Friday, December 2, 2011


Welcome to "Fan the Flame" Friday.

This is a weekly post that will be "short and sweet" (kinda like me...)

Just a word and a phrase, a sentence or a question...just a little something to "fan the flame" of your creativity!

Today's word: advent

What does the word advent mean?

What is the one thing you think we need to remember during this Advent season?

I would LOVE to have you share some of the special things you to do to celebrate Advent.

Let me know what you think!!

"This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you…For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." (2 Timothy 1:6-7)

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  1. Blessings Sharon,

    Appropriate word for this week!

    ADVENT= COMING, ARRIVAL, a time of expectant waiting and preparation as in

    For me personally, it is a time set aside for me to prepare my heart for the arrival of Christmas, the Jesus that comes to me in a more intimate way as I set my heart on Him with HOPE,LOVE,PEACE and JOY (the 4 candles).

    Having come from the Catholic church, I have this tradition in my mind although my family never sat down and read from the Bible (as devotions) sadly it was more of a beautiful (unlit)decoration.
    But not in my own home when my kids were little,we lit those candles and prepared each week. My Sun. night blog post had links for ADVENT! Happy to provide many selections, have not yet decided which one I like BEST (reading some of each)!

    I guess it's just in me... so each year, I look for some online (even Catholic ones which I bookmark... as Creighton Online but I also
    have some other great ones from WORLD VISION, the VILLAGE CHURCH, and as of yesterday LIVE THE PROMISE ! Of course, there is the popular one of Ann Voskamp with the Jesse Tree (and I'm in the process of making those ornaments even though I don't have anyone to do this with... its' still enjoyable reflections). I need a little more confidence and Spanish to be bold enough to do it out in my neighborhood park but I'm getting ready anyways. If God says "GO, or DO", I know that He will anoint and provide all I need...

    The one thing I need to remember is: to prepare myself for Christ's coming (which may be His second coming) that there are many souls yet to come to know Him, no time for me to be shy, lack confidence, be comfortable or lazy, but also not to swing the other way and just DO... He wants me to BE;

    FOR ME TO BE COMPLETE in HIM, COMPLETELY HIS, as a bride prepares for the big I must be preparing me

    I am completely LOVED and I need to completely LOVE in return; not divided between the things of this world and my eternity with Him. The reason I'm doing my current study of 30 days... and now
    Elisa's 12 Eternal Gifts (yes, there's that word again "doing"). I need to recognize MORE of BEING, resting in HIM

    Trusting and growing closer as you remind me to fan the flame... thanks!

    Love and prayers (where I'm suppose to be, shhhhh),

  2. We need to get ready for the coming of the Lord. sandie

  3. We need to prepare for His coming, to receive the greatest gift ever given to us.

  4. I really don't do anything to prepare because I hope I stay ever ready for not just the arrival of this season, but His final arrival.

  5. Advent, a time of preparation, waiting. Sadly I don't do much for Advent these days, but growing up we always had an Advent wreath. I think I'm going to need to think about what to do about Advent in years to come.......

    another good word Sharon! Hope you aren't getting blown away in the wind!


  6. I do an Advent devotional each morning with my 16-yr-old daughter. We light our candle and read scriptures and pray. I love this time of year.

  7. I think of preparing my heart for the awesome gift we have been given...

  8. I don't really know what Advent is. Raised Jewish we never did it. But I do know this is the time to remmeber His Light that shines in whatever darkeness is in our lives.

  9. I'm catholic and advent is a time for fasting and reflection and renewal, something like lent. We prepare for Christ's coming by emptying ourselves so we can have more of Him. Patsy from

  10. We need to always be ready for His coming. Every day brings us closer to His coming again.
    Blessings as we wait and prepare.

  11. When I was young, we went to a Lutheran church with an Advent wreath. Years later, when I became a Christian and a young mom, a friend re-introduced me to the Advent Wreath. I started the tradition we still follow of using Advent Devotions, activities, and music as a delightful opportunity to help the kids then, and the grandkids now, really focus on Jesus - the Reason for the Season. Most years I still have a set of Advent candles up, though my formal wreath is currently in storage with my tea cups :) . And at least once during December, often more, I gather my grandkids around the Christmas tree for a special time of low colored lights, candles burning, and those sweet and special Advent devotions that leave such lovely family memories in our hearts.

  12. I think because of the season I'm in in my life (overall, not Christmas), I appreciate the concept of advent more this year than ever before. When I was younger, I only liked the traditional "Christmas" hymns at church. I would get irked if we sang too many advent ones. (Just confessing) My least favorite for years was "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel".

    Now, I love them, and that one in particular is my absolute favorite.

    I think I finally understand it BECAUSE of my current season. I know what it's like to groan for His coming and to wait expectantly and live in the hope that it is just around the corner.

    Hey, I just thought of something. Perhaps if I thought of this season in my life as Advent instead of Wildnerness, I would have a different perspective. It means that Christmas is INDEED coming.

    Sorry to ramble here, but you're the only one who will see it by now anyway.


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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