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In these posts I will be *interacting* with Scripture – making it a conversational walk of faith.

Sometimes we'll be talking with Jesus, sometimes God will be talking to us.

There might even be *guest appearances* by some of our beloved characters from the Bible!

So put on your walking shoes – you know we can all use the exercise!


My dear child,

Oh, how I long to have you understand!

Don't you yet realize that there is NO condemnation for you?
You belong to my Son, Christ Jesus.
And because you belong to Him, the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the POWER of sin!

I sent Him to do what the Law could not do - save you.
In His body, I declared an END to sin's control over you.
I fulfilled the just requirement of the Law - and I made you right with Me.

One sacrifice - once, for all.

I made you My child - and you can call me "Abba."
(Won't you please call me that?)

I want you to remember that what you suffer now is NOTHING compared to the glory that I will reveal to you later.
The Spirit that raised My Son from the dead, now lives in you!!
And surely, because I raised Him, I will one day give life to your mortal body by this same Spirit.

The Spirit will help you in your weakness.
He will pray for you in line with My will.
I know your heart.
I will cause ALL things to work together for good.

I will - trust Me.

So, if I am for you (and I AM), who can ever be against you?
There is no one to accuse you - no one to condemn.
In fact, my Son pleads for you at My right hand.

NOTHING can EVER separate you from Me.

Here's a checklist of things that are powerless to contend with My love:

Fears for today.
Worries about tomorrow.
The very powers of hell itself.
No power in the sky above.
No power in the earth below.

NOTHING in all creation will EVER be able to break our bond of Love.

I revealed it to you and the world through My Son, Jesus.

Now claim it!

You are more than a conqueror with Me on your side.

I love you,

(Selections from Romans 8, NLT)

BLOG = "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. Sharon, beautiful (as always) how you can weave scripture like this as we stroll along the word of God. Wonderful love letter from our God to us,we need to savor his words and live like this! Definitely what I needed to hear this morning!

    (thanks for your kind comment about MIL's passing and your prayers, you are so right, hubby's dad will need extra support, etc.; such a sad situation all around).


  2. Oh Sharon - sometimes it is so hard for me to believe he can forgive all the sins I have done. Hard for me to trust that he did it - even for me.
    I like your favicon.

  3. I enjoyed that stroll, Sharon.

    For me, the hardest obstacle is fear and hopelessness. I need the constant reminder that whatever it is that I fear is nothing compared to the God I serve.

  4. Thank you for this Sharon. You are gifted and God speaks through you. "Abba Father let me be, Yours, and Yours Alone" - So hard for us to release yourselves from the clutches of this world and be His and His Alone, but how good to be able to call Him Abba Father.

    Fear and Worry are big stumbling blocks for me, it is good to be reminded that He knows that and is helping me to overcome.

    God Bless Sharon and have an Awesome Sunday.

  5. What a beautiful encouraging post. Thank you.

  6. I'm so glad you started these strolls...the conversation is beautful...

  7. Thank you Sharon for sharing this favorite passage and our Godincidence of the song I shared that goes with Romans 8! Now that's really being in sync while we stroll! (excuse me I have to attempt a reply to God... 1 minute)!

    Abba Father, You are ever so right! It has taken me a lifetime to grasp this concept of NO CONDEMNATION! I do know You long for me to understand it and not wrestle with it any longer. I am so thankful that I belong to You!
    And because I belong to Jesus, His life giving Spirit has freed me from the power of sin and this dreaded condemnation. I say I believe You and believe in You and Your Word, yet I allow others to condemn me and I listen or receive that even after I realize the great sacrifice for me, for all. I struggle. I do desire to be free from all that hinders my walk with You!

    Too many times, I take that sacrifice for granted! Too often, I forget the awesome sacrifice! Forgive me, Lord. Anything that I see as suffering or pain or great loss is so little in comparison and as You say NOTHING compared to the glory, I am learning this deep within...

    It is indeed a privilege to call You, Father!
    Abba... I need You Abba! I need Your Spirit to help me in my weakness. I need to do all in line with Your will, not mine. I surrender daily to You and to Your will. Because I know that You cause all things to work together for our good.

    I am on bended knee in gratitude that You are FOR me! This is really hard to grasp yet it is much better than to think that You may be against me as others seem to be at times. Life is full of feeling like you're swimming against the current or upstream... so I will trust You!
    And if anyone is against me, including the enemy of my soul, which is a given, You do not accuse me, nor condemn me, but Jesus is at Your right side, pleading on my behalf.

    I'm in awe of this very fact, that now, with You as my LORD, nothing can separate us. The entire list is beyond my imagination and has many things that seem powerful and overbearing as I think on each one. Not even death nor the powers of hell itself! I have seen many of the others and wondered but this is so powerful to know and believe! Thank You for each revelation that comes through reflecting on these and through Your Spirit and from Your precious Son Jesus!

    How could I not be MORE than a conqueror, and walk in that power, that grace, that confidence, that authority: this assurance, this glorious victory that when I am weary or weak and the storm or burden seems unbearable, You ARE the calm, the wings beneath me, the One who carries me, strengthens me and encourages me
    to press on with You on my side. Yet I continue to stumble along this walk and be concerned with
    all the obstacles in my life or me being an obstacle in the life of others. Continue to free me and teach me Your Truth! Thank You for Your love letter and Your amazing love and grace!

    Thank You so much for my dear sister Sharon who talks me along these strolls through scripture showing me Your Light and Your love! She is a true sister in Christ! I am thankful that our paths have crossed and ask You to continue to use her according to Your will and Your purpose,
    open doors and speak ever so freely through her.
    Encourage her and bless her. I speak favor from You into her daily walk, as she ministers to many along the way, protect her and her loved ones as You draw each one closer to You in Jesus Name, I ask this...

  8. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for this rousing piece that is rich with good news from our Lord!

    Matthew 16:18 - KJV
    And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

Thanks for your comments - it is such a joy to be sharing my journey with friends like YOU!

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