Monday, April 2, 2012


I have a love/hate relationship with make-up.

When I was younger, I loved when my parents finally gave me permission to use make-up.

It was fun experimenting with various colors of blush and lip glosses. Then I graduated to multi-hued eyeshadows and lipsticks. I was never an eyeliner kind of girl but mascara and me were best friends!

Yup, when I was younger, make-up was a hobby.

Now it's a necessity.

These days my make-up routine is a carefully constructed procedure that has been honed over the years.

In my teens, as I said before, it was simple.

Now my Michaelangelo hands deftly paint a cover-up that would rival Watergate.

Foundation to even out sun damage.

Concealer for those lovely brown age spots – (Why are they called liver spots? Maybe because I hate them as much as I hate liver?)

Oh, who could forget the corrector for those black circles under my eyes that scream "middle-aged insomniac"??

An eyebrow pencil for over-plucked or random gray hairs.

OK, I've got to stop here and insert the truth – I actually don't pluck my eyebrows.

For a long time, I never did anything with them. But sometime in the late 1980's, I finally admitted that those two furry caterpillars were just way too thick and unruly to be considered feminine, let alone flattering.

I remembered my mom with her trusty tweezers and magnified mirror, patiently plucking those little suckers.

Like Mom, like daughter…

Well, until I actually started plucking them.


So, here's my confessionI actually SHAVE my eyebrows. Yes, I do. And I cannot believe that I am admitting that on the Internet. It worked fine in the beginning, but now there are parts of my eyebrows that will never be the same – hence, the eyebrow pencil now becomes a master of disguise because the last ½" or so of my brows are nothing but pencil…(and after a day or two, stubble).

OK, where was I?

Oh yes, eyeshadow on the lids to disguise the drooping.

Lip liner to stop color bleeding into the wrinkles around my lips.


I lean toward the brownish tones, and ones with a blue undertone. Makes the teeth look whiter.

Blush for sallow cheeks.

At long last, I am finally ready with my *public face* – and I look at least 10 minutes younger.

You got Venus de Milo??

I'm more like Venus de Many Milos…there's a lot of mileage on this old *mug* of mine!!

Make-up is no longer simply my friend – it is my ally in this "youth and beauty" world. I've told you all before that I enjoy buying those stupid "celebrity" magazines sometimes at the market checkout stand.

I'm a sucker for the ones with photos of stars in their bathing suits – I love to gloat over their cellulite (ah, without Spanx, you're just like me…sorta).

But I really love the issues that show pictures of the stars without their makeup. Hah, they're just like me…sorta.

Anyway, where on earth am I going with all of this?

Well, the obvious lesson is how much we concentrate on our *outsides* while neglecting our inside beauty, our inside grace, our inside spirits which should be full of kindness, gentleness, mercy, and compassion.

And that's a good lesson.

But what I am thinking about today is Jesus.

And how the Bible describes Him.

Isaiah 53:2 (NIV): "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him."

Jesus would not have walked the "red carpet" in Hollywood…He would not have made money modeling in magazines. By the world's standards, Jesus was not one of the *beautiful people.*

Have you ever wondered what your reaction would be if Jesus walked the earth today? Would you be attracted to Him? Would you follow Him? Would you even recognize Him?

I'd like to think that I would.

Because I like to think that I would have seen something in His eyes something tender and strong, compassionate and compelling – I like to think that I would have recognized Him as someone who would not excuse my sins, but who would love me anyway.

Do you long to see His eyes?

Yes, we certainly long to see Jesus face to face, don't we?

But right now, through His Holy Spirit, Jesus is walking the earth in the faces of His children.

Do you see Him?

I saw Him the other day in the face of my friend who sat and patiently listened to me talk about my troubles.

I saw Him this morning in the smile of my mother.

I saw Him in the precious little man who rode in his motorized wheelchair for blocks to attend church on Sunday morning.

I saw Him in the faces of children laughing.

I see Him…

Do others see Him in me?

Where do you see Jesus? How do you think others see Him in you?

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  1. I just have to address the shaved brows. That's just kinda funny to me. I have to admit it. I'm not a victim of the shave but of the overpluck coupled with some sort of regrowth meno-pause.

    But to the heart of your message, I have thought so many times about that passage and that he wasn't called UNattractive, just sort of regular. Just the guy you might walk right past in the street without a glance were it not for a power that drew you to him.

    I agree with you that I imagine it to be the eyes. I always imagine deep, deep brown eyes. I also picture laugh crinkles around them because I think he smiled and twinkled a lot. I picture Him to have the kind of eyes that change and "say" something even when no other facial feature moves a muscle.

  2. I see Jesus in my friends, family, and husband. I pray that others can see Him in me. I definitely see Him in you sweet sis.

  3. I had to laugh out loud at the "10 minutes younger" remark...that is so true...for me - not you!

    I have missed your humor, deep reflections, and encouraging words...and I agree with Denise...You definitely reflect Jesus....

  4. I remember being anxious to wear make-up and now I rarely wear any at all. As always great truth you shared.

  5. I love when people can add a laugh to powerful biblical truths! 10 minutes younger! Haha!!!

    Yes, we definitely need to have balance. Our bodies are important, but our spirits are everlasting! Very important to groom the soul :)

  6. Hi Sharon! Oh! What a couple of weeks this has been! I have so wanted to spend more time online escaping to Blogland, but my path was coming to that place of confrontation and I barely had time to post my two a week let alone visit.

    I am sort of kind of on the other side of things now - and have tons of time on my hands at present. I've been so blessed by your last week of posts - love the make-up story. I had a friend in high school who shaved her eyebrows until she took some skin with them! Scripture metaphor worth it - though.

    You skunk story - been there, done that, and know the horrific sound of beast and dog facing off. The house stunk immediately and we were outside at 11:30pm giving our Golden Retriever a bath in tomato juice.

    And you want to discuss "fair"? Oh- THAT has been my week. Or, rather, "unfair" - but the Lord prepared me for it. Just not so much cruelty that came with it. All the stress and shady dealings at work - behind me now. God made the way of escape as I waited on Him. Did you get a chance to read my "When Captivity is Turned" post from Friday?

    The Lord will heal the wounds from the encounter - stinky skunks with claws that don't play fair. Planning to enjoy some much needed rest and a bit of a sabbatical. I'll be posting a bit more often - looking forward to reclaiming my life and moving on in the provision of the Lord!


  7. Hi Sharon :-)

    I found your make up routine amusing hehe I remember dreading going out of the house without concealing the dark circles under my eyes (and I'm only 28 years old!). But upon learning that the inside counts more than our outside appearance, I don't wear make up anymore. Just face powder and I'm good to go.

    I love the simplicity, humility, and the wisdom of Jesus. Even if He is our King, He preferred to be a regular guy. I think that's what's striking about Him. :-)

    And I saw Jesus in you today, Sharon! SO glad I came over for I truly enjoyed your post! Thank you!

    Take care and God bless! :-)

  8. Your beauty, Sharon, is in your authenticity! I so appreciate you...make-up or NOT!!! xo

  9. So funny! After reading your morning make-up procedure, I was wondering if you had a little window into my world! lol! But I certainly agree with Tina above. Your beauty, or part of it, is your authenticity! I would also add that your beauty is your obvious love of Christ! I see Christ in the people I meet when I see them extending the love of Christ to know, offering a kind word, a helping hand or even a listening ear. I wrote a devotional a couple of years ago called, "In the Flash of a Smile". It was about seeing Jesus in the smile of the woman who stopped her car so I could cross the road. I pray that others will see Jesus in me -- and to be drawn to Him. Blessings, Sharon!


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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