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It's serious business, right?

At least that's what I've always thought.

Deep, important might I say, piouscommunication with God.

In fact, I've always sorta categorized prayer – and, without necessarily meaning to, I've *ranked* it, too.

For instance:

There are the "arrow" prayersthe two-second prayers – like "Help me!" or "Save me!"

Then there are the "formula" prayers – like a favorite bedtime prayer, such as "Now I lay me down to sleep…"  Or a prayer that you might say before a meal (I've always been a fan of "Rub-a-dub-dub, God bless the grub!")

I've alway thought of those as *fluffy* prayers.

Then there are the more *serious* prayers – like the ones you'd say in front of people, or the ones you'd say during your quiet time.

But, the most important prayers, in my opinion, are the "long" prayers.

These are the prayers uttered by *prayer warriors*.

I've heard of people who have spent an hour (or more) praying.  I've even heard of people who literally lay prostrate on the floor in prayer.

Truth be told, I admire them.  I wish to emulate them.

But, I've never really considered myself a warrior.  I'm more like an enlisted man,private(maybe one of those guys who blows the bugle in the background somewhere).

[Sidenote: Isn't it funny how we humans have a need to rank stuff?  We do the same with sin.  There's the "fluffy" stuff like a little white lie – and then there's the "serious" stuff like murder].

But, I digress.  

So, today I'm thinking about those *rankings*.

Fluffy or serious.

And I'm thinking about all the dumb stuff I pray about.

Do you do that?

I know I sure do.

But what constitutes dumb stuff?

Well, here's a list of some of the recent dumb things I've prayed about:

To get a parking place.

To lose some weight.

To find something that I've misplaced.

For the kitchen knobs and pulls to show up soon.

For a headache to go away.

To get our taxes done on time.

To fall asleep.

I could think of many other things, because I pray about dumb stuff all the time.  But, I got to wondering about this the other day.  Should I be praying about these things?  Are they a waste of my time?

Are they a waste of God's time?

But who am I to categorize prayer?  Who am I to rank (judge??) the levels of communication?

Who am I to determine what God likes hearing?

Does He only want *serious* prayers?

And does He enjoy the words of serious *pray--ers* more than hearing from me?

(Those were rhetorical questions – I'm pretty sure the answer is NO!)

I got to thinking about how my sons communicate with me.

Do I rank their conversation as fluffy, formula, or serious?

Do I judge their words as important or dumb?

Do I only want to hear from them when they've got something *meaty* to say?

Certainly not!

I just want to hear from them!!

God is the same way.

Sometimes I'll have those big, important, *serious* conversations.

And sometimes all I'll be able to manage is an arrow prayer – (or maybe even a "Rub-a-dub-dub…")

More often than not, I'm pretty sure I'll be praying about dumb stuff.

But here's the thing – most of the day I'll be talking to God – including Him in the details of my life.

The meaty and the mundane.

And, after all, isn’t that what matters most?

(That was a rhetorical question – I'm pretty sure the answer is YES!)

So, this is my conclusion –

God is in the details.

He cares about anything and everything I want to say to Him.

He's just waiting to hear from me.  PERIOD.

And so, when I say these words:


I just know that He says:

"Ah yes, my dear Sharon, what's on your mind?  Tell me all about it…"

So talk to God, my friends.

He loves hearing from us.

Fluffy or serious…

…even the dumb stuff.

"Nothing is too small for God."

- A quote from one of my mountain friends!

"Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion."  (Ephesians 6:18)

"Never stop praying."  (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Is there anything you're not sharing with God because you think it's too trivial?

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  1. Hello, Sharon! I'm back in Blogland and catching up with things - not the least of which is saying hello to you and being blessed - always so blessed - by your insights into our Lord! I am with you here on feeling silly, sometimes, praying for "dumb stuff" - but, the Lord has been teaching me a lot lately about how all the little dumb stuffs of our day turns out to be the fullness of our days and that's exactly what He wants from us in our prayer life - the whole of our day, big or small. On a small things note - your were right about that pink kitty I DID take home from the tea shop. On a big things note - YOU WON MY GIVE-AWAY!!! And, I'm so excited for you to enjoy the book coming your way, "How the Irish Saved Civilization"! It will bless your socks off to see the work of God in Creation and His sovereign ability to take care of what belongs to Him and the power of His Word! I just need you to email me your mailing address! I thought I had your email saved - but I don't. Contact me at ASAP!!
    Joy to you!!

