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Ready for some "California Whining" on such a winter's day? (Thank you "Mamas and Papas"…)

Before any of you bloggers out there look down in disdain at this California girl, let me be the first person to say that yes, we Californians are *winter wienies.* We complain when it gets below 50 degrees, we absolutely cannot drive in the rain, and we have been known to stare in dismay as a select (very) few trees actually turn orange and lose their leaves.

That's my California disclaimer…

But, still – when the weather turns colder and wetter, my body starts to ache. My joints are not jumpin' – they are creaking, grinding, and swollen.

Especially my knees.

Also, I've been a victim of terrible headaches since I was a young girl. Not sure if they're "typical" migraines I don't get the weird little lights that they call a migraine *aura* – but they definitely send me to a darkened, silent room with an upset stomach. And I seem to get these headaches more during cold weather.

Do you guys have your hankies out yet?!

My point is this – winter sets off all sorts of alarms in my body.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I found myself in church on a very stormy day (actually stormy – not just California "stormy"). I had to run to the sanctuary through pouring rain – it was very cold and windy, too (actually cold – not just California "cold"). I found my sons, and sat down with them. I was wet, freezing cold, and I hurt my joints were on fire, and my head was pounding in pain. I sat there and tried to re-adjust my attitude. It was, after all, time for worship…

I looked to the front stage of our church – they have this huge wooden cross up there. And it's always lit up in some way. This Sunday, there was a wash of red light across it. I spoke to Jesus…

"You know, Lord, I'm really hurting today. And much of this pain has become sorta chronic. It distracts me, it sidelines me, it's making it difficult to negotiate life sometimes. Am I always going to have to deal with this – for the rest of my entire life? I'm tired, Lord."

There was silence.

At first I was frustrated. Is the Lord just going to ignore me pouring out my heart?

No…He wasn't.

He was just waiting for the quiet moment – soon I felt the still, small presence of Him near.

And then, something inside of me changed. I felt a rush of power and peace. An undergirding of strength. An infusion of encouragement and joy. And a great truth began to wash over me as I stared at that cross.

It doesn't matter.

It really doesn't matter what my body does or what it feels like.

And with a determination that I didn't know was in me, I said this to that cross:

"You know what, Lord?! SO WHAT? So what if my body hurts the rest of my life? So what if I always suffer from these stupid headaches? So what if I struggle with suffering? So what if the enemy plagues me every single day of my life until I die? SO WHAT…

If I have pain the rest of my life, it doesn't matter. If you choose not to remove my particular *thorns in the flesh* – OK, I can deal with that. You had a reason to leave Paul's with him – so I can accept that You have a reason to leave mine.


I can still serve You. I can still speak out. I can still write about You and walk with You and worship You.

And Lord, I will love YOU forever in spite of anything else that comes up against me. It's all nonsense when compared to the joy of knowing YOU!"

I smiled.

And then my smile just got bigger and bigger.

Because, you see, while I had been talking, Jesus had stepped down from that cross, made His way across the aisles, walked through the crowd, and found His way right next to me. He'd sat down and put His arm around my shoulder.

"Yes, Sharon. You've got it! You and me together, it's all that really matters. As for all the rest of it?"

He paused...

And then we said together, "SO WHAT!"

The holy *SO WHAT* that puts everything else into piercingly clear perspective. The *SO WHAT* that doesn't ignore the tough stuff of lifebut subordinates it to the tremendous privilege of walking every step of life with the Lord. The *SO WHAT* that chooses to claim every "thorn" that comes along as a medal.

A sign of battles waged, and wars won by the One.

The only One who matters at all.


So what?!

"Yes, everything else is worthless when compared to the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord." (Philippians 3:8)

What are the things that plague your spirit? With the Lord's help, can you say SO WHAT?

It's time for Joan's GRACE CAFE - C'mon over and join us!

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  1. Debbie Downer logging in to say OUCH. As if I were not in enough pain today, you just gave me a kick in the booty.

    Yeah, I know. So what???

    I have prayed for you already today. Go get 'em.

  2. You know Sharon - I totally agree - so what - we can do anything through Christ who strengthens us - but don't you think it would be a bit easier if we felt better at times?

    Or would we not do his work as well if we felt better?


  3. At some point we all have to develop that so-what attitude because life here is full of trouble isn't it. And if we wait til they are all gone before we serve Christ, we will never do it. That's not to say I don't do my share of whining at times :)

  4. AWESOME! I'm rejoicing today because above all else, Christ is with me. I can joyfully say "so what!" to my whining and complaining. He is here, and that is all that matters!

