Monday, January 7, 2013


The wondrous adventure of mountain living continues…

So, right before the first of the year, I had to come back down the hill for a dentist appointment.  I. HAD. TO. COME. DOWN.  You see, I had already postponed this appointment once, and I just couldn't do it again.  

My appointment was on a Thursday morning – therefore, traveling day was Wednesday.  However, when I woke up on Wednesday morning, I was rather shocked and dismayed to see the weather outside.

Oh, blustery blizzard blowing…and cold, cold, cold.

Yup, a rainy snowy-slush was pouring down, the wind was gusting hard, and it was like 28 outside.

I was scared.

I waited until early afternoon, and realized that the weather was NOT going to break, and I had to get going.

"The Hub" has lived in the mountains before.  He has driven in the snow.  He has four-wheel drive.  Eddie the Explorer, my car, is a snow virgin.  Inexperienced and naïve, scared to death to venture out.

Me, too.

But, my pearly whites had a date to keep.

So, I packed up, gave "The Hub" a big hug good-bye, and drove off into the sunset(Was there a sun?  Hard to say with less than 50 feet visibility…)

A little background here.  Our house lies at the end of a steep road, with multiple switchbacks on the way up…and the way down!

So, I got around one switchback curve, riding my brakes all the way, when all of a sudden – I started to slide.  Fortunately, I managed to finally stop.

But I was scared.

Time for reinforcements.

An answer to prayer, I actually had cell phone signal – which I usually NEVER get until I reach town.  I called "The Hub"…

"I'm scared.  I don't think I can do this by myself."

And that's all it took for my Hero Husband to hop in his Jeep and come to the rescue.

He told me he would follow me down until I got down the hill a little further. Awesome.

Well, I managed to get around one more switchback before I started to slide again.  Only this time, I wasn't able to stop.  No control whatsoever, I slowly glided my way into a tree.  Not hard enough to dent my car, but that was it for me driving.

A quick musical-chairs switch, and "The Hub" was now in the driver's seatliterally.

Only he didn't do much better.  He started to slide, and slowly glided right into a huge boulder at the side of the road.  Not hard enough to dent my car, but definitely stuck.

Now what?

Well, we both hopped in the Jeep, drove back home, got some snow chains, and went back to rescue Eddie.

Can you picture "The Hub" putting chains on in this bitter winter storm?  I can, because I stood right next to him for moral support.  Might I just mention that by now the storm was not playing nice.  No more slushy stuff, it was now pelting us with these perfect little snowballs of hail.  The ground looked like it was covered with tiny Styrofoam pellets.

OK, so the chains are on.  Time to get this show on the road.  So, "The Hub" went back to my car, and tried to back up.  No traction.  Eddie was burning a pretty hot skidmark in the road, but he wasn't going anywhere.

I prayed – oh boy, did I pray!

Finally, the car moved just barely far enough for "The Hub" to turn the wheels away from the boulder, and he slowly (and oh how closely!) inched past.

I have no idea how my car escaped scraping the entire left side of the body, other than some big old angel just pushed it past that boulder!

The rest is history.  

Chains came off in town, the weather broke within ten minutes of driving out of the mountains, and I arrived safely in Orange County.

All I have to say is that I am going to drive the rest of the winter with chains on – rain or snow or shine.  Not really, but maybe…

You know, it made me think about how I've been feeling lately about life.

It's pretty blustery out there, and often it's cold and lonely.  The roads are slick, full of switchbacks, and visibility into the future is dim.  

Sometimes I feel like I have to ride my brakes all the time.  Because, so often I feel like I'm starting to slide.  No control, unable to stop circumstances, unable to negotiate the curves.

I get scared.

Time for reinforcements.

How often my prayers are desperate cries for help…

"I'm scared.  I don't think I can do this by myself."

And do you know that that's all it takes for my Hero Savior to come to the rescue?

That's all – a cry for help.

And He has agreed to follow me, very closely – in front and behind me – until I get down the hill a little further.


Mountain driving can be pretty tricky, often frightening.  Just like life.  It's not for the faint-hearted.

But when you feel faint of heart, there is help.

There is a kind friend, with wounded hands, who is strong enough to hold on to you tightly.

So don't ever forget – (and that means you, too, Mrs. Sharon) – in every storm, and through every blustery blizzard that blows, there is One who will rescue us.

