Monday, August 12, 2013


OK, I just wanna know…

Is there anyone else out there who feels like they could just crawl up into a corner and sob their eyes out?

For no particular reason?

Most of the time I can pinpoint some sort of "event" that precipitates a crying jag.  But sometimes my emotions just plain baffle me.

Like tonight.

Tears have been threatening to spill over all day long.  Sure, I'm a bit overtired, a bit overwhelmed, a bit overwrought.  But honestly, what is the deal?

Female feelings are fickle things.

They can be *up* and *down* and all over the place – often in the very same day.  And it doesn't seem to me that menopause has "cured" any of it.  

Holly Hormone and her bossy band of various insanities still rule many days.

So, here I am tonight.

Weepy – sitting next to a box of Kleenex.

Does anyone understand?

I'm thinking that I'm not alone.

But I'm also thinking about Someone else who cried.

When I was a little girl, I remember learning about the Bible.  I liked learning about all the little *trivia* things about it.  Like how the longest book in the Bible is Psalms, and the shortest is 2 John.

I remember learning that the shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35:

"Jesus wept."

At the time I thought that was kinda cool. 

But now I'm thinking – oh wow, Jesus actually cried...

...just like me.

That really is an amazing thing.

First of all, Jesus' body made actual tears.  Salty, drippy tears.  Tears manufactured in a body that was human – totally. 

Second, Jesus cried because He experienced emotions.  Real, strong emotions.  Emotions felt in a heart that was human – totally.

And you know what's so VERY cool about that?

The fact that the God of the Universe cries.

I've heard various *theories* about why He cried.  He was sad that his friend, Lazarus, had died.  He was moved by the grief of others.  He was frustrated with their unbelief.  He was chagrined that He would have to bring Lazarus from a place of peace back to this fallen world, only for him to have to die again at some point.  He was grief-stricken at the sorrow sin brings.

But, for me, it doesn't really matter WHY He wept – what matters to me is THAT He wept.

I don't know – that just gives me a warm feeling.

Am I happy that God feels sad or heartbroken sometimes – (and often at my expense)?

Of course not!

I'm just glad that He feels...

It is so very comforting to have a God who understands.

And in that very shortest verse in the Bible – Jesus wept – I think the entire Gospel can be found.

Think about it.

God saw His beloved creatures, He saw their lostness, their helplessness, and it touched His heart deeply.  So deeply that He did something about it.

Yeah, those tears represent a God who CARED.

So, here I am sitting in my little corner, feeling like crying for no particular reason.  Feeling a little lost in my emotions, a little isolated.

But not alone.

Jesus wept.

So He knows.  He gets it.

He gets me.

OK, now I'm shedding tears of joy at how very deeply I am loved.

Hand me some more Kleenex…

Not a teardrop goes unnoticed. 

"You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book." (Psalm 56:8, NLT)

"Hear my prayer, LORD, listen to my cry for help; do not be deaf to my weeping." (Psalm 39:12, NIV)

'"This is what the LORD…says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will heal you…'" (2 Kings 20:5, NLT)

How are you comforted by the truth that Jesus wept?

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  1. Sharon...yes, I have had days like that where I am just "weepy". Sometimes I don't understand but I know God does. Isn't it awesome that God made his son to feel He can understand us...that is the only way He could...He's been there! Oh how comforting to know that there isn't anything Jesus doesn't understand about our humanness!

    By the way...I love those bottles!

    Have a bless day!


  2. Obviously, no reply necessary.

  3. It IS comforting to know that God understands us and can say, "I know what you are feeling." Passing your devotional along via Facebook.

    1. Sharon, I received many good comments on your post when I posted a link to it on my facebook page. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to minister to others.

  4. So sorry you are weepy. Yes, I understand. There are times when commercials on TV make me cry. But seriously, I think our sensitivities are there for a reason most of the time...we are just more sensitive sometimes. Perhaps it is a cleansing we need to experience and a time to just lay at God's feet.

  5. I like Parsley's comment! I agree that we, as the female gender, were made to be more nurturing and emotionally sensitive. Even though we often feel like something is wrong when we get emotional over the smallest things or cry for no reason, I do believe that this is part of how God made us! I struggle with this also. We need to embrace our sensitive hearts rather than think there must be something wrong with me.
    In His Love, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  6. Oh Sharon, I have those days where anything can seem to bring me to tears. Actually I think I tend to cry to easy most of the time. But there is comfort in knowing that Jesus experienced the same sort of feelings as us.

  7. HI Sharon! Oh my goodness, of course I know what you mean. How beautiful that you were able to think about Jesus and his tears. His life blesses us, and yours blesses his, even in your tears.

    You have had it tough lately too, don't discount what you have been through. It all adds up sometimes.

    Maybe Chippie the Munk will come by and say 'hi'??


  8. As recently as today... and every word you said hits me the same way. I am so comforted that Jesus understands me, and feels my emotions. Beautifully said, as always Sharon.

    I think the green bottle might be mine!

  9. Hi Sharon, Yes I get it. Have had a few of those days and it is a comfort to know that Jesus wept and also that my tears and yours are bottled by Him. I don't much like crying especially in front of anyone other than Jesus, but I do know sometimes it can be very theraputic. Sending your smiles and hugs.

