Thursday, December 2, 2010



It happened so fast…

“The Hub” and I just spent five days up in the mountains. Not camping this time – we stayed in a rental. Cold weather, warm fireplace…perfect!

So, as we’re leaving Monday morning, I do a “perimeter check” on the outside of the house – just to make sure that all the lights are turned off, and all the doors are locked. (I come from a looonnng line of people with OCD “Check, check, check” is our family motto. Just sayin’…)

Anyway, it had snowed one night when we were up there, and the ground was VERY icy. (Read slippery, treacherous, “fall on your behind” icy…)

So, I’m watching my feet – and hurrying a bit because non-OCD husband is in the car (with the engine running), just barely tolerating my check-check-checking. I quickly whip around a corner of the house, and WHAM!!!

I ran right into a thorn bush!

I immediately felt this sharp pain on my face. I tentatively felt where the branch had whipped into my face, looked at my hand, and was surprised at the sight of blood!

Goodness…MY blood!

I quickly made my way back to the car, and holding my hand up to my face, said to “The Hub” – “I’m hurt…”

He instantly turned into “Mr. Hero Man” and brought several Kleenexes over to me. We assessed the damage. Somewhere in between stitches and a paper cut – but boy, did it bleed for the longest time. And it was PAINFUL…

I recovered after placing pressure on my “wound” for about 10 minutes – (a little waterless soap was helpful too – extremely painful – but helpful).
I survived the ordeal. I can’t say the same for the thorn bush. Let’s just say it gave its life for the cause of mulch…

Actually, there isn’t much to see beyond a couple of really nice cuts by my nose. They are easily covered up with makeup (vanity, thy name is me…). But, boy oh boy, it still stings REALLY badly…

This pain reminded me of Someone else’s pain…

It reminded me of a crown made out of thorns.

I imagined going back to that awful day. I pictured some smart-aleck yanking out a thorn bush branch. Taking his rough hands and crudely fashioning a makeshift crown.

“Oh, this is perfect,” he chuckles to himself. “A ‘crown’ for the King of Jews!”

I can see him showing it to his buddies – everyone getting a laugh out of how funny it was going to be to see it on the head of the Innocent One.

They laugh at the irony – never seeing the mockery they were making of the Truth.

And when they jammed it on the head of Jesus – I can only imagine how much it must have hurt!! I have an inkling of that pain, because of my two small cuts. It had to have been excruciating.

A crown of thorns.

Only one of the horrors, the humiliations suffered by our Savior that day.

And yet, He has taken that crown of thorns and used it for another purpose for the purpose of His healing salvation.

I can picture Him calling me to His side.

“Come. Hold out your arms, and don’t be afraid.”

I hold out my arms. And Jesus takes a drop of blood from the crown, and traces letters on one arm with His finger.

“This spells RANSOMED. I came and ransomed you. May you always know that you were purchased with great cost.

And then He takes another drop of blood from the crown, and traces letters on my other arm with His finger.

“This spells REDEEMED. I have freed you from the consequences of your disobedience. I have made good a promise. May you always know that you are no longer obligated to pay your debt of sin.”

And then Jesus places the crown of thorns on His head, and an amazing, miraculous thing happens. It turns instantly into a golden crown.

Jesus, the King, the Everlasting Rescuer, the Bearer of our Pain…

A crown of thorns.

When was the last time you thanked Him, really thanked Him, for His pain?

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  1. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for this illustration that reminds us of the suffering of our blessed Savior for us. Your piece reminded me of the pain that He endured as a pure innocent Savior. Such love to sacrifice for us. He came down to save us ingrates! Thank you, Lord.

    Yes, Sharon, we need to remember Calvary and why we have what we have - the pure love of our GOD, His Son and the comfort of the Holy Ghost from whence we receive power from on high. On the record: Thank You Almighty GOD, JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT. I am so grateful to You. Praise Your awesome and amazing name!!!

  2. Loving this one.

    Sorry about the thorn bush, btw, but what a beautiful post it inspired. Remember when you pray for inspiration that our God is the original creator. Hence, that inspiration will come in very creative ways.

    I love the picture of the thorns turning into a golden crown. Perhaps a golden LAUREL wreath? Wouldn't that be awesome. After all, He is not only our King but our Victory as well.

    Great post.
    Sorry about the boo boo.