  2. Great post. I think God wants relationships with us so he doesn't mind the different prayers. One thing I know from scripture is that those lofty prayers said for others to hear more than Him is not so favored.

  3. This is so important...God wants a relationship with us....all of us.....

  4. You know Sharon what I find is that at night when i s;eep sometimes dumb stuff comes into my mind and I worry and don't really even realize what I am doing. Sandie

  5. You write like my brain thinks, so it was delightful to chat with you today ...and it occurs to me, I chat with God in the same way. Really enjoyed this message.

  6. I'm standing on a stool and cheering Sharon!! How on earth could I decide WHAT to talk to God about and where the line should be drawn on which is too trivial, unless I just talk to Him about all of it! I so agree with your heart today. It's a running conversation, through the night many times, and through the day... even when I get distracted and on my own path, it's not long before I'm right back in His lap! And aren't we glad that He never gets tired of us or turns away! :) (I do wonder sometimes if I see Him smiling at the sheer volume of words coming His way from me...)

  7. Prayer is one of those topics that can leave us feeling a part of the spiritual elite or on the outside wanting to be in. I think we complicate it way too much. As you've said, He longs for relationship for us.

  8. I've thought these thoughts, too.
    And admired my warrior friends without understanding how to be like them.
    But, in your context of how you want to hear from your children, I understand...

  9. Great! God even knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, so of course he wants to hear all of our little concerns.

  10. LOL...that pic is perfect with this post...nothing is too small. And Sharon...I'm like you. I pray about everything....parking spots....staying calm when teaching my dgt to drive.....finding the right colour outfit...and of course the big stuff...but I pray when I hike or driving...or walking by the lake.And love that it's our relationship between us that matters most. hugs. Happy Wed.

  11. You hit me dead square on target when you compared it to your sons. That just spoke my language!! I love serious discussion with the girls, but in truth, it is a pure delight to me when they call for my advice or just opinion on a small matter. I also love to be needed, especially by them.

  12. Hi Sharon,

    Just wanted to say hope you feel better soon and your parents also.

    Take Care - God Bless

  13. Oh, Sharon, this is perfect and I love your title. If I was in the car with you, I too, would be asking God for parking grace! I love the way you describe yourself as a private blowing the bugle. Great vision!

  14. Hi Sharon,
    Awesome post about prayer. I sure am not the prayer warrior I would like to be. A lot of the times it is the little things I don't pray about. We should be praying about everything.
    May God bless you,

  15. Well Private Bugle Blower... I so delighted in your gifted thoughts on Prayer (and dumb stuff) or trivial or as you better expressed our every minute time of concerns... and your analogy to talking with your sons, is SPOT ON... exactly right!

    As you know by now Sharon, I talk to God regularly, warrior style to even arrow shot prayers and many wandering mind ones, frequently intercessory, yet it's the open line communication of RELATING to GOD in everything small to big... like your current needs of health returning to you and your folks. Hope your dad is recovering, and you and your mom. You realize that rest is what you need and until you can get it and the accompanying peace; you won't relax or get well. Yet I am praying for you, your mom and dad (now that I know) since I'm way behind in catching up. Yet all this and what you wrote matter to God. You can't have a relationship without prayer and that's just communicating with God. However, I wager to say that praying His Word may be considered lofty prayers, but I feel that since His Word will not return void, and Jesus did this when He needed strength, I believe that there is power when you pray His Word fervently, frequently and filled up by His Spirit flowing freely but I think He enjoys all styles, written and spoken, just being in touch whether on our knees, prostrate or flat on our back when we're sick or unable to sleep... He hears us, fluffy and dumb, wandering and word filled... as you once again inspire us to just stay in touch!
    (which I hope to do better with blog friends and God soon)

    Love and big get well hugs,

  16. There is no such thing as a dumb prayer. God is so very interested in us as a person.

  17. Sometimes I feel like I just have a continued conversation with God all day long. I love that I don't have to worry about hogging His ear--He can listen to me and you, too, Sharon!

  18. this is awesome! I was just thinking about this yesterday.


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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