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The first time I heard about C.S. Lewis was when I was about 22. 

I was at a summer College camp. 

I've been a Christian all my life. But I'd always felt a little bit guilty because I never FELT the horror of the crucifixion. I had head knowledge that it was awful, and I believed it (and all that it stood for) with my whole heart. 

But it hadn't reached my emotions. 

One night, at that college camp, the speaker told us the story of Aslan - and he told us how Aslan had been taunted, shamed, humiliated - how his majestic mane had been shorn. When he was done, I was in tears. 

I FELT the tremendous depth of what Jesus' death had been like.

I ran out, got a boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia, and read them all in a week.

They changed my life.

I loved the books themselves, yes, but there was something else at work.  The Spirit of God was speaking to me deeply.  I suppose that The Chronicles touched my life in such a profound way because their message "snuck up on me."

God used delightful stories to teach me inner truths.

Sometimes without realizing it, I learned a Biblical lesson through a particular character.  Was I desiring "Turkish delight" in my own life?  Was I falling under an enchanted trance?  Was I starting to doubt that Aslan was real?  Was I questioning His methods?  Did I really and truly, completely and fully, trust a God who "wasn't safe?"  

And did I believe that He was good?

I loved all the books, but my favorite was probably The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  And here's the reason why – I really related to Eustace becoming a dragon.  Because, after all, aren't we all really *dragons* in some way?  

We're all sinners.  And like Eustace, we can't save ourselves.  

I thought about how often I had tried to "scratch the scales off" in my own life.  How I tried to make myself "good enough," or tried to do *better* or how many times I promised to be a more "faithful" Christian.  

All to no avail.  I was still a dragon.

I related to Eustace's sense of frustration and sadness – his discouragement and defeat.

And then, he met Aslan – Aslan who showed up – Aslan who cared.  

When Eustace describes that first moment when Aslan starts to remove the scales, I felt his pain.  That's what Jesus asks of us.  To be true disciples, we must die to self, we must experience that tearing at our souls - we must yield to the cleansing claw of a Savior.  

And yet, what freedom afterwards!!  

We are made human again – the way we were supposed to be in the first place.  

Children of the Lion!

Reepicheep is one of my favorite Narnians.

Why?  For one, he is little.  I've always been short, so I relate.  But I also just LOVE an underdog character that has a warrior's heart.  

I want to be like Reepicheep – brave, valiant, full of faith armed to the teeth with God's armor – and ready to fight in any battle to defend the cause of the Gospel.  He stands as my faithful example.  To be a follower of Aslan – no matter what – until I meet Him face to face.

I've read most of what C.S. Lewis has written.

I would encourage you to read his books, if you haven't yet discovered him.

And if you have, read some of his stuff that you haven't read before! Each book brings meaning and practical knowledge to the reader.  

However, Lewis' greatest contribution to Christianity, in my opinion, is that he turns people toward the heart of Jesus, our Aslan.  

He inspires love, commitment, courage, and faith – to a God who isn't safe, but He's good…

GOD BLESS – and Aslan lives!!

Who is your favorite Christian author?  How have they influenced your spiritual journey?

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  1. Sharon,
    Believing that God is good, even when our life experience is any thing but good, well.... that is when faith comes in, isn't it?

    C.S. Lewis has always been my favorite author,too. Thank you for this post.

  2. Lewis is one of my favorite author's too. I've read most of his non-fiction and have been reading through the Narnia series. My daughter and I are now listening to 'The magician's nephew' on audiobook. The part about Eustace becoming a dragon in 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' moved me too. Lewis had such an incredible talent for presenting biblical truths in his writings.

  3. I love his writings too. Funny thing I just wrote my post for tomorrow and I wrote about him too. sandie

  4. I wasn't a CS Lewis girl until my daughters introduced me to him as readers themselves. His talent is amazing to me, but even more is his ability to be a vessel for God.

    I'm just oddball enough to love The Screwtape Letters. I kind of had to read it slowly and slog through his wonderful vocabulary, but I really love that book.

  5. Blessings Sharon!!! Yeahhh ASLAN and CS LEWIS!
    Fans of both!

    My author other than him... besides people like Stormie, Beth Moore, Sheila Walsh and our dear Cherie Hill,would have to be either Hannah Hurrad, Tim LaHaye & Jenkins, Max Lucado, Joseph F.Girzone... OK, I guess I don't have a favorite or far too many...

    Love what you shared here in your ever so wonderful style and way. Quickly making visits and once again out of time...

    Love you, miss you and thank you (hope all is well not just busy)... in my prayers and thoughts daily... Peggy

  6. I was around 20 or so when I was introduced to these books. C S Lewis was a gifted writer.

    It's hard to pick a favorite author. Like Peggy said, I have several favorites.


  7. I have yet to read these (but I've seen the movies...that doesn't count!). They're on my reading list for the coming school year. I think Ben and I will tackle them together...or maybe we'll read them aloud as a family. Either way, I can't wait! This "review" makes me all the more anxious! Maybe summer reading?

    I had a similar experience where the wrath and horror of the crucifixion and God's sacrifice really became obvious to me a couple of years ago. That transformation from head to heart "knowledge" REALLY changes your life!


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