Monday, August 8, 2011


I have a thing about butterflies.

A little background on that…

Last year, I took a course on speaking with two other women. No, not literally speaking (evidently I do that just fine according to my family and friends!) – but speaking about the Lord. It was intensive training to prepare us to be speakers at luncheons and retreats, etc.

You have NO idea how terrifying this was for me.

Though I am not particularly afraid to get up in front of a group of people and talk, I am completely daunted about being *evaluated* (for me, that translates CRITICIZED). Well, it was quite a growing experience to say the least! At the end, we three women wanted to give our teacher a gift. I found a beautiful glass cross, and on the front were butterflies (you know, that *fake stained glass* that they use on window sun-catchers…)

I thought it was a good analogy.

Our teacher had helped each of us emerge from our cocoons of intimidation, self-doubt, nervousness, defeat – and become beautiful butterflies eager to fly into the destiny God has purposed for us.

So, though the whole re-birth connotation with the butterfly might be a little time-worn, for me it's a powerful symbol.

God used it earlier this year.

After my first solo speaking engagement, I was feeling a little bit (a lot) overcome with those same self-doubt feelings, those same moments of defeat – I was hearing that same voice saying, "What are you thinking? You can't do this!"

And then, I got home and opened the thank-you gift from the group I had just spoken to. It was a candle, and a lovely embroidered hand towel. I looked at the pretty leaves on it and thought, "Oh, how nice." Then I turned the towel over…

Yes, there just as big as life, was a giant butterfly.

I cried.

God said to my self-doubt, "Don't go back to the cocoon. You are MY butterfly!"

So yes, you can see that butterflies are kinda special to me.

Flash back to a few weeks ago – I went camping with "The Hub" – out of touch with everyone and every piece of technology I own.

I had big prayers and big expectations as I ventured up there.

I went up there with some unanswered health issues hovering on the horizon. I arrived with a duffel bag full of fear and dismay. I really, really needed to hear from God.

I asked Him for something tangible – something that was unmistakably HIM.

"Lord, please just SHOW UP. You don't know how I wish You still walked this earth so I could just SEE You – just once. Oh, how I need You right now…"

So, "The Hub" and I set up camp – we put up the tent, got our bedding all situated, and popped up a canopy for some shade. About an hour after arriving and moving in, I ducked under the canopy to get a bottle of water out of the cooler.

I heard a noise – a fluttering…

I looked up – and there, underneath the canopy, was the BIGGEST Monarch butterfly! I stared at it in amazement…I cried.

It might as well have been a burning bush.

God took the time to make a special appearance just for me!

That's totally what it felt like.

I showed my husband, who said he'd never seen a butterfly up close like that – and we set it free. But, do you know that every single day we camped (almost a week), at least once I saw a butterfly flutter through our campsite.

I promise you – I think I heard it say, "I AM HERE."

Have you ever had a moment when God made a special appearance for you?

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Awesome post, just what I needed. I think maybe, God is saying to me now "I Am Here", well not maybe but definitely, I have always loved butterflies, (except the ones in my stomach, which have been much in evidence for the last few days) some things are coming to light, which could explain why. Please pray for London, (I continue to pray for you and your family and Kerrie and hers), it is not in a good way today. Well, now I want to cry, thank you Sharon for being God's instrument once again. Love Nita.

  2. That is SO GOD!! I would've cried too!
    Thanks for telling your story!

  3. loved reading about your butterfly experience(s) Sharon. For me it is hawks/falcons. I don't look at it as God showing up in that form but of him arranging that falcon or hawk to be there when I need to be reminded of his great love for me.

    I think it is neat you stretched yourself to take that course to share your words of wisdom with others in person that need to hear God's truth!


  4. Well Sharon I am so glad He has meet you through this and used the has also spoken straight to my heart this morning. I ended my own post earlier with coming out of the cocoon...which is really real to me since my son and I watched the transformations this past spring of countless caterpillars to butterflies.

