Monday, November 7, 2011


Last week I stopped in to visit my parents.

I had called earlier to tell them I couldn't come until late afternoon – naptime. Would that be OK? My mom told me to wake them up if they were asleep.

So, around 4:30, I walked quietly into their house.

Sure enough, my dad was sound asleep in their bedroom. And my mom, dear mom, was quietly purring on the small couch in the living room. It's kinda *her place* for the afternoon. Her quiet place, her place to escape from the daily grind of caring for her household, her husband.

The TV was on, and mom had a tight little grip on the remote control.

Her sweet face was so pretty. She looked peaceful, content, happy. I hated to wake her, but I just couldn't leave without saying hello.

So, I gently touched her hand.

So, I gently rubbed her arm.

So, I started whispering her name.

So, I started proclaiming her name – a little louder and LOUDER.

So, I wrestled the remote control from her.

So, I finally kinda grabbed her and jostled her awake.

She woke up startled, looking all around like she didn't quite know where she was. And then I watched her beautiful blue eyes come into focus, and saw the moment she recognized my presence. Her face *beamed* with the biggest smile. These were the first words out of her mouth:

"Oh, my sweet Sharon. My precious face."

"Hi Mom."

I saw the joy on her face – just because I was there. I saw her eagerness as she reached out to grab onto me. A mother's touch, desiring the warmth of her child's hand in return. I saw all the way into her heart – and I could see how firmly I was planted there, forever.

You know what, it touched me so deeply, so profoundly, that I've been thinking about that moment ever since. I realized that my mother has loved me for a very long time. That from the very beginning, until the very end, I was and will always be her child. Her dearly beloved child.

And that means more to me than words could ever express.

On my way home, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It made me cry.

I came to a stoplight, and a quiet voice spoke to me.

"Sharon, I love you that way, too."

More tears.


The One who is always glad to see me. The One who delights in me. The One who has loved me for a very long time. I know that from the very beginning (actually before the world began), until the very end (actually for eternity), I was and will always be His child. His dearly beloved child.

And that means more to me than words could ever express.

Can you even imagine it?

See the joy on His face – just because you are here. See His eagerness as He reaches out to grab onto you. A Father's touch, desiring the warmth of His child's hand in return. See all the way into His heart – and see how firmly you are planted there, forever.

Look in the mirror – I did. Cup your face with your hands. And then let Him say to you…

"Oh, my sweet child. My precious face."

It's powerful.

His Love can do that. It can overwhelm you with fullness, it can humble your pride, it can reach all the way into your soul and grab you. It can make you feel incredibly special.

My mom, my Lord – I am deeply loved by both.

How incredibly grateful I am for a mother who loves me, who is still a vital part of my life. Whose beautiful blue eyes still see me and whose smile still beams at me. Whose precious hands still reach out and hold me.

How grateful I am for a mom who taught me, showed me, led me to the love of the Lord – the One who loved her first.

The One who loves me, too.

I am a precious daughter, a beloved child – oh, what glorious joy!

Will you look yourself in the mirror today and let the love of God touch your soul?

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  1. Oh, Sharon...this one gave me tears and goosebumps! You described so beautifully the experience of seeing your child and how our loving relationships express only a fraction of the awesome love of God for His children...

  2. This was beautiful to read, Sharon, to see the love of your mom like that and the joy of her face when she recognized it was you! Treasure the time you have with your parents, I know you do!

    My former pastor said God hovers over us, watches over us, delights in us like you said. Isn't that so comforting? We need to remember that, to get that deeply rooted into our soul/mind/heart/thoughts; I think if we did, life would be so much more easier to really know where we stand in his eyes!


  3. Awwwwwww my dearest Sharon... this is so beautiful! I am in awe at the precious Child you are of both Our Lord and your mom(and dad). How endearing! How very gifted! What a beautiful shining tribute to your mom and your relationship with God (or each of ours)! I am moved! I was touched! Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt every word that you wrote from such a full heart! You capture so vividly the complete love of God for us, your mom for you, you for your mom and you for Our God! It is moment like this that we stand in awe of the depth of God's love and the bond between a mother and their child.

    This is a definite keeper! Actually it's a treasure! Your writing like this just keeps getting better. Thank you for drawing us through your gift to the Father's love, and such a remarkable love between a daughter and her mother. I see Jesus brightly shining with LOVE!
    Your expressions of gratitude humble me and show great honor and respect. Thank you for sharing this precious time with us, sweet child face and may God hold both your face and your mother's ever so sweetly in His hands every day... so you feel the blessing I feel when I read your words!


  4. I am so exhausted this morning after that full week of thrift sale work followed by cleaning up from it all morning. I really didn't even feel up to a visit to Blog Land, to be honest. I decided just to peek in, and I'm so glad that I did. This is so beautiful that it made me cry.

  5. HI Sharon,

    A very moving, lovely post. Thank you.

    God Bless - Nita

  6. Sharon, reading this just makes my heart smile. Before I got to the bottom, I found myself thinking maybe that's just how God feels about us. He often places others in our lives to be visible expression of His love. So beautifully written.

  7. Oh Sharon you are so blessed to have your mom and that she feels that way about you - a true gift from God. sandie

  8. This is such a beautiful post, Sharon! Thank you for showing us a bit of your life and your love for your mom...and hers for you! What a blessing to be loved like that...and what a blessing it is to be loved by the Lord!

    Living for Him, Joan

  9. Sharon,

    As one who never experienced that from my mother, cherish it as I'm sure you do. I had the joy of that from my Grandma and as a Mother and Grandma myself now I have the joy of expressing that deep love to my own.

    I'm thankful that I am God's Daughter and that His love pours down on me constantly.

    Beautiful sharing Sharon! God bless!

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I felt like I was there with you. I think having my own kids has helped me understand how deeply loved I am by my earthly parents, a love which doesn't even compare to how loved I am by my Father. Just. loved. this!

  11. What a beautiful illustration and what blessing to have a mother who God can show you himself through...a true blessing.

  12. What a beautiful post...I am speechless. (((HUGS)))

  13. Hi Sharon -

    This is a delicious read. A heart mover for sure.

    What you expressed here swelled in me with joy.

    Thank you, Sharon!


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