One who will stand...

Between the rock and the tree place…

The Rock, The Vine – our Hero.

How has Jesus rescued you lately? 

(EDDIE UPDATE (12/31):  Unfortunately, Eddie did not make the trip back UPHILL.  He is currently stranded a few switchbacks down the road from our house.  Chains didn't work - too icy, too steep.  Did I mention that "The Hub" is the only one with 4-wheel drive?  Will keep you posted.  I miss my car!)

(EDDIE UPDATE (1/1):  Another valiant try, this time with the expen
$ive chains - but still no luck.  Eddie has to spend another day and night in the winter wilderness.  I offered him some chicken soup, but he said he'd rather just pout.)

(EDDIE UPDATE (1/2):  Well, after one heart-stopping Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, I am happy to report that Eddie is back home.  Where he will remain until Spring - (not really, but just maybe...)  "The Hub" will be entering the Indianapolis 500 race this year - yes, his skills are just that good.  Eddie felt like he let us down, but I told him he did very, very well for a 14-year-old snow virgin!)


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  1. This was quite an encouraging post for me today as i have been slipping and sliding down my own little mountain the last few days. I needed the reminder that I not need to navigate this road alone, that all I have to do is send out the SOS and he will rescue me

  2. Here is a post where a photo would have been good. (o;
    I was sweating reading this...driving on our short, but uphill (300') driveway is always a challenge in the winter. 10 weeks until spring here. Stay safe.

  3. Love this analogy, Sharon! Your posts always make me smile... I'm so glad that God is always with us - before, beside, all around!

    Blessings, Joan

  4. Hi Sharon,

    "You know, it made me think about how I've been feeling lately about life.

    It's pretty blustery out there, and often it's cold and lonely. The roads are slick, full of switchbacks, and visibility into the future is dim.

    Sometimes I feel like I have to ride my brakes all the time. Because, so often I feel like I'm starting to slide. No control, unable to stop circumstances, unable to negotiate the curves."

    Your words, but they could be mine. As I so often can, I read this and thought I could be the writer.

    Here's to meeting the challenges in the strength of the Lord as He guides us around the curves.

    Take Care and Stay Safe. Good to see more of you on here again.

  5. I had to laugh just a little bit, Sharon. I can relate to driving on icy, snowy roads having lived in Montana, but learning to drive in San Diego. It does take fortitude to go out and do it and I don't think it ever gets easier, but it does become more natural the more you do it. Glad you and hubby were okay and the car unscathed for the most part!

    I too am glad that Jesus is there for me, rescuing me probably more often than I realize with the dangers I could be in!


  6. Oh, Sharon - that is scary!!! We also moved "up the hill" from the Sacramento Valley, a year ago now, but when we go "down the hill" - it is a divided highway, four lane all the way.

    Yeesh - I am THANKFUL!
    Hang in there - Marsha

  7. Blessings in the blizzard, milady! Well, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din!! I would have broken down - not the car - and hissy fit would have ensued and when I got into town I just might have stayed there! You are obviously a prepared vessel for mountain life - inconveniences and all. There must be something there - besides Hubs - that keeps you there. GRACE! In time of need. That is what you modeled for me here. And, a sense of humor. Thank you for always sharing your weaknesses in the strength of the Lord. I am renewed in the switchbacks of my own life. Hannah Hurnard's Much Afraid found mountain scaling a fierce challenge - but when endured - what glories she discovered. Loving your posts - and new devotions - in 2013! Joy to you, Sharon!

  8. Hi Sharon,
    Praise God, you are safe. Awesome analogy and reminder to call upon Jesus when things gets scary.

  9. Oh Sharon- been there and often times holding on tightly to this verse:
    Isaiah 41:10 NIV
    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    Love you!

  10. I can't believe that I'm so late to this! I keep trying to get organized with my computer time, and I'm still struggling.

    I love this story so much and the little updates at the end cracked me up. Yes, I realize that I should NOT laugh at Eddie or at you for being Eddieless and snowbound on the mountaintop, but you make me laugh so easily.

    Of all the things you said, and there was so much good stuff, the ONE line or phrase that jumped out at me like a big neon sign was "riding the brakes."

    That is exactly what I've been doing for a while now. (And by that I fear that I mean 51 years so far.) I will be stomping around the house thinking about this post all morning, I think.

