Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, my dear friends...I've been moving around the furniture!

You'll notice I've changed some things on my blog. I feel like a typical woman right now - like I'm compelled to keep fiddling with my hair to get it "just right!" But, let me explain...

First of all, I wanted to add some more features, and decided that the sidebar area wasn't the best place to do it. I didn't want the sidebar to end up looking like my bookshelves - OVERFULL! So, I have added PAGES. This is a pretty neat feature - Here you can click on an individual page, and it contains all the "stuff" I still want to share with you, but don't want to "stuff" into the sidebar!! You'll find the following:

A BIT OF BIBLE KNOWLEDGE (Facts and lessons from Scripture) - this used to be located at the bottom of my blog.
QUAINT WORDS (Words and poems from old books I've found at antique stores and flea markets) - this also used to be at the bottom of my blog.
BOOK REVIEW (A summary and review of the latest book I've read) - the list of all the books I recommend will still be on the sidebar.
QUIPS AND QUOTES (This page is coming soon - it will just be interesting sayings I find).
FAVORITE VERSES (This page is a listing of my favorite verses - ones that I treasure like gold).
THE BIBLE (This is a wonderful little paragraph that I found on a bookmark - it's too bad the author is unknown - but I was so blessed by it, I just HAD to share it!)

At the bottom of the blog, I've added a lovely picture of Jesus that I just adore! I really like the subtle colors of it, and for some reason, this portrayal of Jesus really captures something for me - His love, His concern, His watchful care, His peace. And I've also added a section called "How Great Thou Art" - just a few verses reminding us of the majesty of our Almighty Lord! Hope you enjoy!

OK, now to the infamous sidebar!

I've added a link to a website where you can explore the Scriptures (what could be better, eh?!) I've also added a calendar - this is probably more for me than you! I have those "COLEN" (Change-of-Life Empty-Nester) moments ALL too often! "What day is it?" is a question that now ranks in my top three, along with "Where did I put my reading glasses?" and "Do I look old?" (This last question is almost always directed to my husband, and God bless him, he ALWAYS says NO!!) But, I think the little calendar is a fun way of remembering that we are to be THANKFUL for every day the Lord brings, and to rely on Him for our "daily bread."

Now, to explain the rest!

Lately I've felt a little bit like Alice in Wonderland - chasing "rabbit holes" all over the Internet. There are just so many things to explore! I have so enjoyed checking out other blogs - you'll see that I've added several of my favorites. And many of these blogs have "buttons." These are the "links" to these various sites. "The boys" (my sons!) tell me I'm like a little monkey - show me a bunch of "shiny things" and I go crazy - "Oh wow, lookie here...TRINKETS!!" Plus, adding buttons to my blog is like shopping! Yes, I know, a VERY dangerous prospect. But please know that I have added all my cute "buttons" intentionally, and with some thought. They all represent someone who has put together a site that is definitely worth visiting. And I think the colors add something...don't you?!

My next goal is to get a digital camera, and begin to add photographs to my blog. I guess, however, that "one thing at a time" is the way I'm going to have to operate for now.

I hope that you like all these changes (because I'll probably do more!)

Let me close with a word about our Lord, the One who NEVER changes...

"I am the LORD, and I do not change." (Malachi 3:6)

"And he who is the Glory of Israel will not lie, nor will he change his mind, for he is not human that he should change his mind!" (1 Samuel 15:29)

"So God has given both his promise and his oath. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for God to lie." (Hebrews 6:18)

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." (Revelation 22:13)


= "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. Sharon,
    I've been so encouraged by your thoughts as I've read them here! Lovely blog, and I love BLOG= "Blessedly Leaning on God!" Love it! It is so good to find you! (And I see you've found me:) I really appreciated reading the "toe" analogy, (I've definitely experienced that myself) and the post about "Who am I...really?" Profound thoughts. I felt God speaking to me. Thanks so much for sharing. (Oh yes! and I'm your latest follower!)
    Faith's Firm Foundation

  2. I love the changes and your blog layout! If you ever decide to get an email subscription widget you can check out my tutorial on how to install it here. Have a wonderful week Sharon!


  3. I "found" this blog because you found mine. I have to tell you that I have read every single blog post, right back to the beginning. (It would have made more sense to start at the beginning, but I tend to be a backwards person so I did it the other way around.)

    I loved them. I see on your profile that you're a speaker. I can see why. You do a wonderful job of seeing God in everything and then relating it to our lives. That is a trait I love.

    I *think* that my favorite post is "Brainstorming". I could have written it myself. Only, I didn't; you did, and you expressed it so well. If you only knew how much that post spoke to me...

    Love the COLEN thing. I'm one too, or will be when the younger daughter leaves for college. I'm so glad we're not COLONS. That a would be an embarrasing thought.

    I very rarely if ever follow a blog after one visit or two, but since I have read your entire blog, I feel very confident that I will want to know when you update.

    Glad you listened to the still small voice.


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

Thanks for your comments - it is such a joy to be sharing my journey with friends like YOU!

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