    He is an awesome God and so faithful...blessings on speaking, I couldn't do it, and enjoy each time God meets you in reassurance that He is working on you and transforming you to His image. May you fly on butterfly wings.

  5. You had told me the first story, but the second one was such a treat to read! I love it, and as you know I have made the same cry,

    "Lord, please just SHOW UP. You don't know how I wish You still walked this earth so I could just SEE You – just once. Oh, how I need You right now…"

  6. Ohhh sweet blessings Sharon... this is ever so special and quite a significant appearance and sign of His ever so wondrous Presence and majestic "I am here"... I know that I have asked often for Him and He never fails in some way to SHOW UP! He knows exactly what captures our heart and conveys this "special appearance" and meaning in our lives. Butterflies... how appropriate! What a truly delightful combo of double feature written today. I love how you convey His Grandeur and your experience of Him.
    Such a beautiful JOY and wonder of your time away! It's moments like these... He sings you His love song and lets you fly with your creative flair of writing! Thanks Sharon for reminding us in the simple delights,He shows up BIG and His glory shines in front of us and in our hearts.

    I know I have many moments like this but let's just allow this one of yours encompass all of ours with knowing HE LIVES and SPEAKS through His wondrous creation to you and to me. He arrives and fills us with more of His Presence.

    Love you and love this,

  7. Yes, I have had several and I shared one you might like here! What a great story, Sharon

  8. Sharon,
    In the winter, it's cardinals at the bird feeder that are, for me, God saying, "I'm here." I am needing His "I'm here" sign right now. Wanting to climb back into that safe cocoon, when God has answered my prayers, and opened a door for me, but I'm so scared! Will I do alright? What was I thinking? I'm not in the same league as they are. Will I let Him down, embarrass myself, regret the whole thing?
    God says, "Be still, and know that I am God...I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee...I will sing over you with songs of deliverance...Fear not."
    God is good, Thanks for sharing, wish I could send you a butterfly:)

  9. This is a beautiful testimony of God's presence. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Yes, I had a "butterfly" moment in Israel when my husband and I toured the spot where Jesus ascended. Neither one of us could move He was so present as we sat there alone with Him in the gazebo like structure. Then a dove flew inside the window! We'll never forget it!

  10. I love butterflies too Sharon and God gave you what I call a God Wink - just something to let you know he is there for you.

    And caterpillars have to work so hard to get out of their cocoons - but then they turn so beautiful - just like you!

  11. Hi Sharon,
    Yeah - so this post was so beautiful it honestly made me cry. I love how PERSONALLY God speaks to each of us. I don't think I'll ever look at a butterfly the same way again!

    ~ Paula

  12. Hi Sharon -

    I love this piece. We have the butterfly sentiments in common. Our Lord has used them, on numerous occasions to minister to me, as well. Earlier this year, He allowed me to photograph some butterflies. In one instance, I prayed that our Lord would have a particular butterfly to be still so that I could photograph it. To my pleasant surprise, the butterfly landed on some rocks and I snapped an excellent photo of it. It was posted on my blog. Also, sometime ago, I read where a Christian woman was having some issues that grieved her. She mentioned that our Lord sent a group of butterflies her way. She mentioned how wowed she was by that blessed assurance from our Lord.

    It was a wow moment for you, Sharon, that our Lord placed a Monarch butterfly in your tent. That sounds so loving and so like our Lord. And then He sent you more butterflies. Wow!

    I probably would have cried too, Sharon.

    What a precious Lord we serve.

    Thank GOD that we are cocoon free and in flight...

  13. Oh dear friends - What a treasure to share this life with all of you butterflies! We serve a loving and faithful God, don't we?

    I was so inspired by your comments - thank you for taking the time to visit and respond. May we continue to spread our wings, and refuse to return to the dark cocoons that the enemy wants us to hide in.

    May we continue to look for all the *special appearances* of God in our everyday lives.



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