Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On Monday, I talked about the little two-bedroom place that I lived in many years ago.

Lots of stories from the four years that I was there.

Including this one.

The house had no air conditioning, and I doubt very much if it was insulated. It was a very old little house.

And one summer, there was an oppressively hot heat wave. (Yes, I know – hot heat wave…but it was especially VERY hot!)

Inside the house, even with every window thrown wide open, it was probably about 85 or 90. We were slow-roasting.

Sleep wasn't easy to come by. Fits and starts, tossing and turning. Sweaty bodies, and feverish brows.

I had finally managed to doze off, when all of a sudden I heard the most horrific sounds right outside the bedroom window.

Unearthly sounds.

It took me a second to comprehend what was going on. It had to be a huge fight between two undetermined creatures from the animal kingdom.

A random "woof" identified one as a neighborhood dog. A second later, a random "whiff" identified the other one…


Well, I sprung up to close those windows just as fast as I could – but it was too late. The smell had permeated every pore of my skin, and every chip of paint, and every loop of carpetalmost instantly.

The whole place stunk.

And was about 10 degrees hotter with everything shut up.

Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've spent an entire night awake, slow-roasting in a bed of skunk odor marinade.

Stick a fork in me, I was done.

Next day we had to deal with the *carcass*I was somewhat consoled when I realized that someone else was dealing with one very smelly dog.

Good lesson here.

Stinky sin stuff happens in our lives.

And it can happen very quickly.

Its disgusting odor can invade every part of our lives before we even know it.

No wonder the Bible encourages us, implores us, warns us to be on the alert for the devouring enemy. He's always looking for a fight.

Are we always looking to fight back?

I know I get a little complacent sometimes. I'm a little too clueless sometimes to the subtle ways he works his wiles.

But he is one stinky fellow.

And I have NO desire to let my white-as-snow (thank you, Lord) Robe of Righteousness get all smelly.

So, I'm putting on some armor today – suiting up for battle.

No skunky Satan for me.

How do fight against the stink of sin in your life? Are you winning?

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  1. First of all I have to say that is funny. And while I have never done it literally - I think I've done it figuratively. Lol

    Not a very good place to be.


  2. More words of wisdom from you Sharon, thank you for sharing

  3. How do I do battle...well I start by putting on that "belt of truth" am I winning?...I will eventually

  4. A few years ago hubby and I went to the Healing Rooms in Spokane Washington. God healed me and set me free there. Later we drove up into the mountains to enjoy God's goodness. It was so unbelievably beautiful, that I told hub to pull over so we could get out and enjoy it all. We sat down on a hill facing the mountain, basking in God's presence...and all of a sudden something...stunk! Here we were sitting right next to a dead moose carcass! Lord, did that stink! So yes...I do so appreciate your post today my friend!

  5. I remember learning that one of the words used in scripture for testing literally means to test by smelling. (Can't remember which one or if it's Hebrew or Greek. Sorry.) I have always loved that though. I tell my class that we need to regularly give ourselves the smell test.

    Here's how I do it: When I get a whiff of something unpleasant, I test MYSELF first to see if maybe I'm the skunk.

  6. Yes, those skunks (and sin) are very stinky.

    Keep putting on that armor and fight the good fight!


  7. I "fear" one day Koda meeting a skunk in the backyard and what that will involve. Such a stinky smell indeed! But it is easy to get complacent sometime indeed and allow a little bit of compromise in thinking we can handle things. I think the key is always being willing to examine our hearts with God to correct us in areas that need to be corrected :)


  8. Sounds like some stories from my grandmother's house...we have had nights like that, and I soooooooooooo know that well as the stink of sin. I think you pour tomato juice over an animal that has been sprayed by a skunk in order to remove the stink...just like His blood is what removes the stink of sin in our own life

    Good illustration

  9. We don't have skunks here in our country, so I really have no idea how bad the skunk odor was. But the analogy is powerful, and your description of what happened , heat and all, helps me imagine what it must have been like.

    Thank you for sharing this story, Sharon.



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