadway stage. We saw JOSEPH there a couple years ago. Christian theatre at it's most perfect! They are working on Moses now - Parting the Red Sea onstage - yes - that will be a feat!


  25. We don't have much rain here in the desert, but it does flood in different areas once in awhile. It was raining hard Sunday morning. It was Baby Dedication Sunday and one of the babies being dedicated was named Noah. The man holding the baby and talking about him said he discussed our weather with him earlier. Of course everyone laughed. Yes, God is king of everything. It's a good lesson to be reminded of.

  26. Wow that does sound exciting, Sharon! I love storms too though we don't get anything quite so dramatic here in the UK - mostly in fact we get grey, drizzle! Love what you have shared here about being prepared for the storms though. Great reminder here!

    Thanks for linking up at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  27. He's been a great comforter and given patience - God's promises are everlasting as His loving care! Thank you for your encouragement!


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

Thanks for your comments - it is such a joy to be sharing my journey with friends like YOU!

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