Wednesday, July 20, 2011


As I mentioned before, last week I was camping in the mountains.

It was beautiful, glorious, peaceful, inspiring.

God and I talked.

There must be something about the high altitude that helped me think clearer mountain vision – a wonderful thing.

Here's one thing I pondered…

Sometimes our eyes can be fooled. Ever looked at optical illusions? They're very clever, and sorta disturbing. Because what we think we see is not what is actually there.

The "eyes" of our hearts can be fooled this way, too. We can be blind to the Truth.

The Bible tells us that the heart is deceitful.

I've always thought that meant that it did and felt bad things. But, it can also deceive us by leading us to doubt and question good thingsGod's Word, God's actions, God's promises.

It can lead us away from God – not only in deed, but in thought.

We can be deceived into thinking that bad things (sins) are good (okay to do). But we can also be deceived into thinking that bad things (struggles, suffering, circumstances) are badwhen in fact, they are good - (Romans 8:28).

God does not promise us an easy way – He promises us the right way the narrow way that leads to Life.

Easy isn't always good. Sometimes, the difficult way is the good and right way. And only a loving God can convict us of that Truth.

Few would willingly choose the hard way, unless they were compelled to do so – unless they were led along its pathway. It is only the Holy Spirit who can give us the desire to choose the difficult journey, and the power to walk its way.

Why don't I turn away from the hard path (even when I want to)? What doesn't allow it? It has to be something *other* within me, something that goes directly against my wishesdirectly against my desire for comfort.

It has to be the *new creature* within.

The new creature sees with clear eyes – its vision is strictly focused on Truth. The new creature is transforming the old one within me.

Jesus chose the most difficult path of all. And though He didn't have a sinful nature, He did have a human nature. And I'm sure that His human nature battled against His Spirit at times.

But Jesus won a resounding victory on the cross.

And He shows me that human nature can be conquered!

No, it's not a fight easily won – it must be fought and won by the Spirit within me. A Spirit that helps me fight against the deceits of my heart. A Spirit that keeps me strictly focused on Truth. A Spirit who lives inside of me with the very same power that He had in Jesus!

My nature will oppose Him – but He will oppose my sinful, human nature.

He will turn me upside down so that I am no longer conformed to the world.

He will speak to me…

"Look at bad things through good eyes."

"Trust God the most when things look the worst."

"Believe when you don't feel like it."

"Don't doubt Truth – doubt your feelings."

Yeah, clear mountain visiona new perspective, a new look at things. Learning how to change my focus – and to not always trust my heart…

I'm trusting Truth instead…

Do the *eyes* of your heart ever deceive you?

BLOG = "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. A change in location whether spiritual or physical helps me see things differently as well. And to answer your question, I can't even begin to count the times that my heart has deceived me. I liked how you pointed out the deception can caused us to view the goods things wrongly as well. Always food for thought when I stop over.

  2. Well, Sharon, you;re all "Hinds Feet in High Places" today and I love it! Such truth you speak here - and I am so glad for your focus sharpening! I spent the day in the salt marshes on Monday - posting about it for Simple Pleasures on Thursday this week - and There's a good place to get focus - as a matter of fact, focus was my complaint all day as my eyes are bad and I struggled with crisp clarity with my binoculars (but I give away too much - read me tomorrow). Anyway - we don't have mountains in South Jersey - have to go farther north and west for that in my region of the country. Waterways we do have - and Creation all. Getting into God's domain in Nature wherever His hand has passed in creativity - His scope and character are revealed. Oops! Giving away too much again. Guess the Lords helping us both in our focus this week - and His Truth will out!

  3. ohhh yeah... blessings Sharon, Holding on to the Truth in the Valley of Humiliation... but through the fog I'm glad to say I have friends in High Places that have a clearer vision from the mountaintop.

    Could this be an 'invitation to the high places'? or else am I too absorbed in my current reading to see this clearly but the best view is from God's perspective always... the Truth everlasting and victorious. No one came to share in my Joy Comes in the Morning and so maybe I need "a new perspective, a new look at things. Learning how to change my focus – and to not always trust my heart…" to understand what the Truth is telling me... and my wounded heart.

