Thursday, March 3, 2011


Oh my!

I was so excited.

Years (and years!) ago, my church was having a Father-Daughter Dinner.

And my dad had agreed to take me.

Now my dad wasn’t one of those mushy kind of guys. He wasn’t particularly demonstrative. He was a little lean on the compliments. So the fact that he was taking me to this dinner was so very wonderful – and I was beyond thrilled!

I felt like a little princess!

My mom had taken me out to buy a whole new outfit. New dress, new socks and shoes. New little white gloves –

I counted off the days...

And then something happened that had never, ever happened before in my entire childhood.

My dad got sick.

Very sick.

We couldn’t go to the dinner.

I was crushed. I remember being mad at my dad – but not really – and then mad at myself for being mad. I remember crying. I remember feeling so very disappointed – more disappointed than I had ever felt. I remember being so, so sad.

When my dad started feeling better, he told me how sorry he was.

I told him I understood.

I did, but I didn’t…

And then one day, my dad did something that was totally out of character for him. He asked me out on a "date" – to make up for missing the dinner.


So, I got dressed in my new outfit, and wore my new gloves. And we went out to lunch, a fancy lunch, in a beautiful restaurant downstairs at a department store in Pasadena.

You can probably imagine how a ten-year-old girl felt!

China dishes, and actual silver silverware. Crystal drinking glasses, linen napkins.

And here’s the best part – there was a fashion show, too!

I can still remember the models coming up to our table, and talking about their outfits – to ME!! Like I was all grown-up, and could actually purchase something! I can remember people coming up to my dad and I – complimenting me on my very nice behavior.

Do you know what?

It was a perfect day.

And I was actually glad that my dad had gotten sick – just so I could have this time with him instead. Just so I could go to this very special lunch instead. Just so I could feel this kind of happiness instead – the "joy after a really big disappointment" kind of happiness.

This was so much better than what I had wanted in the first place.

Ever find yourself really wanting something – really praying long and hard about it? Waiting eagerly for a dream to be fulfilled, or a long-awaited prayer to be answered?

Ever felt like you were all dressed up, and ready to go – just to be disappointed?

God knows.

And it makes Him sad when we’re sad.

It hurts Him when we’re hurting.

But love doesn’t leave us there – stranded in disappointment. His perfect Love is deeper than that.

And because He loves us so much – He doesn’t always give us everything we want.

Because sometimes perfect Love has something even better in mind!!

Can you wait for His timing, His way?

Can you trust that it’s something even better than what you wanted in the first place?

Can you believe that no matter what does or doesn’t happen in this life – there is an eternal banquet awaiting you?

Complete with the finest finery you have ever seen…

And you’ll be wearing your best outfit – the new clothes of perfect righteousness.

The honor of your presence is requested!

R esting in the
S alvation and
V ictory
P romised

BLOG = "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. Sharon, you really drew me with this one. I have found myself dressed up and disappointed but as you said on down the line I discover that He had a much better plan. You really are a gifted writer.

  2. AMEN and many blessings Sharon... and "ditto"to what Wanda wrote...

    WOW! the "joy after a really big disappointment" kind of happiness...this an entire piece is a work of DIVINE inspiration... thank you.

    R.S.V.P. 1................................
    very JOY filled daughter waiting her Papa,

    Thanks Father! Thanks Lord Jesus! Thank You Holy Spirit for speaking through Sharon and TO HER!
    Bless her earthly daddy for this moment and may You, her Heavenly Papa change every disappointment into a deeper love moment!

    I'm totally blessed and uplifted by your very special date! It helped me recall my only prom date with my dad in college... and I just had a heavenly moment and smile, a tear of JOY for both of us.

    Thanks-Love, peace and JOY eternally forevermore
    See ya' there...

  3. Whew have a lot to say -

    I'm glad you felt at ten that you wanted to go out with your dad. Not everyone feels or felt that way. So that in itself to me is a gift. To have a dad you could be proud to be with.

    And yes I have had so many many things in my life that I've wanted and God has said no or wait. And I have to say it's hard to accept - but it is possible. And sometimes things do get answered and sometimes the answer is NO!

    Thank God - my faith is strong. On the other hand I have had many many blessings and even some miracles in my life.

    So God is good - all the time.


  4. Hi Sharon,
    As usual a very good post. I was saying to my daughter today. I find it hard to imagine what it will be like in heaven, with no problems, no hurts and no tears, there are so many problems in this life it is hard to visual (for me anyway) an eternity without them. Still trying to fly at a higher altitude and looking for those eagles wings. God Bless - Nita

  5. This one made me cry, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with missing my earthly dad.
    It really hit home in other areas.

    Once again I use this tired old expression on you: God used you in a mighty way. I'm left a bit more hopeful than I was when I clicked that link to enter here.

