Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Cost effective.

An interesting phrase.

I looked it up.

Cost-effective: producing optimum results for the expenditure; economical.

So, I got to thinking about some things that have been cost effective in my life.

For one thing, I have this great pair of hiking boots that I bought many years ago for $20. (I know! Really cheap…) I've probably logged a couple hundred miles of hiking in those boots (maybe a slight exaggeration – but still). They have taken me on many adventures, in many states.

I've gotten my money's worth out of those puppies for sure.

How about my inexpensive diver's watch? I probably bought it 20 years ago. Except for replacing the battery a couple of times, that things keeps on ticking – and yes, it's a Timex.

Most of my clothes I get at Target. Last year I discovered a store called Forever 21 (I wish…) at the local mall. Really cute clothes, and very reasonable prices. I especially like how you can get ideas from the mannequins. No, they don't talk…and I don't listen anyway.

Got my money's worth out of that.

Sometimes something is cost effective, even though it isn't inexpensive. Like when I joined Jenny Craig and lost weight 2 ½ years ago. It wasn't cheap, but I figured the money I saved in better health over the long haul would be cost effective.

For instance, it saved me from having to pay for blood pressure medication.

Companies worry a lot about being cost effective. They're always striving to get the most out of every dollar they spend. Remember that phrase – getting the most *bang for your buck*?

So, if things are cost effective – are other things cost ineffective?

I think so.

A few of my examples?

That over-priced sushi at restaurants.

My haircut and dye job at the salon.

Health insurance.

The price of gasoline – ($4.39 per gallon yesterday at my local station!).

Designer anything.

Bottled water – (yes, I do buy it…but honestly…it's water).

Absolutely any car repair.

If cost effective gives you more *bang for your buck,* then cost ineffective is basically flushing your bucks down a toilet.

So, what on earth does this have to do with Holy Week?

It's a stretch – but I'm thinking about the Crucifixion.

Was it cost effective?

Depends on your perspective, I think.

For us humans, it was. After all, a bunch of undeserving people (including myself) got all of their sins forgiven by an innocent man dying on the cross. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

We do nothing, someone else dies, we get forgiven.

But what about from Jesus' perspective?

What did He get out of the deal?

It cost Him everything – so what was His reward?

Where was the *bang for His buck*?

I asked myself this question today – and I didn't immediately have a very good answer. Because the whole "cross transaction" seemed suddenly and wildly unfair to me.

It seemed like I was woefully in the credit column of the whole deal – and Jesus didn't get much out of it at all.

But He did it anyway.

So what did He stand to gain?

Well, He gained us.

Does that stop you like it does me?

He counted the cross worth it because He deemed US worth it. His love for us was so deep that He did EVERYTHING in His power to redeem us.

He found the ONLY way for us to live with Him forever.

He did indeed produce the optimal result for the expenditure of His life. He brought reconciliation with the Father, and bought eternal life for His followers.

I am forever grateful to Jesus – the One who paid the greatest possible price for us to reap the most impossible (on our own) reward.

Cost? His very life.

Effective? Oh, yes – eternally so.

Have you really considered the cost that Jesus paid for you on the cross?

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  1. Amen, Sharon! I am so glad he decided we were worth it to gain us through his pain on the cross to pay for us :) I'm not sure I'm a great deal some days, but I'm glad he thinks so!


  2. Hi Sharon,

    You have a great gift, displayed in the blogs you write, they are imaginative, spiritual and very thought provoking.

    Thank you and have a very blessed Easter as together we celebrate Our Risen Lord on Sunday, but never forgetting the price he paid for us on Friday

    God Bless - Nita

  3. Beautiful reminder of what Christ did for us..humbling. Hard to imagine that kind of love. Thank you Jesus.

  4. Sharon - I'm still amazed at the fact He would lay down his life for someone like me. Such a great love!


  5. Sharon, I'm not sure if you have been getting my emails, as I haven't heard back from you in sometime. I understand this is a busy time at present. But I also see you are blogging regulary. Therefore, as previously requested please remove the blog button "Eagle Altitude" from your side bar. Thanking you in advance to your prompt attention to this matter. Regards, Kerrie


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