Monday, April 23, 2012


Sometimes I like to get my *think* on.

I like to think about the stuff that I can't understandthe things that literally boggle my mind.

The other night a friend and I went out to coffee. We talked about life – but we always seem to end up talking about important spiritual stuff, too. Last week we yakked about the concept of God's omnipresence.

Yeah – heavy duty.

I'm not sure what they put in those *grande frappucinos* – but it sure spurs us on to a "latte" deep conversation. (Groan...)

Omnipresence is a mind-boggler, for sure. So is the eternal existence of God – no beginning, no end. I used to lose sleep thinking about the concept of forever, too.

But our discussion led me to think about three other things that I ponder from time to time.

Ready for some science??

First of all is the existence of what scientists call "junk DNA."

DNA is the *stuff* that we're made of – the unique and individual "signature" of every cell in our bodies.

But, scientists only understand the function of about 2-5% of our total DNA:

"Presently, only the function of a few percent of the DNA is known, the rest has been believed to be "junk". The most exhaustive knowledge is about the genes responsible for the bodily structures, the structural genes, which are the simplest part of the system. But the knowledge about the most important part of this system, the regulator genes, is incomplete. The genetic code language of these genes is only partially known.

More than 98 percent of all DNA, was called "Junk DNA" by molecular biologists, because they were unable to ascribe any function to it."

So, I ponder.

Of course I have NO idea what the purpose of this DNA is – but I wonder. Could it be that something actually happened to our biological makeup after The Fall? We know all about the spiritual ramifications – but what if something happened to our bodies, too?

And someday when we are raised into incorruptible bodies – will this "junk DNA" have something to do with the process?

I don't know, but I wonder.


Another thing I wonder about is gravity.

A force that no one can deny exists – but no one really understands at all.

"But there are questions for which even Einstein had no answers.

For example, if gravity is a force that causes all matter to be attracted to all other matter, why are atoms mostly empty space inside? (There is really hardly any actual matter in an atom!) How are the forces that hold atoms together different from gravity? Is it possible that all the forces we see at work in nature are really different sides of the same basic force or structure?

We don't really know. We can define what it is as a field of influence, because we know how it operates in the universe. And some scientists think that it is made up of particles called gravitons which travel at the speed of light. However, if we are to be honest, we do not know what gravity "is" in any fundamental way - we only know how it behaves."

Whenever I see something that scientists can't explain, I think of God. Is gravity in some way the actual hand of God holding everything together?

I don't know, but I wonder.


And then, the thing that really blows my mind is something else recently discovered.

We all know from our rather rudimentary understanding that all things are made up of molecules, and their smaller counterparts, atoms. But atoms are made up of even smaller stuff, and science has been discovering even smaller (and weirder) stuff like particles, strings, and quarks.

Do not ask me to explain – just trust me that it's weird even to the people who DO understand that stuff!

But even the scientists have been puzzled by the discovery of dark matter in the universe – and its even stranger partner, dark energy.

"But recently some experts have been wondering out loud if it is time to rewrite Einstein's version of the law as it applies to the other end of the length scale, to very long distances. The motivation comes from the predominance of what is sometimes called ''the dark sector'' in the universe.

According to what has recently become a highly celebrated ''standard model,'' ordinary atoms make up only 5 percent of the ''stuff'' of the cosmos. Some kind of mysterious dark matter, perhaps consisting of elementary particles left over from the Big Bang, makes up 25 percent, while the rest -- a whopping 70 percent -- consists of something even more mysterious, known as ''dark energy.''

Obviously a theory that leaves 95 percent of the universe unexplained is less than a complete triumph.

Neither dark energy nor dark matter has been observed or detected directly. Each has been inferred from its gravitational effects on the tiny fraction of stuff we can see. As a result, some scientists have suggested that what astronomers have discovered in the last 20 years is their own ignorance of gravity.

In particular, the discovery, five years ago, that the expansion of the universe is apparently accelerating, under the influence of that dark energy, has occasioned a re-evaluation of the old certainties."

Is our great and awesome God the *energy* that explains it all? I think He is – but do I understand how? NOPE!

I don't know, but I wonder.


God has created a world and a universe that can be discovered and studied and understoodto a point. God does allow us a peek into the mysteries of creationto a point.

But there will always be something "unknowable" about our God. That's what makes Him God.

What I love about Him – (among the other million things I love) – is that He humbly chooses to reveal Himself to us.

I find it incredibly awesome that God chose to inhabit DNA, to be subject to the force of gravity on earth, to become atoms and molecules in observable matter…

God chose to be just like us, in order to save us.


Last night my friend and I didn't come up with an explanation for the concept of omnipresence(shocking, huh?!). Nor do I understand a thing about junk DNA, or gravity, or dark matter and dark energy.

But I do understand what Jesus was all about – Jesus was God choosing to reveal Himself.

So, for all the things I "get" about God – and all the things I don't understand I am grateful that He cares enough about me to show me enough to believe in Him, to trust in Him, and to live with the hope that someday I will see Him face to face.

I love His mystery, I love His revelation.

And I will spend the rest of eternity learning to know Him better and better.

What glory!


When I contemplate the mysteries of God

Almighty God,

If your nature and knowledge were not beyond human understanding, you would cease to be God. My human heart longs to know you and understand all your ways. But the truth is, I can't ever claim to fully understand you. If I did, I would be making myself equal to you in my own mind.

God, your mysteries are opportunities for faith. If I knew everything about you or your plans for my life, I wouldn't need faith. You have given me everything I need to know to believe in you and obey you.

As I contemplate your mysterious nature, please remind me of all that you HAVE chosen to reveal about who you are. You will not hold me responsible for what I don't know about you, only for what I do know - and I know that following you is a life-long adventure of discovery.

(From "365 Pocket Prayers" by Ronald A. Beers, c. 2010, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.)

"Truly, O God of Israel, our Savior, you work in mysterious ways." Isaiah 45:15

What are the mysteries about God that you ponder?

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  1. You would think this right brained blond functioning on one single cup of "dark energy" would find this post too complicated to *get* this morning. Strangely, I do get it, and I'm amazed at how this lines up a bit with the lesson I taught yesterday in SS.

  2. Now that is some heavy duty thinking Sharon. As much as I like being in the know, I'm glad that I serve a God that can't be completely understood.

  3. A wonderful post, Sharon.

    One of the mysteries about God that I sometimes ponder is, how can he be both completely righteous and completely merciful, at the same time.

    We know he manifested both of these attributes in Jesus, but it is still incomprehensible. How thankful we are that he did!

  4. Your last lines sum it up so well, Sharon. We'll get to spend forever learning all there is to learn about him; I can't imagine how that will be. I too am humbled that God humbled himself with all he did with his creation and especially with us humans!


  5. Wow! That must have been one powerful Frappucino! lol I love that God is so big and so magnificent that there is so much mystery! I also love when He chooses to reveal certain things to us the "light goes on"! I am humbled before Him, but so blessed to be considered one of His! Blessings, Joan

  6. I'm so glad you directed me to this post! Science nerds UNITE! ;) I think the revelation of God in the miniscule and the massive is just TOO.COOL. I love the idea of the "forces" on earth being God's hand holding it all together. The example that really got me when I was delving into all of this was the deep-dwelling fish that by scientific standards shouldn't be able to withstand the pressure of water miles beneath the surface...and yet, it does. That's God - who cares enough about even a bottom-dwelling fish to equip it fulfill its purpose here on earth. *chills* By the way, I think they should rename "dark energy". That's a little too sinister. :) Love this post, friend! Hope you have a blessed day!


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