  10. Cry for a while, but wipe away those tears and smile because God is good and his mercy is everlanding

  11. I totally understand sis, love you.

  12. Hi Sharon...I'm coming over from Hear It on Sunday and totally understand your tears. I have them too. Thanks for sharing this reminder of how God cares for us so deeply. Beautiful job!

  13. Thank you for sharing at "Tell me a Story." He will wipe away all our tears. The tears we shed for the lost - - and intercession for others.

  14. Hi Sharon, yes I completely understand. I think it is women who solely keep kleenex in business!!!! And I too am grateful that Jesus understands us and feels as we do for and with us. Great post my friend and I loved the bottles at the bottom, not one tear goes amiss
    God bless

  15. Yes, our emotions can be beyond our understanding at times, can't they...I've been there. I'm so glad they are never beyond God's understanding.
    Bless you!

  16. So glad to see you find refuge in the shortest verse in the Bible. I think all of us, as women have been where you are at, and understand. Blessings, Jen from UNITE

  17. That He collects my tears - each salty droplet is an imtiate thing - and it seems to show just how big his love is - and how hands on it is. He also created us with tear-ducts - He knew our emotional selves would need to spill outward - and He gave us a built-in relief valve. I've felt kind of weepy and overwhelmed lately. I am so glad He knows what my tears mean:) Loved your post - pass the tissues!

  18. Oh Sharon!
    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about...I go through a LOT of Kleenex, and so do any of the women friends who come to visit here...I keep a box at the kitchen table where we visit...Hormones or not...It just goes to show that a woman's heart is very close to God's own heart...we feel...and just like Jesus, we feel DEEPLY! As Martha would say "It's a good thing".
    BTW: I am crying NOW...Sometimes we just need to let the tears fall, even if we do not know why...It is cleansing.
    ~Blessings and love~ Lisa

  19. Yes! I cry a lot. I'm a crier. My husband can ask why I am crying and somedays, I'm not able to verbalize why I am crying because I honestly don't know. But it is so comforting to know that our God knows our needs and as you said, weeps! Great post!


  20. Yes, Sharon - I often feel that I am a tissue away from a good cry - sobs, in fact. I feel a sense of grief for the condition of the world and the warp speed that we are whirling in to the end of times. It is a horror to me to read the newspaper. We don't have cable - haven't for years - because I can't handle the contemporary entertainment industry without being overwhelmed with grief and anger and a tremendous sense of loss. I think that is what Jesus felt looking over the city. I'm in good company when I feel it - and so are you.


  21. Crying has increased...weeping has expanded recently. Knowing the Lord was filled with sorrow and sadness, too, is a bit of an encourager that I'm not plain-old insane, too picky.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding.

  22. I've had days like this. Days where nothing in particular is wrong, yet I feel on the verge of tears. Yes, Jesus wept. And more so that His own tears, He knows our heart and understands our tears.

    Thanks for linking up with Woman to Woman's Word Filled Wednesday!

  23. We all understand. I cry. A lot. For no particular reason. A lot. It really is a release. Our bodies absorb so much; tears are a positive, cleansing way of releasing the pressure. I can't explain it, I only know that I'm grateful for the tears and for a Savior who understands the wetness of our lives. Go ahead. Cry a little. I'm with you, friend.

  24. I love to cry. I wish I was there right now with you and we could cry together. It is such a release. Isn't Jesus personal that way? Amazing how He shows up at these times and loves us just the way we are!

  25. Oh wow....what a great blog - I never really "connected" before in that manner over the fact that Jesus wept...but you're so right!

    I've been there too with the crying spells - both before, during and after menopause - and I understand the feeling so much. Sometimes I seem to cry so easily and it irritates me so much.

    But if Jesus not only cry - but WEPT - then why should it not be ok for me to cry when I need to - know what I mean?

    Thanks so much for the insight.

    By the way - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bottles - that was what drew me to pick your blog to check out first before others.

  26. Sharon, I fully I understand just where you are coming from with this post.
    The times when I do become overwhelmed. I go to the Lord in a quite place, and say, 'Excuse me Lord, I just want to have a good cry'.

    Quite a few of the times, I don't even know why I want to cry, but it releases a lot of emotion and I do so with the Lord and I feel His comfort and compassion. At those times He may speak to me about the situation or even tell me why I am crying!

    As a single woman it is at those special times that I KNOW that God is my husband, just as He states in Isaiah 54:5

    God Bless you more x

  27. Good morning Sharon,oh yes being a woman can complicate our lives at times! My heart warms to see how you worked your way through even though feelings were working overtime! I'm glad I stopped and I wish you joy unspeakable and full of glory! I love this blog too! :)

  28. I kept trying to read, but honestly your photos kept drawing me. They are wonderful. So glad I stopped by from Faith Filled Friday.

  29. Thank you for this Sharon! Unfortunately, "Holly Hormone" is a very close friend of mine as well. I really appreciate your verses at the end of your post! They are so comforting and healing.

  30. I totally get it, but right now there are sooooooooooooo many reasons for me to cry. Some are wonderful reasons and some are from struggles. This past week God kept reminding me of this verse over and over have written exactly what was in my heart and spirit. This verse has been bringing comfort to me as I weep.

  31. I have felt like that many times Sharon. Hope all things are better now.

  32. I feel like this so often when I think of my baby growing up. I just love childhood so incredibly much. The later years scare me a little. Thank you for sharing your heart.


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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