Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A poem from me to you:


It’s Christmas again, but something is wrong
The days are frantic, the lines are long,
We’re caught up in the frenzy, the mad dash for stuff
Even though every purchase is never enough.

Like mice in a maze, we scramble the floors
Spirits sinking, while our credit debt soars,
We fret over shopping, getting just the right gift
While forgetting that inside, our hearts are adrift.

We’re supposed to be happy, full of good cheer
But something is missing at this time of year,
We’re angry, and stressed, and oftentimes sad
And we end our days just feeling bad.

Isn’t it time that we learned to stand still
And ponder the things that truly fulfill,
So look beyond the holiday ado
And open your mind to the world around you.

There are greater things on earth than things
There is beauty that makes the empty heart sing,
There’s the sun that warms your smiling face
The wind that brings a soft embrace.

The mighty ocean, and mountains tall
Sunsets, wildflowers, an eagle’s call,
There’s the joy of touch, the gift of laughter
These are the treasures we’re truly after.

All good things come from above
From the Creator of all, the God who brought love,
He is the one who gives Christmas its meaning
With His wonderful work of man’s great redeeming.

So amidst the holiday toil and strife
Remember the importance of one newborn’s life,
And while frantically buying those presents to give
Remember He came so that you could live.

There are greater things on earth than things
There is Someone who makes the empty heart sing.

© Sharon Kirby
December 21, 2004

BLOG = "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. Wonderful!!

    You are so correct, and it's difficult to get off the ridiculous merry go round, too. Even if you TRY to keep it simple and slow, it just seems that you get sucked in to what man has made of Christmas.

    If Satan steals our joy, then what we are doing is not of God.

    Great poem.

  2. Hi Sharon

    This is an excellent poem with such form!

    La La La La - it sings with its rhythm and truth. Yes, I vote for it!

    Interesting that the Lord had you to post a poem today because a couple of days ago He gave me a poem but told me not to post it until today. Before doing so, the Lord led me here and you have a poem posted! Again, He proves that He has His sheep on one accord. Our Shepherd He is - indeed.

    My poem, "SON KISSED" does not sing as does yours but it least it spoke to me...and I believe that our Lord will have it speak to others, as well.

  3. What a fantastic poem that often times describes us way too well! But what encouragement to remember the true Reason for the Season. Blessings to you.

  4. What a wonderful poem! I needed this as I head out for my hectic day today!

    Sweet Christmas Blessings!

  5. Beautiful poem, Sharon, very timely reminder too!


  6. The blog before this that I read - wrote about the same thing! How true it is at this time of year.

    It is Happy BIrthday Jesus - right?


  7. Debbie - You bet! It's WAY too easy to get caught up in the craziness. I think this season requires "intentional" living - where we are constantly mindful of WHY we celebrate, WHO we celebrate, and WHAT really matters. Satan will always try to steal joy - especially at this time of year. BOO HISS and BAH HUMBUG on him...

    Sandra - I loved your poem. Read it earlier today, and it blessed me so. Yes, I have often smiled at how God seems to get many of us blogging on the same train of thought. He is indeed a great Shepherd - keeping His sheep on one accord, as you so thoughtfully said! It seems He has a way of getting out HIS message - aren't you glad?!

    Joyfull - Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked this little reminder. I wrote this poem a long time ago - but found that I needed the reminder again this year! The ONLY reason for the season, is the Savior - the One who makes the heart sing!

    Jackie - I'm so glad you stopped by today! In the midst of your "hectic" day, I just know that you are also serving and praising the Lord. And THAT'S what it's all about!

    Betty - Thanks. Like I've said before, I write what I NEED to hear, and if others are encouraged and blessed - icing on the cake! (Looked at the weather forecast - looks like we're going to be getting rain for like a week - YUCK!)

    Sandie - Yup, last time I checked it WAS Happy Birthday, JESUS. Not "Hey, Buy Me...Now" It's just so easy to get carried away by all the hype. I think I'd just like to be like a shepherd right now, and see that beautiful star in the sky...and follow.

    Thanks for stopping by - I know everyone's busy, but I really appreciate your kind comments!


  8. Hi Sharon,

    Great poem, thanks for sharing. Hugs from England, Nita

  9. Sharon, we definitely were thinking along the same lines yesterday. I love this poem. May we not loose sight of what matters most during this season and each day of our lives.

  10. Nita - Thanks, and I'm glad you liked the poem. It's always a pleasure to share with my friends! Hugs back to you!

    Wanda - Yes, we were. I love when God does that! Keeping our eyes open to the IMPORTANT, always a challenge - but especially this time of year! If we can just remember how helpless we are without God, that will help us SEE things correctly!!



"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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