  6. Great example...I can just see all the pictures we have taken of my husband and daughter...and I too was writing a post about how much my Heavenly Father knows what is best for me...far beyond what I could have imagined.
    What a precious memory of a time with your earthly father that just sheds its light on your Heavenly Father!

  7. This was a very sweet and encouraging
    word, Sharon. I so enjoyed it. We can't
    even imagine what it will be like when
    we live with our wonderful Heavenly

  8. Sharon, what a precious weaving of a beautiful story. I can picture those little girl heart tugs as I read this, only now I'm a big girl and I still feel them!!
    Bullock's, Broadway or Robinson's?? (I grew up in Pasadena) :)

  9. I remember those fashion shows they used to do as part of lunch! What a wonderful story, Sharon! I am so glad you got that special time with your dad and it was a perfect analogy on waiting for the Lord for his timing. It is sometimes hard to wonder "why aren't you answering my prayers, Lord" or be disappointed if something doesn't happen the way we want it, but his timing is always perfect and his will always the best for us. Now if we would truly live like that


  10. Wanda - Thank you for your very kind comment. Yes, so often we discover that a disappointment was really a God "appointment" - that it was all part of His better plan for us!

    Peggy - God got your RSVP! And what a sweet picture - you and your dad at the prom. That gave me a big "Awww" moment, too! I loved your phrase - turning disappointment into an even deeper love moment! YES!

    Sandie - Thanks for your honesty. I'm really so sorry that you didn't have a good relationship with your earthly father. But I am SO glad that you have a strong relationship with your Heavenly Father! He is the only One who can be fully trusted and relied on - all the time.

    Nita - I guess I forgot to mention that eagles' wings are part of our heavenly outfits, too! I also find it next to impossible to imagine an eternity with no turmoil, no pain, no sadness, no loss. But I believe that it's coming - because God has promised.

    Debbie - God knows, my friend - He knows. I'm very glad that your heart was encouraged by these words. And if you left here re-filled with hope, then I am blessed.

    Janette - Seeing the relationship between your husband and daughter must really shed some light on how our Father feels about us - and how we feel about being His beloved children. Precious memories, and wonderful lessons about love.

    Keep reading - just a little more...

  11. Sandy - Sometimes I try to imagine what it will be like. My finite mind can only grasp the merest shadow of the wonder of Heaven. But I have a feeling that it will be something like this special date with my dad. A time when I feel special beyond words, cherished deeply, and treated like royalty. Can't wait to wear my new outfit!

    Sonja - Isn't it so true that deep inside us there's still the little girl? And she still longs to be loved and told she's precious. I'm so glad that our Heavenly Father fills that hole inside our hearts completely. (It was Bullock's!! How fun that you grew up in Pasadena. I grew up in Arcadia. My family attended Lake Avenue Congregational Church for YEARS. Where did you go?)

    Betty - The truth of the matter is this: I can write about understanding disappointment, and about having the patience to wait for God's timing. But, as you said, now if I could only live like that!!! You remember the fashion shows?? Weren't they kinda fun? Sometimes I miss the old days - they were a little more formal, but I sorta liked that. Girls actually looked like girls back then, huh? Hope you're doing well - and dear Koda, too!

    Thanks for stopping by, my friends. And I can't wait for our party in eternity. I'm looking for each one of you - all dressed up in your beautiful outfits! Until that day, I'm praying along with all of you, that God would give me the grace to suffer disappointments, the courage to refuse to give up hope, and the ability to wait on His timing.


  12. Your writing always puts a big fat smile on my face!

  13. Hi Sharon -

    How charming of your dad to please you with that "make-up" date. And how great that you enjoyed it after the necessary cancellation.

    You expressed, "Can you trust that it’s something even better than what you wanted in the first place?"

    A few days ago, I saw Paul and he stated that things would get better for him. When I came home, I asked the Lord to give me assurance about Paul. He gave me two scriptures (I cannot remember now which ones) with the word "better"
    in them. And then that night, our Lord gave me a dream that I was sitting with Paul and the Lord told me to tell him that things would get better for us both! That so blessed me, Sharon!

  14. Alisa - How fun! I just love putting big fat smiles on peoples' faces!! This was a special memory for me - and it's a special reminder of a very wonderful date I have waiting for me in the future.

    Sandra - Oh how wonderful! How faithfully God confirmed to you His assurances. May God work His purposes in both your life and Paul's - and may we all be patient enough to wait for God's best!


  15. What a beautiful story of your Dad...and the perfect metaphor for faith, too. Sometimes God acts in ways we don't expect or understand. Initially we may be disappointed or feel that He has let us down. Often in retrospect we look back and see His work clearly.

  16. Michelle - It always helps me to think of stories that bring home God's lessons to me. No, He doesn't often act in ways that I understand. And though I am sometimes distressed by that - in the end, I am greatly comforted by that! Looking back is a good thing to do on a regular basis - it teaches me God's faithfulness!



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