Wednesday, February 23, 2011


People know where to mine silver and how to refine gold.

They know where to dig iron from the earth and how to smelt copper
from rock.
They know how to shine light in the darkness and explore the farthest regions of the earth as they search in the dark for ore.

They sink a mine shaft into the earth far from where anyone lives.
They descend on ropes, swinging back and forth.
Food is grown on the earth above, but down below, the earth is melted
as by fire…

People know how to tear apart flinty rocks and overturn the root
of mountains.
They cut tunnels in the rocks and uncover precious stones.
They dam up the trickling streams and bring to light the hidden treasures.

But do people know where to find wisdom?

Where can they find understanding?

No one knows where to find it, for it is not found among the living…

It cannot be bought with gold.
It cannot be purchased with silver.
It cannot be purchased with jewels mounted in fine gold.
The price of wisdom is far above rubies.

But do people know where to find wisdom?

Where can they find understanding?

God alone understands the way to wisdom –
He alone knows where it can be found.

For He looks throughout the whole earth and sees everything
under the heavens.

He saw wisdom and evaluated it.
He set it into place and examined it thoroughly.
And this is what He says to all humanity:

"The fear of the LORD is true wisdom; to forsake evil is real understanding."

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will
give it to you.

(From Job 28 and James 1)

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  1. Amen! (How do you know so much about mining??)
    If I spent time digging, uncovering, exploring and searching--attentively--for wisdom in His Word, there would be an explosion of gold nuggets, I am convinced. I think I'll do a word study today!

  2. Oh wow THIS ONE! I honestly think this are getting better by the week. I almost forgot what you were doing at first. I was waiting for Sharon to speak, and it was God.

    I'm going to stop and read the two passages now. That's something I like to do when I read these.

    And hoodie hooo about your wonderful weekend!

  3. this was a great read Sharon....and I believe it's true. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. YES! Praise God that HE answers us when we call to Him for whatever we may that about God , and love that about YOU, too!
    Love you, my dear, funny friend!!!!

  5. It seems so simply that I think we often overlook it. Searching sources that can never give us true wisdom.

  6. Blessings Sharon... I never know if I should start "MINING" from the most recent back or go back and dig forward... You are such a GEM either way!

    I come here for wisdom (lol)! You always have such a clever way of digging for gold in the scriptures and then filtering it so I get a shining Light or glimmer of God's Word in a much better understanding. "I do not lean on my own understanding" just some of yours (lol)

    Now seriously, this was one mighty deep subject explored here! But your words and wisdom were never more true. No wisdom cannot be purchased and yet we can ask and seek God's wisdom. In His infinite wisdom, God chose to confound the profound... that we might fear the Lord and hold Him in the highest search to the depths and the heights, always seeking and asking Him FIRST!
    I'm dumbfounded by this and that He loves me so much! I so love that "forsaking evil is real understanding" and such a desire but in its simpleness, we make it complex. And we search and search! God's wisdom is what I seek yet I may not even come close in just my life's daily experience but I pray the Holy Spirit leads and guides me in ALL I need to know.

    God always amazes me and He chooses the little to confound the big! Our Lord entrusts us with small things that we may learn to do great things by not by our might, nor by our power, but by His Spirit! Praise God!

    Putting on my mining hat and digging deeper into reading Job and James again; focusing on this ~ not gold, or silver, or minerals or precious stones of great value! For each time, I'm in His Word, a SPARKLING GEM comes forth that teaches and cultures me in the riches of His glory and His world, His Kingdom is beyond all heights and depths and far beyond my capacity to understand or be wise... but I trust in His Love and His best for each of us!

    Whoa Sharon... you blow me away each time I read that's probably why I can only nibble a bit and I need to rest instead of explore another blog mountain. But I'll get there... I agree with Debbie(and Wendy) you have much knowledge of vast topics and are only getting better. Bravo!

    I treasure your DIG today! Thanks for the way of wisdom trek.

    Love, peace and JOY,

  7. truly agree with you about wisdom, Sharon. I want God's wisdom over the world's wisdom for sure! And Job 28:28 is a favorite of mine, I believe we truly (I love that word, LOL) need to understand and grasp what it means to fear God (not as in being afraid, but to revere him, respect him, hold him in highest esteem, adore him). I think if we got that concept down and lived our lives like that, we would be wiser indeed (in addition to seeking out God's wisdom in what we do and how we live our lives :)


  8. I think wisdom comes from living and experience. Hopefully you will find it there. sandie

  9. Dear friends!

    I had my eyes tested today - and I'm still blurry!

    Wendy - These are all verses from the New Living Translation, so I can't lay claim to knowing about mining. But evidently, Job did! And yes, I enjoy digging in the Word for gold nuggets - they're all over the place!

    Debbie - God's words are really the best, aren't they? I just happened upon these verses the other day, and I loved them. Glad you did, too. And yes! A huge Hoodie Hoo for Son #1!

    Sarah - Yes, it's true. I liked the image of God examining wisdom. Even wisdom was scrutinized by God and declared good.

    Janet - Yup, if God didn't answer, it would be pretty lonely down here (cricket, cricket). Love you too, my friend - (you think I'm funny???)

    Wanda - Yes, God so often uses the "simple" to display and reveal His profound wisdom. Searching sources doesn't work - turning to The Source always does!

    Peggy - Dig on, my friend!! I really think you could just copy this comment and make it a post on your blog - I enjoyed it so much. Praise God for the sparkling gems of His Word.

    Betty - I've got to agree with what you said - truly (LOL). I don't think I have a real, total grasp on what it means to fear the Lord. But I want to - and perhaps just the seeking is the first step to wisdom.

    Sandie - Some of my wisdom has come from some bad choices. I regret the choices - but I have been made a better person by the learning. I really do think we get wiser as we get older.

    GOD BLESS - hope my eyes get back to normal!!

  10. Hi Sharon -

    This is a wise message indeed. Thank you.

    Wisdom is a core component of this journey with our Lord. He is the MASTER of it and the VINE from which we obtain it. May we stay connected to the VINE for the vital wisdom that we need.

  11. Sandra - Oh, you are so absolutely right - wise words, indeed! We are only sustained by our connection to the Vine - and only through His nourishment are we made wise...



"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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