Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have some wonderful videos of "The Boys" when they were young.

I can vividly remember the summer when we bought our first video camera. It was a JVC – and it was bigger than a small dog! (For the record – it’s a good thing when technology makes things smaller and cheaper…just sayin’)

It was the Summer of 1987.

Son #1 was 4 ½ years old – and already, quite a ham. (He takes after his father that way – his mother is a demure little thing…)

We were crazy video "addicts" – hooked on capturing "every" moment on camera. We spent hours taping – and it was fun! (Not to mention the sheer joy of having these "memories" recorded for posterity…and "son blackmail," if the need arises…)

The boys’ dad was never on camera. He was a disembodied voice, the director behind the scenes – with an occasional hand appearing onscreen, motioning for the "actors" to perform.

Do any of you remember Soupy Sales – and White Fang? The guy who you never saw EXCEPT for his big paw appearing? Dad was like that…just a giant hand.

So, one summer afternoon we’re outside relaxing, enjoying the sun. Until, Otto Preminger and Mr. JVC make an appearance.


In this one video, Son #1 is onscreen. His dad is trying to get him to do something, to film a little action sequence. The dialogue goes a little like this:

"B, do something."

"Like what?"

"Like run around."


Big "White Fang" hand appears –

"Like run over there to the tree."

Hand points in one direction.

"Over there, Dad?"

Little hand pointing in the same direction that "Dad hand" did.

"Yes, over there."

More pointing.


And then, Son #1 runs in precisely the OPPOSITE direction!!

We still laugh at this today. Son #1 is a kind-hearted soul, yes – but underneath that mild exterior, he has a mind of his own!

My women’s Bible Study group is studying the book of Jonah.

And this whole little family scenario just reminded me so much of the beginning of the book of Jonah.

Settled in to his routine, prophet life – Jonah was comfortable. Then God made an appearance – and told Jonah to "go over there" to Nineveh.

"Over there, Lord?"

"Yes, Jonah."

And Jonah promptly ran in exactly the opposite direction.

He ran as fast and as far away from God as he could get. Jonah had a mind of his own.

But his life didn’t belong to him – and he soon found that out.

One little ocean journey, one stormy sea, one big fish later – Jonah returned to where he started in the first place.

At least the same location.

For Jonah was deeply changed in his heart.

How many times have I been guilty of hearing God tell me to go "this way" – just to run in exactly the opposite direction?

Sometimes I’ve even been so reticent to do His will that I go looking for a fish belly to escape in.

"This way, Lord? Really???"

But here’s the miracle of grace. God gave Jonah a second chance.

"Then the LORD spoke to Jonah a second time…" (Jonah 3:1)

When you know God wants you to do something, don’t run.

Arise and go – and go in the direction His hand points!

BLOG = "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. That was fantastic! How well we can identify so often with those in the Bible, when the choose unwise choices! But like you, I am so thankful for second chances and God's amazing grace and mercy. Blessings to you.

  2. I do remember those first video cameras like you mentioned; it was fun to get special events recorded for prosperity (and blackmail, LOL) do you ever watch them these days?

    I definitely want to be sensitive to hearing which way the Lord is leading me and then follow the path, even though it might not make sense at the time (LOL like this recent move :)

    thanks for the welcome back; it is good to be home among friends and loved ones!


  3. Thank the Lord for second..third..fourth chances

  4. I remember those videos too Sharon. And I am so thankful God gives us so many chances - I need them sometimes.

    Love, sandie

  5. Hi Sharon -

    I cannot count how many times I have gone another way. And I felt GOD'S hand of "profit"
    urging me His way. Sometimes His hand of "profit" held a "feather," sometimes it held a "switch," other times a "hammer," and even as did Balaam, when the "dumb ass" (2 Peter 2:16 - KJV) spoke to him in rebuke...I felt GOD'S fed up hand of "profit."

    Now I am more inclined to just go...HIS way...

  6. I just laughed and laughed and laughed!! I could picture it perfectly.

    Mainly, I could picture it because my own husband and EVEN more my dad were the White Fangs of the family. Periodically, Dad would turn the camera on his own close up just to prove he existed.

