Monday, March 28, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I was in Chicago.

Very cold, very windy, Chicago.

On Saturday, after a very long day of meetings (held in a very warm conference room) – it was time to venture back to the hotel. Our group decided to brave the elements, and walk the three blocks.

My dad, who’s bent over with age, and a little "shuffly" on his feet, couldn’t make the trek.

So, we decided to hail a cab.

I have never hailed a cab in my life. And let me just tell you, "short and sweet" does not help when trying to flag down a taxi!

So, I placed myself strategically on a corner where I could work two sides of the street –

And we waited…and waited…and waited…

Was there a lack of taxis, you might ask? No, there were plenty. However, on this particular Saturday, there had been a huge St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown. And evidently, our meeting let out just about the same time that the parade ended.

So, I am competing with be-jeweled, be-loud, be-tipsy crowds of pesky revelers.

Every taxi that zipped by was occupied.

Or, as soon as an unoccupied taxi crested the hill, a random group of leprechauns snagged it before it reached me and my dad.

I felt so bad for him.

I had him bundled up like a toddler going out for the first time in the snow. I could barely see his face.

"It’s OK, Dad. I’ll keep trying."

I started to look enviously at the lucky occupants of each taxi as it flew by us. Then I started to glare. Then I was tempted to start throwing stones…

Finally, an empty taxi arrived – after about 15 minutes. A long, long time when you’re standing on a frigid, tornado zone street corner.

Dad and I clambered into our Cinderella’s coach, and enjoyed our 3-minute ride back to the hotel.

I looked over at him, he looked over at me, and we both chuckled. When we got out, I said, "Well, that was some adventure!" He smiled.

Later, at dinner, it made for a great story.

But here’s the lesson I learned.

Do you ever feel like other people’s "taxis" are zipping by you? Fully occupied, they fly on their way to their destiny, while you’re getting left behind?

Is it cold and lonely waiting?

Do you see a possibility looming on the horizon, only to have someone else snatch "your" chance out of the air?

I would encourage you with these words – God knows.

He knows exactly which "vehicle" is the right one for you. He knows just the right time for it to arrive. He sees you out there, waving frantically, trying to make something happen.

And perhaps at just the moment when you’ve lost all hope – that one opportunity will drive right up to the curb, the door will fly open…

…and you’ll hop in.

Are you ready?

It’s coming – it really is.

And when you finally arrive at your destination – when you see Him face to face – you’ll look at Him, and He’ll look at you – and you’ll both chuckle. You’ll say to Him –

"Well, that was some adventure!"

And He’ll smile.

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  1. I do see the occupied taxis flying by and am waiting for mine. Good post.

  2. Great Post Sharon, "Thank you" - God Bless - Nita

  3. This touched my heart...I needed this today...thank you, Sharon!

    Too many times I have been impatient and started walking on my own instead of waiting for His "taxi"....

  4. There needs to be a new cyber word created for "Standing up and cheering"

    I love this one! It's been a long day, the next to the last one before school gets out, and this hit the spot.

    I love the part about chuckling with God about the adventure. I really do hope that when I get to heaven, I can hear him laugh. I never once thought about that until this moment.

  5. To be honest - I do feel taxi's passing me by at times and I get frustrated just like anyone else. Now however as I get older - the wait doesn't seem as long! teehee


  6. Sharon:

    I just read this post to my husband, who is waiting (sometimes not so patiently) for a job. Very encouraging words for both of us. Thank you!


  7. I like those two last lines "well, that was an adventure" and "He will smile" and of course we will know that he has been walking alongside us through the adventures, never gave up on us, and knew when exactly and how exactly to intervene. Amazing, he truly is!


  8. this was a good one, Sharon, a reeeallllllyy good one!
    I'm waiting, waving and yelling. Maybe I just need to wait for MY turn! ha ha
    Love you~

  9. Hi Sharon -

    Indeed we can relate to what you expressed. We have all had such "moments."

    You expressed, "He knows exactly which "vehicle" is the right one for you. He knows just the right time for it to arrive. He sees you out there, waving frantically, trying to make something happen."

    It can be so challenging, at times, to wait on our Lord. But wait we must. When all is said and done - He is SO WORTH OUR WAITS. Only GOD can make our waits so profitable, provided we wait RIGHT!

  10. Gregg - Thanks. I just know that your taxi is on its way!

    Nita - You're welcome, friend. Always glad when you are encouraged here.

    Karen - I just love it when God gives me a good word for someone! I am also one of those people who tend to start walking...but then we'll miss the taxi for sure, huh??

    Debbie - He'll be laughing - for all the right reasons!! ( cheering. Bleering?? Chogging??)

    Sandie - You're so funny! There's a taxi with your name on it - I just know it! Just be ready...

    Joan - What a blessing to have encouraged both of you. That just makes me smile. Praying for the taxi to arrive soon!

    Betty - He is amazing, isn't He? Loved what you said - He walks alongside, He never gives up on us, and He knows just when to intervene! AMEN!

    Janet - I see you over there on your street corner - waving like crazy! And I also see your taxi cresting the hill! HANG ON...

    Sandra - Waiting is so very difficult, I agree. I'm a pretty patient person, but not so much when I'm waiting on the Lord, sad to say. But yes, you're so right - there is a RIGHT way to wait. In peace and trust...

    GOD BLESS, my friends - Keep your eyes open for the taxis to arrive!!


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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