Monday, November 19, 2012


…sting like a bee.

For those of you who aren't sports fans, this is a quote from heavyweight boxer, Muhammad Ali.

However, it's rather an apt sentiment for this post.  

Let me start at the beginning – (kinda logical, huh?!)

Last week, I decided to go outside to do my daily Bible reading/devotional time.  It was just so beautiful, sunny and warman appropriate setting to meditate on the Lord.

Shortly after I arrived, I saw the most wonderful sight – a butterfly.

Now some of you know that I have attached a sort of spiritual meaning to butterflies.  Every time I see them, I think of them as a sign of the Lord's presence.  A way for Him to say to me, "I'm here!"

And these appearances always seem to happen in the most *coincidental* ways.   (You can read about that here).

I smiled.

"Hello, Lord," I thought to myself.  "Good to have You here."

I felt a peace.

God was here, with me…

Of course, less than 10 minutes later, my bliss was disturbed.

You see, I was thoughtfully joined by a rather annoying pest (no, not "The Hub") – it was a yellow jacket.  

He kept buzzing around, dive-bombing my head.  I swatted him away with my journal, and he landed on the ground beside me.  I could tell that he was stunned, and I contemplated stomping him and killing him and eliminating his aggravating buzz-business.

But, I hate killing things – so I demurred.

I went inside for a few minutes, and when I returned I was no longer joined by my nectar-nibbling varmint.  

Yay, I thought – he's gone.

A few minutes later, it started to get cooler, and so I decided to put my flannel shirt back on.

All of a sudden…


Do you know that that (stupid) yellow jacket was hiding (lurking) in my sleeve and had the (unabashed) audacity to sting me???

Bliss ended.

Ice packs, ibuprofen, pain, and then incessant itching followed.  Yes, itching.  Though I am not anaphylactically allergic (is that a word?  It is now…) – I am evidently fairly allergic to the venom.  I have not itched that much since I had chicken pox.

Later that evening, as I pondered – 'cuz you know I’m gonna ponder – I was reminded of a good lesson.

Yes, the Lord is with me all the time.  My dear little butterfly reminded me of that wonderfully comforting Truth.

But, Mr. Yellow Jacket reminded me of another truth – that someone else is always with me too.  

That old enemy is always looking to bring me down.  And sometimes he isn't a devouring lionsometimes he doesn't roar like that.  Sometimes he's just looking to stinghe knows that buzzing can be quite effective too.

Sure, he delights in the *big* Christian attack and the ensuing meltdown.  But sometimes he's also happy just to ruin a peaceful moment.

Two truths for us, fellow believers.  

God is with us, and the enemy hunts us.

And let's make sure that while we're looking for the lion, we don't miss the yellow jacket.

(Note to self:  Given the chance to stomp and eliminate a threat – take it!)

Have you gotten "stung" lately?

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Sorry you were stung, I was stung in the same way, when Karen my eldest was a baby, sat up in bed to feed her and yes a wasp was in the sleeve of the cardigan. Great spiritual lesson you have shared here too, I love butterflies, but you are so right, God is with us always, but we should be looking out for the spiritual attacks, whatever shape and size they are.

    God Bless - Nita

  2. What a great lesson to learn in the midst of the sting. Too often we are only looking for those big things and we miss the ways the enemy can cause harm through the stings as well. Hope you and your family enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I have been blessed with butterflies at just the right time too...a gift for sure. I love hen God reveals himself to me...I feel that way about comets, they seem like His handwriting. But I agree with your warnings, "God is with us, and the enemy hunts us.

  4. Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy did I EVER need this one this morning! I mean, seriously. It isn't even 6:30, and I have already been stung. No kidding.

    Loved it and glad so see a vintage Sharon post.

    If I don't get around again, Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Ooooooooo Sharon... Stung??? me? never or daily (whichever)

    I'm so sorry that that bugger climbed in your sleeve and surprised you and worse, stung you! Ouch!

    But I love dropping by and reading a Butterfly message from you and Him ...inspirational as always! Your spiritual connections always bless me, my floating butterfly, filled with so many
    wonderful insights and rich wisdom usually with your charm and humor (but this was not so funny)!!! I have so many moments in my entire life when I'm enjoying the beauty of God and the moment to have it interrupted by the enemy's roost or sting! He gets those jabs in there alone or through someone else. Sometimes it's so blatantly him that you could stop cold in your tracks and SWAT him.

    I hope you have many more beautiful nature moments and less of the stings. Enjoy a wonderful THANKSGIVING week!

    In Christ and Him alone ... peace, love and BIG HUG,

  6. An excellent post, my friend! This truth is so simple...yet one that I need reminding of on a regular basis. The stings of late have added such distraction to my life...and yet, God is with us (me)! Thanks for the beautiful illustration ;).

  7. Well, you had me feeling a bit guilty about the yellow jacket stomping. I would have done it in a trice! So sorry it came back and got ya - miserable creature! But, an apt lesson for us all. Don't you love it when the Lord uses your life as the object lesson for the week? Hope all is mended. May your Thanksgiving be filled with butterflies, milady.

    Many thanks for your sweet wishes on Bethany's wedding. Still floating a bit - but what a conflict of emotions in this empty nest thingy!



"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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