    And then, you tied it in. You amaze me that you can. I get this one all too well. My problem is that I'm directionally challenged so try as I might to follow God's voice and direction (and I really do... mostly...) I still get ferhoodled like your son.

    To be honest, I wish the finger pointing the way would be clearer on my "screen".

  7. Sheeelay...
    (Guess what I just did?)

  8. My "demure" friend, ha ha ha! Yeah, right...
    anyhow, I did have to laugh again when I was reminded about Jonah RUNNING the opposite way that God told him to.
    How alike we are, me and Jonah. We pray for God to "speak" to us, and then when He finally does, why don't we (I) obey? Fear? I think that is some of it, but still NO EXCUSE!
    How many times must God remind me, "I am with you"....
    Let's be more obedient and more fearLESS!
    Love you - great post!

  9. Joyce - I am so glad that God chose to use "real" human beings - and that we can read about them in the Bible! It really does display God's amazing grace and mercy. And to see His hand at work for so many hundreds of years, we can rest in the assurance that His faithfulness stands alongside us, even when we run in the opposite direction!

    Betty - We do pull out the ol' videos from time to time. They are always good for a laugh. It's just amazing to me how fast the time flies! I was thinking about your recent move (to Nineveh?!?!) - and how unsettling the whole is. And yet, I know that God will unveil new plans for you and your family, as you listen to His voice.

    Lyn - You know how the Bible says we should forgive seventy times seven - I'm thinking that that's about how many "second" chances God has given me!! I'm so thankful for His merciful "math" - He doesn't keep accounts...

    Sandie - Boy, we ALL need them sometimes, don't we? I've needed more than my share. But you know what? I think God has taught me to be less judgmental because of the many times that I've failed.

    Sandra - I just love how you paint images! You just might have the seeds of another post here, my friend! Yes, will we never learn? I am looking for HIS way more and more each day - and asking for the courage to follow His direction, the FIRST time!!

    Debbie - You have increased my vocabulary - "ferhoodled"? I love it!! And how I loved that you knew who White Fang was - I shouldn't have been surprised. I agree - it would help if the direction was clearer (and written in a GIANT font!) There just must be a purpose in the wondering and searching, too - maybe the path to follow at this point in time, is just learning to desire His path with ALL our hearts. What do you think?

    Janet - We are all Jonah. There are so many things that keep us from going in God's direction. Fear is a big one, yes - but I also think of the things that have made me veer off course. Pride, impatience, greed, laziness - the list could on and on. But, like you said, God remains faithful, and will tell us as often as we need to hear it (me - all the time) - "I AM WITH YOU." That is such a thrilling thought...

    Thanks for stopping by today, friends.

    In case you're interested, there is this adorable little girl named Mary Margaret, who tells the story of Jonah on YouTube. Here's the link:


    Or just go to www.youtube.com and put in Mary Margaret Jonah.

    She's definitely a preacher in the making!

    Praising God for His innumerable second chances, and for the joy of knowing that He cares about the direction we go!


  10. Oh, Debbie - You, of course, are saying the word verification word OUT LOUD!! Wonderful pronunciation - I can only imagine how it was spelled!!


  11. Ohhh haha hoho thank you Sharon... What a delight! I could visualize that entire family film making. You are so vivid with your words and how you connect them to Biblical themes is amazing and so wonderful! You must be the BEST script writer!

    Is this why you asked me about if I knew Priscilla's study on Jonah? (quite a while ago now...like 2 weeks)

    All I can say besides how much I love this, is I really needed this lesson! Yep, I'm a Jonah! God says go this way and I go the other. Great humor and points, especially the last two!! How many times have I run? Too many to count!


  12. Peggy - This video is really one of our family "classics!" Yes, that is why I was asking you about Priscilla's study - it's such a good one. She really plumbs it for many hidden truths. I'm learning so much. We're all Jonah in one way or the other, aren't we? I tend to either run the other way, or just sit down paralyzed with fear!! Oh dear - but with the Lord's help, I'm heading toward the "Nineveh's" in my life!



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