Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You know, it's funny how God speaks.

Funny as in ironic, not always HA HA…

I am sitting at my computer today (Tuesday afternoon)without a clue what to write for this post. Other times, I have a flurry of inspiration, and I might write four or five posts at a time.

Sometimes I'm so desperate for a good word to SAY, that I totally forget about LISTENING to God.

So, I think I'm going to share some things that HE said to me this morning.

I am beginning a new session of Bible Study. We are doing a study called "Experiencing God" (see information at the bottom of this post).

Well, let me tell you – already, after just 5 days of homework – this is a Very. Powerful. Study. I've always enjoyed Bible studies, and I've never had a bad experience with one. But, this time I have a sense that something BIG is going to change inside of me.

I'm excited – and a little scared.

It feels like that when God is about to work in your heart.

Today I had a *re-focus* in my thinking. It has to do with servanthood.

The study points out that we often act as though we are "in charge" of our serving. We go to God, ask Him what He wants us to do for Him – He tells us, and then sends us off to try and do it. Of course, if we need Him, we can call on Him, and He comes to help us.

I know this tends to be my mindset. It's even the way I word things in my prayers. "God, tell me what my ministry is. What do You want me to do for You?"

Well, His answer is basically this: "Nothing."

BUT, He adds…

"I want to do something through you."

Now, intellectually I get this point. But the last couple of days, it's becoming a reality that is re-painting my thinking, if you will.

It is GOD who initiates the move. He sets the agenda. When He is about to do something through us, He has to get us from where we are to where HE is, so that He can tell us what He's doing.

When we know what God is doing, then we know what we need to do – we need to join Him!

Here's how I used to think – (here's my word picture):

So, I re-visit 1st-century Palestine. I picture myself as Peter or James or John. I hear about this guy named Jesus. So, one day I go up to Him and say something like, "So, Jesus. I've been hearing a lot about You. You seem like a pretty charismatic guy, and I'd like to be involved in Your ministry. What do You want me to do?"

I think it sounds kinda noblebecause, after all, my motivation is to serve Him, right?

But, that's not how the call of God came.

JESUS went out to the disciples. HE initiated things. It was HIS mission that He called them to participate in. Jesus called them – "Come, follow ME." HE had the purpose – they were invited in.

What is God's will for my life? That is not the right question.

We should be asking – What is God's will?

Once I know His will, then I can adjust my life to Him. The focus needs to be on God, not on my life!

And that is going to cause some upheaval.

The book makes a very good point here – God's invitation for you to work with Him ALWAYS leads you to a crisis of belief that requires faith and action. You must make MAJOR adjustments in your life to join God in what He is doing.

I don't know about you, but that is causing a huge paradigm shift in my thinking.

I remember some of the Bible's heroes Joseph, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus Himself. God's purposes RADICALLY changed their lives. God's agenda skewed their personal goals and actions – and often their comfort zones – off into God's direction.

What made them *special* was their relationship with God and the activity of God in their lives. That was the key ingredient that thrust rather ordinary people into God's extraordinary purposes. God took them out of where they were, and gave them an assignment.

It is crucial to orient our lives to God – for only then will we be in a position to obey Him. (WWJD? Well, Jesus watched to see where the Father was at work and joined Him!)

"The Hub" and I have a major decision that we're facing right now. I am beyond desperate to know God's will for us. I'm looking for *signs* of His confirmation or His denial.

I'm so desperate that I've almost turned Him into "God-in-a-Box" (like jack-in-the-box). I keep seeing signs popping up all over the place. I am so eager for the absolute, unmistakable voice of God in a burning bush on this one, that I'm reading into every little thing that happens.

Ooo, there's a penny, head's up – is that a sign, "YES?"

Oh look, there's a black cat – is that a sign, "NO?"

I exaggerate on those examples, but it's accurate to how I'm thinking.

My new Bible Study is changing my thought patterns. Yes, I've got a couple of *Gideon fleeces* in mind that I might throw out on the threshing floor. And I think God will honor that.

I don't believe that He will turn His back on sincere seeking.

But, I need to take the focus off of me – and MY big decision – and allow God to be God.

Yes, I do feel like God is calling us in a certain direction. And if it's HIS call, He will reveal that to us step by step.

If it's any indication – I AM having a crisis – it's a big ol' scary decision that would require a lot of faith and adjustment! But, the basis of any crisis of belief is this: is God really able to do what He says?

Ah, there's the rub.

Am I doubting God?


God will not leave me – no, never.

But do I believe that He will lead me so He can do what He has purposed to do in the first place through my life?

I want my answer to be a resounding YES!

So, sorry about the rambling here – I hope I made some sense. I'm trying to listen – because I'm pretty sure I hear God speaking.

And He’s changing my question from…

What do You want me to do?


What are You doing, and how can I join You?

And here's what I think He's saying back to me…

"Follow Me, and I will show you."

How do you hear the voice of God calling you?

("Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, and Claude King. Published by LifeWay Press, c. 2007, Sixth printing 2011)

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  1. I praise God for seeking me out, and asking me to follow Him.

  2. Although the wording is simple from about my life to God's will, that is powerful change in thinking. Thanks for sharing Sharon. I'm way to consumed with getting God in my life instead of focus of getting into God's life. POWERFUL!

  3. Boy howdy! You hit that nail on the head! There is so much "good stuff" in your post that I wanted to quote here...but I'll zero in on this: "God, tell me what my ministry is. What do You want me to do for You?"Well, His answer is basically this: "Nothing."BUT, He adds…
    "I want to do something through you." I love that and it is just what I needed to hear! I can run around trying (and striving) to find what He wants me to do...when if I simply follow Him, He will show me what He wants to do through me. I need to trust Him and follow Him. He's already called me...I just need to get moving!

  4. You have some very wonderful talks with God in the morning. I think they are wonderful. sandie

  5. WOW. Just plain WOW. We did that Bible study years ago. I still have the workbook. I should do it again. It's the first one that my husband suggested to his brother upon his belief.

    I love the part about letting God be God. That pretty much says it all.

    Since I'm following your decision journey, this post is particularly moving to me.

  6. I've heard of the Blackaby study...would love to do it someday.

    I like what you said here, "But, I need to take the focus off of me – and MY big decision – and allow God to be God."

    Just this morning I was praying about a writing project that has long been a desire of mine. Recently, God has opened the door for me to begin it. My prayers this morning began with, "God I want this...." I immediately stopped and said, "It's not about me, God, it's what you want to do through me."

    Timely post!



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