Monday, December 13, 2010


OK, a couple of weeks ago “The Hub” and I were in the mountains.

But you knew that…

We spent four days in beautifully cold and snowy weather. (Hey, listen – when you live in California, and you’ve worn shorts in the middle of November “90-degree” heat-wave weather – a little snow and a down jacket are a treat).
Just sayin’…

So, our final day arrives.

The day to “head down the mountain” and return to the city.

We pack the car, and head out.

Just one short stop in town to pay for the propane we used, and we’re outta there!

We pay the bill, come back to the car (Eddie the Explorer), put the key in the ignition, and…


Yup, absolutely NOTHING. A few sputters, a few Eddie coughs – and then, silence.

OK, we’re knowing it’s not a dead battery. The battery is new, and the sound Eddie’s making just isn’t “that kind of sound” if you know what I mean. Something else is wrong.

I immediately hit “panic button.” (Glass half-empty girl here – remember?!)

“The Hub” – Mr. Calm in the Storm – says, “Don’t panic.”

(Wives out there – don’t you just love/hate how your spouse knows you???)

We try again.


This lovely little scenario plays out over the next 10 minutes or so. The lady from the propane store comes out, and stops at our window.

“Need some jumper cables?”

“No, it’s not the battery. But thanks!”

We try everything. Wait short amounts of time in between turning on the key. Wait longer amounts of time. We try whistling, and singing, patting the steering wheel – “C’mon, Eddie, you can do it!”

We open the owner’s manual for probably the 3rd time in almost 12 years.

FINALLY (why are men so stubborn?) after about 45 minutes of trying this, we give in.

It’s time for Auto Club.

Now I start having visions of having to have the car fixed up there ($), or having to have it towed down the hill ($$), to have it fixed down here ($$$) – because now, in my mind, it’s a broken fuel pump, or something wrong with the fuel injection system, or the car’s computer ($$$$$). Honestly, why does a car need a computer? Does it stay up late at night after I’ve gone to bed to “surf the Web” in the driveway?

We walk over to the gas station.

Nice guy helps us – lists all the things that COULD be wrong – including many that I’ve mentioned to Mr. Calm in the Storm.

“Or it could just be the cold weather and the altitude…”

I’ve already thought of this simple cause, and tossed it out the window – because my acutely wicked sense of logic has determined that if this was the problem, it would have happened on Day One, or any of the OTHER days while tooling around town, or that very morning when we started the car in the driveway of the cabin and it started JUST FINE(whew! Need to catch my breath here...)

“Let’s try the simple thing first,” Auto Man says.

We open the hood, take off some do-hickey (I think it was a gadget…or maybe a widget)…and while he sprays some starter fluid into something, I turn the key…


Instant turnover.


“The Hub” and I thank the man, hop in the car, and take off. We look at each other – my eyes say, “Don’t say it!” His eyes say it anyway, “See, I told you so.”

We’ve had no problems since – it was a simple problem.

Here’s the God lesson.

Sometimes in our spiritual lives, our walk of faith – we hit a snag…

Our engine stalls –

And we sit.

But often we have the same problem as Eddie the Explorer had. And it’s a simple problem.

Though there’s plenty of fuel in the tank – the fuel just isn’t getting to the engine.

We have the VERY PRESENCE of God living in our hearts! We have the POWER of the Holy Spirit! We have DIRECT ACCESS to the throne of God, who tells us to approach BOLDLY. We have CONFIDENT salvation, a LIVING HOPE for eternal life in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ!

My friends – the tank is FULL!

Sometimes the fuel just isn’t getting to the engine, and we need a little “starter fluid.”

God provides that “starter fluid” – He gives us many ways to get started after stalling out. He provides His Word, the conduit to every answer we need. He provides the community of believers, the conduit to strengthening fellowship. He provides faithful friends, the conduit to encouragement. He provides the privilege of prayer, the conduit to communication with a God who listens, a God who sees.

Are you stalled?

What do you need to “start” your engine again?

BLOG = “Blessedly Leaning On God!”


  1. Sharon, I love this analogy! Just here recently I felt a bit stalled with blogging. My mind was full of thoughts but I just couldn't seem to get them flowing again.

  2. Another great lesson, Sharon. Good analogy,
    very encouraging.

  3. Sharon, What a great story and a perfect analogy. And I'm with you...the glass-half-empty girl. I usually assume the life and faith. I am very much liking your lesson here today!

