Monday, April 16, 2012


That is the question.

Seriously, this is what I've been pondering the last few days.


Lots of reasons – I'm busy, I'm tired, I'm dried up with ideas…

I feel prunish, raisinly, jerkified…(yes, these are all new words in Webster's Dictionary – Sharon Webster, that is).

So, I've been sorely tempted to stop blogging. Maybe for a little bit, maybe for good.

But, I can't.

You know why??

God doesn't seem to want me to stop.

I get the (very) distinct feeling – it actually feels more like a prodding – that I am to continue on. Mostly so God can keep speaking to ME through this venue.

So OK, God – since I'm sitting here with nothing to talk about, what is it YOU want to say today?

Why don't you share that verse you read on someone's blog this morning?

Ah, yes…let's do that.

"I will watch over and care for them, and I will bring them back here again. I will build them up and not tear them down. I will plant them and not uproot them." (Jeremiah 24:6)

Why did this verse jump out at me so much?

Well, because I applied it to my sons.

Both of my guys are stepping into new leadership roles this week at our church. And I can see the enemy coming up against them. It's been hard to watch.

I want to step in there and fight for them.

After all, they're not as *seasoned* in the faith as I am. They're a bit more taken aback by the devil's full frontal assaults. And they're more susceptible to his more subtle weapons like deceit and discouragement.

I want to do their battles.

But, painfully, I have realized that their battles are theirs to fight.

If truth be told, sometimes I can barely fight my own battles. And sometimes I don't even put on my own armor – I often stay in my spiritual pajamas.

Warrior Mom would be a great example – Wimpy Mom, not so much.

So, I've spent some time on my knees this week. It's the only place I know where to go.

How I've prayed for my boys, how I've groaned with the Lord over their hurts and disappointments. I've celebrated their new opportunities, but ached over the spiritual growing pains that come along with God's purposes.

But…this morning…I read that verse.

And found peace.

This past week I have been learning at a deeper level that God really can and will take care of my sons. And I can rest in that fact.

I've got a great story to explain to you how that feels.

Many years ago, both boys had hamsters for pets. Hampton and Snugglebunch. Well, one day we noticed that Snugglebunch had a weird skin "thing" on his back. It kept getting bigger…fast.

This, of course, happened the week before we were to go on vacation.

I remember calling my mom, who was going to take care of feeding the hammies while we were gone.

"Mom, what am I going to do?"

I can vividly remember her telling me – "Just give the hamsters to me, and I'll take care of everything."

I can so remember the total sense of relief that I felt. I knew that my mom would do everything that needed to be done, and that everything would be done perfectly – I could trust her.

I left on vacation with a light heart, and not a second thought that all wouldn't be well.

I'm beginning to feel that way about God.

It's hard enough letting go of your own *stuff* and trusting God to take care of it all. But releasing those little offspring of mine, even though they're all grown-up – well…you moms know what that's like.

But reading this verse brings such comfort, such promise.

Here's how I break it down.

"I will watch over and care for them" – Sharon, it is Me, the great I AM who will do the watching. I will care for them. Remember, I love them even more than you do.

"I will bring them back here again" – I will make sure that they return to a place of strength and power and hope again. I will not let them be taken by the enemy.

"I will build them up and not tear them down" – I may test them, but I will not destroy them. I will do what it takes to build their faith, but I will not give them more than they can endure.

"I will plant them and not uproot them" – Sharon, they are firmly held in My hand. I will cause their roots to grow deep. I will not let their faith be choked out by the weeds of this world.

Sharon, let go.

Yes, my sons have their own journeys to follow. Their faith is becoming their own relationships with their Heavenly Father.

And I can trust God to take care of them – every step of the way.

Hmm…looks like it's important for me to keep blogging. God does indeed have things to say to me!

(Sidenote: The end of the hamster story? When I returned home from vacation, my mother had spent a couple of hundred dollars to have the vet remove the growth! Only my mom would pay for a hamster to have surgery! That is love…)

What (or whom) is God calling you to release to His care today?

(Much thanks to Peggy, my dear friend, for her dedication to the Word of God. Read her post of promises here)

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  1. Yes, keep on blogging. You are such an encourager.

  2. "I feel prunish, raisinly, jerkified" - I know they are words - but why do you feel that way - I know you are pulled about time - but what else is happening girl? sandie

  3. I understand that feeling of empty but indeed you have much to share. I was blessed by the insight you shared.

  4. Oh, so glad you're blogging, my sister! How mightily the Lord has used your ruminations in my life this year to build my faith - and help me scale some mountains. But, as you know - just as you get over one mountain - you have a re st and there is another looming in the distance. But, so glad He gives us hinds feet!! And, blogging buddies!!!

  5. Hi Sharon,

    I do hope you will not stop blogging, you always have something valuable to say. I like it when God speaks to me, through me, or my writings. However, I know what you mean about feeling tired and dry and blogging not being so easy as it once was.

    Take Care, many blessings - Nita

  6. I can idenify with trying to protect your children as if we could do a better job than God...but we try. I may think they are not as equipped to do battle as I am but if they never go to war how will they ever get strong enough to stand...okay I started preaching to myself right there. Great scripture reference and I also hope you do not stopping blogging...just saying.

  7. I saw your post on another blogsite. I had to come because I struggle with blogging for the fact I'm not a blogger as much as I am a communicator. Sometimes I get hung up on having things "just so" in a post. I'm glad I stopped by here. Blessings to you!

  8. I think it is neat that you sons are moving into different roles at church; awesome growth, but I do know when we are making progress for the kingdom, that is when we are under attack the most. Just cover them with prayers and remember he who is in us is greater than the one in the world; Jesus always wins!

    I'd miss you if you didn't blog; blog breaks are good things though if you feel stressed for a bit with writing, etc.


  9. Well, you know what I need to trust into the Lord's hands--it's my sons as well. Only they are not involved in church. So I have a greater stretch to go but the verse does bring peace.
    Keep writing. The Lord has a lot to say through you, my dear friend.

  10. I hope you don't stop blogging.

    That said, I love that verse more than words can express and intend to post in, memorize, and and make it part of my very heart. It's exactly the verse of scripture that I needed.

  11. And I have now adopted raisinly and jerified into my vernacular. That's exactly... EXACTLY how I feel.

  12. Oh Sharon! Just this morning I was bent over in prayer for my children. Everything is "fine" with them, only they are not close to the Lord like they were when they were teens. I pray every day, knowing that God loves them even more than I do. So, when I read the verse you posted as I was eating my breakfast (yes, Sharon Sharing God and breakfast...a great combination!) I started to cry (good tears). Thank you, Sharon for your encouragement this morning! Love, Joan

  13. I want you to keep blogging. (o:
    God told me to tell you that. (o:


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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