    Open our eyes O Lord wherever we are on the mountains or in the valleys, You are there, Word of God speak and heart do not be deceived... heart be still and keep your focus BLOG.
    As I lean,

    Love and JOY,
    Sorry about the delete/removal...I despise it so when I have typos

  4. Hi Sharon -

    Hoorah for your mountaintop experience. You've seen the promised land...!

    You expressed, "It is only the Holy Spirit who can give us the desire to choose the difficult journey, and the power to walk its way."

    Thank you for this, Sharon. Indeed my spirit bears witness with this rich piece.

  5. Hi Sharon, I came over here from Sandie's blog (chatty crone) I was also a Pioneer Girl..we are in the same age bracket..I just found and laundered a scarf I brought home from Camp Cherith..Did you ever go to summer . I attended school and church at San Gabriel Union church and school..maybe we knew each other??


  6. Hi Sharon,

    What a wonderful post and such truth. In answer to your question: yes my heart often tries to decieve me and sometimes succeeds. I'm so glad you had this mountain top experience where you could drink deeply from the fountain of living waters ."If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink," said Jesus. "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." John 7:37-39
    ...having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you . .Ephesians 1:18

    Peace In Jesus

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Our heart sure is deceitful and desperately wicked. Thank God for His Holy Spirit to give us the strength to walk in His ways.


  8. Wow - this post left me with a lot to chew on. Thank you!
    ~ Paula

  9. I'm taking my sweet time getting caught up on reading from last week. I really loved this one. It was all inspired, but the part that really spoke to me was the doubting the good. I think that I really have a problem with that one.

    I also liked the part about not doubting truth but doubting feelings.

    I just wrote a little novel to go with this comment but deleted it because it was TMI.
    Just suffice it to say that I have this battle in my SS with one specific member. She and I do not see eye to eye on the "follow your heart" thing. Great post.

  10. Thanks, everyone, for visiting and leaving me such wonderful comments. I have been in desperate need of encouragement lately - and you have all been instrumental in helping my spirit stand strong.

    It's funny how these thoughts were written last week - almost preparing me for the things that would happen this week. God knows what He wants to do in my life - and I'm doing my best to listen and respond to TRUTH, and to ignore the many lies that my heart wants to deceive me with - (I know, I ended with a preposition - sorry).

    Barb B. - WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by. You know, I never went to summer camp with Pioneer Girls - truthfully, I was too scared to go away from home! I was over at Lake Avenue Congregational Church in Pasadena at the time. Not sure we knew each other - but we were sure living some parallel paths, huh?! Hope you come by again - it's always a pleasure to meet someone new!


  11. Hi Sharon -

    You mentioned that you ended with a preposition.
    That grammar rule isn't as rigid as it once was. Recently, I read where that rule has become more relaxed - in moderation - not a bunch of that in one piece....

    Years ago, the "rule" was that you shouldn't begin a sentence with "and," "but,"... Now it is sometimes done - again, in moderation. Also, in the KJV Bible, "and" does begin some sentences. If it's done in the Bible, that's certainly good enough for me!

    I violate some of the grammar rules, for effect, as do other professional writers who I have read. Some grammar "purists" shun the word "ain't." I use it on occasion because it does precisely what I desire when I use it. Fooey on some of the rigidness in grammar. Creative liberties can be used as authors are so inclined... Some rules, though, should be exercised. To an extent, author's discretion. I seek the AUTHOR OF IT ALL FOR GUIDANCE, however, when I edit for others, their preferences prevail.

    In my editing work, I kept finding that experts referred to The Chicago Manual of Style. I began to wonder about that oft-referenced manual. It is an industry standard. I purchased one and it is a jewel of a manual.
    The latest edition is the 16th edition. In that the author's mention that they have relaxed some grammatical rules that appeared in the previous editions of said manual. I haven't once went to that manual and failed to find what I needed. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about writing and editing.

  12. Sandra - I ain't kidding when I say I really appreciate your comments! I was an English major in college, and sometimes I might get a little "hung up" on the rules! (Old habits die hard). But it was very refreshing to know that some of the rules have relaxed.

    I agree - sometimes it seems to be more a matter of content than form. And that is one reason why I love blogging. God speaks to me - and though it ain't always grammatically "correct" - if I listen to Him, it will always be spiritually sound!

    Thanks for the tips - GOD BLESS!


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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