  4. Sharon...I love this. I got so caught up in your story and then hit home the God point...Yeahhhh. thanks for this. And thanks for being you. You rock.

  5. Glad it all worked out, but I would have been worrying along with you, Sharon. I bet that was a wonderful sound when the engine kicked over!

    Great analogy too; I also think we need to get kick started sooner than later if we find ourselves stalled and not wait 45 minutes (LOL) but call on God sooner, know what I mean or am trying to say?


  6. Love the story and how true it is. Glad Eddie started. What do I need to get my engine going - that is something I have to think about - I think I need to just let go and let God take care of things.

    Where have you been lately?


  7. Wanda - I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel "stuck" - unable to get my thoughts to flow, too. However, I have found that the "starter fluid" of prayer has helped SO much. This prayer - "God, you need to show up here!" has been very effective!! :)

    Sandy - Thank you so much. Glad you liked the analogy, and I'm very happy that you gained some encouragement here today.

    Michelle - Thanks, "half empty girl!" This was one of those posts where the "lesson" was for ME - and if other people are blessed, too - just icing on the cake!

    Sarah - are too kind! God spoke to my heart on this one. I've got to get better connected to the fuel in my heart! And you know what? YOU ROCK, too!!

    Betty - Oh man! I was SO happy when the car started that I almost hugged the guy from the gas station. And the next morning, when Eddie started up JUST FINE, that's when I was REALLY relieved. And yes, I totally understand what you're saying. Why do I wait SOOOO long sometimes before I go to the source of my power?? Silly, really...

    Sandie - Letting go. How do you know my WORST faith problem?? I always feel like God needs a little bit of my "help" with things. It doesn't work - the engine stalls. Better go back to Plan A - letting God take care of things! (Sent you an email earlier tonight...)

    Hope everyone had a good start to this week!


  8. I just loved reading this Sharon... can imagine you and "The Hub" sitting in Mr. Eddie... and poring over that manual.

    Don't you just love happy endings? I'm glad it was a simple problem, but like you say, it is often the simple things that get us down...

    Thanks for sharing this.


  9. I AM STALLED!!!! I love this, Sharon. I need someone to squirt something into my engine and get this cold spirit of mine going.

  10. Lidj - Yes, we were quite the pair sitting in that car. I'm proud that our frustration didn't lead to any arguments!! And yes, you're right - it's the small things in life that get us down. My Scottish grandmother used to say, "It's the wee foxes that spoil the vine..." Praise the Lord, though - He is God over the SMALL stuff, too!

    Debbie - Busy girl!! OK, I'm not sure what I can squirt - but I can offer the "starter fluid" of friendship. And I'll spray a few prayers in God's direction on your behalf, too! Don't burn out, friend - I know you well enough to know that you will try to over-achieve at this season. Remember Mr. Spider - slow and steady!! (Did you get my last email? Since you said they sometimes arrive way late, etc - I'm not trusting old Mr. G Mail anymore...!)


  11. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you - this story was amusing with a true message. It flowed and indeed engaged.

    You asked, "What do you need to "start" your engine again?" For me it depends...on how the Lord - our SOURCE decides. Let's see:

    - sometimes it is sufficient for me to breathe in Holy Spirit fumes and wait...

    - sometimes a spark plug does the job

    - sometimes I need to replace my blown fuse

    - sometimes I need a new transmission from our Lord through whatever means He deems necessary

    - sometimes to supplement, I need a push from another vehicle

    - sometimes I need a tow to a whole new dimension

    Beam me up, Scottie!

  12. Sandra - You are SO witty!! I LOVE how you took this analogy and just "ran" with it! Yes, it IS the Lord's decision on how to start up a stalled engine. I think my favorite was "sometimes I need a tow to a whole new dimension!" Ain't that the TRUTH?!

    I'm just glad that God is a Master Mechanic - and that He cares enough to keep working on an old jalopy like me!!


  13. Hi Sharon -

    Glad you liked the "ran" with it!

    I agree with you indeed that our Lord is a Master Mechanic.

    I disagree that you are an old jalopy. My belief is that you are a custom made pearl handled "MASTER" piece...that gets better with time...aging gracefully with purpose.

  14. Sandra - Just too sweet!! Thank you.



"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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