  3. poor you Sharon! ouch with the thorns!! hoping you are feeling better with it and everything is healing up

    I don't thank Jesus often enough as I should, but I do remember what he went through for me and my sins, being ridiculed, mocked, despised, tortured, crucified because of my sins and being willing to do that. Just mind blowing. He chose to do that. I've been thinking a lot these days of what God chooses. He chooses to love us, he chooses to forgive, etc. Such wonderful actions. I want to model that in how I treat others. To choose to love them regardless of how they might be treating me, etc. He truly is an amazing Savior and God!


  4. beautiful parallel...hope your cut heal quickly!

  5. Ouch, indeed! How painful that must have been for you . . . and how much more so for our Savior. Bless His Name for being willing to suffer that agony. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Oh my goodness - first of all I hope you are doing better. Ouch that has to hurt. And I know this for when I see pictures of Jesus with his crown of thorns it makes me cry from the pain he endured.



  7. We just decorated our church for Christmas and have a manger, a gold crown and a crown of thorns in one corner of the sanctuary. The combination brought tears to my eyes. Such suffering for a sinner like me, what a gift to have been given.

  8. Sandra - I love that you used the word "ingrates." It is pretty wonderful that Jesus died for a motley crew of mumbling, ungrateful sinners...including me! I join you in praising His awesome Name!

    Debbie - A laurel wreath! I love that image. He is our King AND our Victory! As much as I love all the "warrior/battle" language in the Bible, I also love the "athlete/race" images. I can just picture Jesus wearing HIS laurel wreath, standing there handing out laurel wreaths to all of us. Oh, to hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

    Betty - I'm fine. I really like what you had to say. I used to think that Jesus' death on the cross was kind of a "slam-dunk" for Him. Yes, it was horrible and painful - but the fact of Him dying was never in question because He was God. However, being also fully human, it makes sense that He would have a CHOICE. Otherwise, why would Satan have tempted Him? So, to think that Jesus CHOSE to die - when He didn't HAVE to - that is truly mind-blowing, indeed!

    Mariel - I'm healing fine. Everything except my dignity! Glad you liked this parallel. I just couldn't help but see it - and be grateful.

    Glowin Girl - I needed the reminder, too. And just felt that I had to share it. It is an amazing Lord that we worship. So unselfish, so gracious - the very definition of LOVE.

    Sandie - I'm OK. Have you ever seen the movie "The Passion"? I have yet been unable to bring myself to see it. On the one hand, I feel almost like I owe it to Jesus to really experience visually what He suffered. And yet, I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle the brutality. I'm kinda sensitive to those kinds of images. Suffice it to say, that I'm with you - every time I see a picture of Him with His crown of thorns, it makes me inconsolably sad. Because He's wearing that crown for me. But there are tears of joy in that too. WHEW!

    Anita - How very cool! I hope you took pictures of it! I think it's very awesome that someone in your church had the creative imagination to put all three of those images together. A baby, a Savior, a King. Praise God that our Lord Jesus Christ is all three!!

    I am with all of you, at the feet of the cross - bowing in adoration and gratitude for a humble Savior who wore a crown of thorns...for me.


  9. Powerful! Thank you for sharing this story and reminding us what a special gift we have received from Christ!

    Thank you Lord for enduring such agonizing pain for me so that I may be redeemed!

  10. Alisa - We have indeed received the MOST SPECIAL gift from Jesus. And my story only has power, because of the powerful work accomplished on the cross on our behalf. His pain was excruciating - a word whose "root" comes from the same word as crucifixion. His pain - our eternal gain. Praise God!!


  11. Great reminder, Sharon. I've missed your posts. They are so funny and yet so full of meaning! We can never thank Him enough for the sacrifice He made or the pain He endured on our behalf.

    Glad you're back.


  12. Janis - Thanks for your kind comment. And thanks for the email. I'll get back to you soon. Tonight I'm fighting a cold, so I'm heading to bed early. Anyway, it's great to hear from you again, too. Your friendship is a blessing to me.

    I agree - we can never thank Him enough for what He's done. And sometimes when I look at the many things I've done wrong in my life, I can only stand back in awe at His willingness to bear pain like that for someone like me.

    A precious Savior, indeed!


  13. Ohhhh...Sharon, so sorry for your run-in with the thorn bush! Your words were a wonderful reminder of what Jesus suffered on my behalf! xoxo

  14. Tina - Thanks, buddy. No harm done - dignity suffered, face OK. And heart blessed by a wonderful reminder from God about the gift of His salvation for me (and all of us!)



"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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