    Time to take the foot OFF the brakes.
    Do I dare?

  11. And I voted add photos. NOT because I don't like things fine the way they are but because I like photos so would never vote against them.

  12. I was right there with you as you were telling the story. It has taken me years to get comfortable about driving my roads in the winter. But I always drive a 4 wheel drive. Why weren't you driving the 4 wheel drive if the roads were so bad. However my hubby has put me in so many situations on trips with breakdowns and driving in snowy conditions with a our motorhome, I would sit on the edge of the seat with my nails sunk into my arms with such anxiety I wanted to explode. Ok a few years back I did. But now I do put my trust in God and what will be will be. Well at least I try. I am a much calmer person now then I was a few years back. Love your story and so nice to have a hero in ones life. Now you have all kinds of adventure stories to tell. I do think photos also help to share a story as well as share more a little of your life. Hope you have a safe winter and stay on the roads. Hugs Carrie

  13. Sharon, we're neighbors at Tracy's today and I just came by to meet. you. Love the analogy here and your last lines are so powerful....One who will stand...Between the rock and the tree place…
    The Rock, The Vine – our Hero. I'm going to roll those lines over in my head all day.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh Sharon... I'm so glad that you're alright! (and Eddie, which makes me laugh)! Maybe I don't want to go back to MN, but somehow a mountains slide and slip seems much worse. I'm so thankful your hero husband was right there to help you, but I know that God was there, it's just that physically He does not
    move the mountain, you have to resolve that...even with chains.

    Life is full of slip and slides! As always, I love your spiritual connection and the way you vividly write your encounters and experiences, photos aren't necessary! It would be wonderful, of course, to share via any photos but you may obsess in wanting to have photos to represent what you already write. I realize that I am outnumbered already in your poll, so I won't vote either way. :0) As the wonderful writer you are, I see no need, and to me it would serve as a distraction. I realize I'm in the minority here. So, enough about that.

    I know the adjustments to mountain living have been tough and rough on you, or maybe a bit too adventurous, but better at our age than learning this later. Don't allow this "fear" to paralyze you into staying put. Continue to search for alternatives and rescue as you learn to survive and thrive and hopefully enjoy knowing that you can depend on Him.

    "Who will stand ... between a rock and a tree place ..." was a wonderful finish to know Our Lord as Your ROCK! and Your VINE, but hoping you did not have to resort to hanging on to vines as
    you clamored to safety. Yet this is so powerful when you think about the analogy. Wrap that Vine around you, and hold on.

    Sorry to hear poor Eddie and you had to endure such trama, but you can REST in God's arms, and Eddie, well better to impound to a safe place to recover too until you can practice maybe with hubs but it sounds like the odds were against you both no matter what and without the help of a mighty angel to steer you clear, sometimes we need to just surrender and stay put.

    Yep, I love the beauty of the snow, but the slip and slide driving and bitter cold would be my biggest adjustment to returning to MN from MX, not sure I could/can do it.

    Is your hubs really in the Indianapolis 500? I realize that he has demonstrated great skills and you frequently write with strong metaphors(?) and such so I was just wondering.

    I almost forgot the question:
    How has Jesus rescued you lately?

    The HOW is significant and briefly I can only say DIVINELY and far too numerous to give account! Jesus is MY RESCUER, MY REFUGE, MY SUPER HERO and has rescued me more times than I was aware of at the time (but looking back, I can say, "Only by the hand and grace of God...")! Jesus rescues me daily I'm sure from
    the evil that surrounds me, the violence, the chance of an accident or right now more vehicle problems (so I've impounded my van to a state of rest also), the daily conflict of health struggles or stress, horrible weather from hurricanes to tornadoes to the dreaded snowstorm with no visibility, as I wrote too many and too much! God is so good! Ever watchful El Roi!

    Love and the very BEST in 2013, mountain climber sister in Christ...Peace, love, hugs and many blessings including PROTECTION,

  15. Oh my, just yesterday Jesus rescued me from an "over-writing" syndrome. I have no idea how I wrote 50 pages in one week but He guided my typing fingers--of that I have no doubt.

  16. Great post! Last year I know God sent His angel to rescue my husband and I as we were out on one of our adventures in Buffalo National River Territory attempting to cross a river... Thank you, God, for His Angels of Deliverance and strong arms that are never too short to save!


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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