Monday, October 3, 2011


I've noticed sometimes on blogs when I link up that they don’t allow "tiny URL's."

First of all, I have no idea what that means. And second, I don't know why that phrase just cracks me up.

"Hi, I'm Tiny URL. Nice to meet you…"

It reminds me of this skit they used to do on Saturday Night Live with Nicholas Cage – he was "Tiny Elvis." Any of you remember that? He'd be up there on the dashboard of a car, spouting off – (Elvis voice here...) – thank you very much.

But, sometimes I feel a bit like a tiny URL.

Looked it up in Sharon's Acrostic Dictionary:

U nimportant
R ejected
L oser

(Note: Sharon's Acrostic Dictionary can be a cruel tool sometimes. Words have no hearts…)

I've moaned and bemoaned on this blog before – you might remember the Pity Party I had a few months ago. But, truth is, I think we ALL feel small sometimes. Take a look at Roget's Thesaurus (sidenote: Why has this Roget fellow sold more books than Acrostic dictionaries, huh?) – where was I? – oh yeah, look at the thesaurus for the word *unimportant* for instance:

Insignificant, inconsequential, slight, trivial, trifling, irrelevant…(too depressing).

But haven't you ever felt that way? Like a tiny URL?

You don't need to answer – I know the answer is yes.

Oh, how we long to mean something to someone. To be of consequence, to make a difference. How we ache to feel significant.

Truth be told, we don't just want to be loved, we want to be cherished.

But then, life intervenes, people disappoint, and we can get so very discouraged by it all.

We can end up feeling like a tiny URL – sad and alone and uncared for.


Now, you know that I have NO intention of leaving this post at this moment. You know God's coming…

But I don't want to give a bunch of platitudes here. Because, after all, I'm writing this post to my own heart, too – and I despise platitudes. I know that most people have the best intentions when they say the most unhelpful things – but I just can't stand the feeling that I've been dismissed with a holy version of a *kick in the butt.*

(Wow, where did that come from??)

It's like Job's friends. Not really helpful…

So, I do have words, and hopefully you'll understand that I'm not saying them lightly or glibly. I'm saying them because I. NEED. TO. HEAR. THEM.

We are NOT tiny.

A tiny baby took care of all that.

I think I've gotten so used to hearing that I'm a Child of God that I have ceased to let the truth of that really impact me. I am a child of GOD.

Look in Matthew – the genealogy:

"Jacob was the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary. Mary gave birth to Jesus, who is called the Messiah." (1:16)

You can add this: "…and all those who believe in Jesus, the Messiah, are sons and daughters of God." (That would be Matthew 1:16, plus Sharon 1:16a)

Seriously, do I forget this because I forget how very awesome God is? I think so.

We are children of the King!

So, even when we're depressed, we're still moping around in the palace. Even when we don't feel like getting out of bed, we're still sleeping in the safety of the castle. Even when we're feeling like insignificant slugs, there are still angels that stand in awe of us. Even when we're lonely, the throne room is still just down the hall, and we have total access at any time.

We are the Sons and Daughters of the Ruler of Everything That Exists.

Can we grasp the SIGNIFICANCE of this?!

For just today, can you look into God's magic mirror? And instead of seeing the Cinderella rags you wear while you toil away, can you look and see the glorious Robes of Righteousness that have been placed on you?

YOU are beautiful.

Precious. Radiant. Cherished.

Oh, by the way, it turns out that I looked up "URL" in "SATAN'S Acrostic Dictionary" by mistake. (Didn't I burn that book last week? Yes. But it seems that "somebody" keeps printing a new one and putting it on my shelf…)

SHARON'S Acrostic Dictionary says this:

U ndeniably of
R oyal
L ineage

Stand tall. You are a beloved Child of the King.

Will you claim your URL today?

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  1. Oh my Sharon, you have me praising Him this morning. You have a knack for this dialogue writing style, in which I love. You're undeniably talented writer my friend. I'm a collector of quotes and this one I'm definitely tucking away "So, even when we're depressed, we're still moping around in the palace. Even when we don't feel like getting out of bed, we're still sleeping in the safety of thecastle. Even when we're feeling like insignificant slugs, there are still angels that stand in awe of us. Even when we're lonely, the throne room is still just down the hall, and we have total access at any time." Such a powerful statement.

  2. "But, truth is, I think we ALL feel small sometimes." Very true Sharon! I know there are times I've felt like a tiny URL but I love your acronym for URL at the end! Well said! Powerful message for we are all uniquely love and beautiful in God's eyes!

    Blessings to you!

  3. I do feel very small at times. I love Sharon's dictionary: Undeniably of Royalty Linage. Small enough url for me to remember!

  4. Sharon I do feel that way at different times - but I liked this post today - so true. sandie

  5. I have said it before that we are daughters and sons of the King and Creator of the universe and sisters or brothers to the Savior of the universe; it doesn't get any better than that. Now we have to believe it and live like that and not let anyone steal our joy!! Great words Sharon!


  6. Ah Sharon! I love how your posts brighten my day. I often laugh out loud (hey, speaking of acrostics - LOL!) when I read them. Thank you for writing God's truths in such a direct, human and cheerful way. I am always... ALWAYS...encouraged. Ok...onto the post - Great analogy! I think I'll cling to the second definition of URL! It is such a gift to be Undeniably of Royal Lineage, especially when our Father is the King!

    Living for Him, Joan

  7. Princess Shari, this was wonderful. As you know, I tend to listen to that silly counterfeit dictionary too often too. I much prefer the corrected definition.

  8. good to read after finishing a book yesterday about all this couple is doing for the Lord...well I felt like a little url. Then I wrote out...each of us has our own story and He is writing it, because it is for His glory.

    My story may never sell books and I may never speak about all I do for God and show my rewards...but I can be faithful.

    So your words ring true this morning....thanks so much for the reminder.

  9. Ahhhh my Princess lovely is your castle and the font from which you write... no tiny URL... we are UNIQUE ROYAL LINEAGE! I love so much of this...dialogue to humor, rich gift of writing style and story! I'd like to spend more time in His Throne Room, but I'm gathering up my Robes of Righteousness and packing for a long & difficult journey once again... my spouse will be accompanying to the border, much prayers needed, tolerance, patience, hedge of protection and safety, with traveling mercies & much grace.

    This is another Keeper! Treasures in our unique identity and significance are wonderful reminders and such a blessing for me. When you hear many words and tones of disrespect, each one of these precious words stir me to walk in my lineage rather than this earthly situation.
    I needed this as an encouragement and a delight
    today! So even though I'm behind, I chose the right one for the moment. Thanks Sharon! Leave on Thurs. and it will be a long week 'til I am
    back. I'll let you know when I am safe.

    Many blessings and much love,

  10. Hi Sharon -

    I love this that you expressed,
    "We are the Sons and Daughters of the Ruler of Everything That Exists."

    It is so comforting to know that our Lord assures us that we are pearls of great price and that we are precious. Isn't it wonderful to know that there is NO love and care like that that comes from our Lord!


  11. Sharon as always your writting is amazing. Your truly are gifted. I too was feeling very small to everyone. But when I stop and think is it really their opinion I should be looking for. God is the only one who has always been there for me and understands what is in my head. If I can learn to stay true to what he wants of me to the best of my ability everything else won't matter. Yes there are those struggles that come with trusting in someone so much, but no matter the road I will trust in him.


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

Thanks for your comments - it is such a joy to be sharing my journey with friends like YOU!

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