Monday, December 5, 2011


I really like whales.

You'd think that living this close to the Pacific Ocean, that I might have gone whale-watching. I haven't yet. How come? Well, to be honest, I get seasick.

I've tried wearing those little wrist bracelets that are supposed to help. They do, actually. And I've tried medication. That also helps – but usually at the cost of just making me sleep the whole adventure away.

So, I've not had the joy of seeing a whale in real life.

Except for Sea World, which in my opinion doesn't really count.

There's this really interesting video on YouTube that I watched recently. It's taken by a guy out in the ocean on his kayak. He has a *close encounter* with a blue whale. Oh my. It's spectacular viewing! Utterly awe-inspiring.

Whales are so very cool.

But they do not swim alone in the ocean depths.

I remember watching a documentary about giant squids. Legend has often mentioned a terrifying creature from the depths of the ocean that plagued ancient whalers. But, until recently, there have never been any photos of the elusive giant. And so, this enemy has long been doubted to even exist.

This documentary changed all that – these scientists captured it on film.


The giant squid is the primary enemy of the sperm whale. And during this documentary, they also showed some footage of a swimming sperm whale. Let me tell you – its skin was covered with scars. Some were long slashes, some were short gashes – and in some areas, there were these odd, round-shaped scars.

Tentacles and suction cups.

That's what they were. Scars from undersea battles with the giant squid. An enemy that has been doubted to even exist – until lately.

It got me thinking.

The ocean is a deep and mysterious place.

And somewhere in its eerie and silent depths, the sperm whale has done battle with a fearsome enemy. It has the scars to prove it.

As I pondered this, it occurred to me that it's no different in our own lives. Like battle-weary warriors, we bear the scars of battles that we have fought with our fearsome enemy.

And the worst battles have happened in the deep places in the depths of our souls. The places that are mysterious to everyone, except for us and God.

Easy battles require spiritual band-aids. Easy battles are nothing more than the little cuts and bruises that regular life seems to bring on a fairly regular basis. We all have those. They don't usually leave scars.

But, oh – the other battles.

The battles with silent despair, or consuming grief, or overwhelming fear those battles are waged in the deep and mysterious places. Those are battles that no one knows about. Battles that we fight alone…

Battles that we win because we are NOT alone.

I am reminded of that great and majestic sperm whale. Doing what it's supposed to do. Swimming – free and unencumbered – in the beautiful and shining sea.

Yes, it has done battle.

It has been to the deep places – and faced battles that no one will ever see. But it has come out of those confrontations alive! Wearing scars that have been dearly won, it swims as the king of the ocean.

Strong, undeterred, glorious.

Yes, I want to swim like that.

And it's possible – all because of some other scars that were won in the deep places.

Jesus and the ancient foe.

In a battle waged in the deepest place of all – a place separate from the Father – a place that was darker than we will ever knowJesus fought and won.

He has the scars to prove it.

And because of Him, I can fight alongside Him in my deep places.

I can win my fearsome battles against the enemy.

I can come out eternally alive.

And I can swim, free and unencumbered, in the beautiful and shining sea of His Love.

Strong, undeterred, glorious.

Forever, His scars will cover mine.

Do you have any scars from battle in the deep places?

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  1. Sharon - I just love the analogies you use. I'm thinking of His nail scarred hands...the pain and suffering He endured, all because of His great love for us.

    Many blessings,

  2. Hmmm, I'm having a selah moment with this one Sharon. So much to reflect upon.

  3. I do have those scars, but I am trying to remember the battle belongs to the Lord and let him fight them all for me and swim unencumbered in the safety of his arms!


  4. Amen, I am thankful for my scars.

  5. You have an award over at shortybears place. Please visit joans blog to get the award.

  6. "Battles that we win because we are NOT ALONE!!!" Just had to add those exclamation points there, Sharon. I have fought more battles than I care to recall but He has been and continues to be with me through them all!!

  7. Great metaphor for our spiritual battles! And I love the quotes in your sidebar. Blessings!

  8. I have scars, but they are continually being healed by the Great Physician! We are so blessed to be loved by a God who will fight for us, enabling us to defeat the enemy. I am so thankful!

    Blessings, Joan

  9. Yes, I have some of those scars from battles God have won and keeps winning in moments that looks like I am alone, but I am actually never alone. Praise God for that.

  10. Amazing analogy! You know...I have to tell a whale watching miracle...I too have motion sickness. We visited California a few years ago..and the LORD kept me from getting sick. I prayed for months before our meds, no bracelets or patches(which like you say work..but make you sleep thru it all)It was truly awesome...And we saw two whales! It was a huge lesson in trust for me.
    Thanks for the wonderful lessons!

  11. I came here not long after you posted this, but I didn't comment then. To be honest, this one was so excellent and pertinent that I couldn't think of the right words to add.

    I still can't.
    This was wonderful.

  12. You have done it again...made me think out of the box and like the commenter much to think about and to be re-read. Thank you again, Sharon, I head to bed reminded that "Forever, His scars will cover mine."

  13. SCARRED...


    EXCELLENT, touching, stirring analogy and spiritual lesson. Love the whales, dolphins, seals! How 'bout one on them?

    I came here often too,since you wrote this, but unable to really respond until this... surprised that Debbie wrote that, too! Keep writing and ministering to us... I'm ever so grateful and speechless as I reflect on 'those nail pierced scars' but I think your Bible Pick 'ems had started me thinking of this... Jesus is One who not only knows our suffering or pain, but HE TOOK SO MUCH MORE than we can imagine... I'm so eternally grateful!

  14. Hi Sharon - I was encouraged to stop by and read this post by one of the members of our online Christian women's community, Ruby for Women. Your words of blessing and hope have truly touched my heart in the midst of my own battle and still-bleeding wounds. Thank you for your insights ;) Would love to have you visit our community where you can connect with other Christian women and share your words of hope and inspiration with us all. Thanks so much, Nina @ Ruby for Women


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