  5. I love your definition of Southern Californians and our disdain of anything below 70 degrees and how we do not drive well in the rain at all! We are so spoiled with our weather!

    I also like your "so what". Jesus is worth it all, no matter of our physical aches, worries, etc. We need to lay it all at the cross and just relish in his love!

    I said "so what" to our finances and started becoming more generous like I used to be before we were on a strict budget. I figured doing God's work and helping others, he would meet our needs and so far he has, he's never let me down or disappointed me!

    brace for the cold weather! I hear it is coming with gusty winds too!


  6. I read this while I was at work earlier today and wrote a whole long comment - only to have my computer spazz out on me for no good reason (but then ... so what, right?)

    But I had to come back to this tonight, because my spirit is just SO aligned with what you were saying. My particular phrase has always been "Bring it On!" But it means essentially the same thing - it is a statement of decision, that I will not let problems, issues, circumstances, or trials stand in the way of who and what I am called to be. As long as I have Jesus by my side, there is nothing that can stop me from walking with Him, no matter how difficult, inconvenient, or impossible His directions may seem.

    And while I was meditating on what you wrote about Paul and his thorn in the flesh God reminded me of something: Paul, the most prolific author in the entire Bible, went so blind that he reached a point where he couldn't even write his own letters. That really struck me - a man called to WRITE, and he had to do it without the ability to physically write anything down!!!! But SO WHAT? BRING IT ON! Like he was going to let THAT stop him!

    Could you imagine if that MAJOR hinderance had been enough of a reason to stop him? Heaven forbid! Thank GOD that he had a So What attitude!

  7. Blessings Sharon, I just heard a similar sermon about this... so what?

    Love your sunny California disclaimer, but don't let my Uncle/Godfather from San Clemente (may He rest in peace) ever hear you say this about his beloved CA!

    As always, your wit and humor are precious, your message divine, and when I asked "can 'this' get any better?" meaning your writing and spiritual lessons... YOU DO and WILL CONTINUE!!!

    Priceless!!! He came right down from that cross and sat beside you and soothed your soul and achy body with His embracing love and peace! I am so touched and so blessed by this encouragement, that I may have to come to your church instead of viewing/ listening online(lol)! I ached with you! But I also rejoice with you!

    Every word was great but this is my highlight moment:
    The holy *SO WHAT* that puts everything else into piercingly clear perspective...doesn't ignore the tough stuff of life – but subordinates it to the tremendous privilege of walking every step of life with the Lord. The *SO WHAT* that chooses to claim every "thorn" that comes along as a medal."

    A sign of battles waged, and wars won by the One.
    I had/have (cuz it's worn and torn now)
    a Bible cover with Jesus precious face crowned with thorns that read like this: WON by ONE!!! It became my motto, my spiritual warfare motivation to move ahead into my MISSION... wrinkles, worn out knees like you, age spots and skin tags, aching lower back, are my medals... depression, fatigue and grief tend to plague my spirit and loneliness
    or not doing all that I could/should be doing... with God's help, I constantly have to lean on Him, and at times, I can say "so what?" but heaviness and weariness in the battle are discouragement that only praise and encouragement from the Body... can eradicate!!! But, it's all temporal and temporary... then I get a whooosh of the Holy Spirit and I'm dancing and shouting, "Glory, Hallelujah!" what's next?

    No better sermon than the one that Jesus brings right to you, where you're at... and Phil.3:8 just took on a new meaning for me... a holy so what? !!!

    Thanks Sharon,


  8. Great post...I felt the Lord meet me in the same way on Saturday night I can relate to attitude wasn't from weather, but the storms of life, but He meet me anyway.

    Thanks for your timely

  9. Sharon:

    Before I came over here to read, I was sitting on my couch thinking, "I'm tired, Lord. I've had a busy week at work with all the new training, and my brain is 'fried'. I don't feel like reading tonight..."

    Then I read your post and I think, "It's not about me..." Oh boy, can I complain sometimes. I complain about aches and pains and fatigue and about the drought we had this year... Then I think about the cross and about the amount of suffering He endured on my behalf....I should never complain.

  10. Okay, Sharon...this message deserves one of my Granddaddy's praises..."whoop, glory!"

    Tis a shouting time you have stirred in my spirit....

  11. Hi Sharon -

    So WHO?!

    Praise our Lord for being so worthy, so wonderful, so loving, so caring, so perfect, so righteous, so holy and so - GOD ALWAYS.

    Thank You, SO much, LORD, most High.

    It thrills, Lord, that you are eternally above it all!!!


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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