Tuesday, November 9, 2010


“Are we there yet?”

Oh...the four most dreaded words on a family road trip. Actually, the second most dreaded words. I’d have to give first place to, “My tummy feels funny…”

“Are we there yet??”

Now, there’s a childhood “art” in saying these words. There are many rules for a proper delivery:

1. Use your whining voice.

2. Make the word “yet” at least five syllables long.

3. Have an appropriately scrunched-up, semi-mad, pouting face.

4. Kick the back of the seat in front of you while saying it.

5. Hit your sibling(s) while you say it (only child? See #4, and throw something).

6. And never, ever forget this one – Wait five minutes, and then say it again!

(Alternative to the five-minute thing – you can say it several times, right in a row – Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet...)

Is there any parent out there knowing what I’m talking about???

I can’t blame kids – time passes slowly when you’re anxious to get to a destination. Their excitement is hard to contain. It’s hard to be cooped up in a car, mile after mile – an eternity in their eager little minds.

But, we’re not so different…

Do you ever tire of waiting for the “Day of the Lord” to come? Do you sometimes feel impatient for God’s perfect eternity to arrive? Does it seem like it’s such a long, long wait?

Are we there yet?

Even in the first century, people were waiting. They thought Jesus’ return was imminent. Imagine how surprised they would have been if they had known that two thousand years later, we’d be joining them in the long, long wait.

Do you ever lose hope – just a little bit?

What’s taking God so long?

He’s waiting – He’s graciously, lovingly, wisely waiting…

“The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent…our Lord’s patience gives people time to be saved.”
(2 Peter 3:9, 15)

And we have a job to do while we’re waiting…

We must not just sit around. We must realize that time is short – and our work is important.

“And so, dear friends, while you are waiting for these things to happen, make every effort to be found living peaceful lives that are pure and blameless in his sight.” (2 Peter 3: 14)

Be ready to meet Jesus anytime, even today…yet, plan your life, your course of action, your ministry as though He may not return for many years.

Are we there yet?

No, but we WILL BE…and then the long, long wait will have been worth EVERYTHING!

BLOG = “Blessedly Leaning On God!”


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Excellent blog, thank you for sharing. Thank you also for your visit and encouraging comments. It is good to know others can relate to our feelings and I guess it is only by sharing them (which I sometimes hesitate to do, although I am getting better at it) that we find this out.

    God Bless you - you are a blessing, Nita.

  2. Hi Sharon -

    Praise the Lord! Amen to this. I especially liked your last sentence, "No, but we WILL BE..."

    We all have our "moments" of weariness but GOD is able to console, assure and comfort us.

    This piece reminds me of this scripture, "And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come." - Luke 19:13 (KJV)

  3. I am so glad the Lord is slow suffering and doesn't want anyone to perish :) I think we all hope we will be the generation that Jesus comes back in but I know his timing will be the best. There's been some seasons though when we have been going through some hard struggles that I said on more than on occasion "it would be really nice if Jesus chose today to come back" but again, his timing is always perfect! And whenever he does, what a joyful day that will be!


  4. LOL About the "Are we there yet?". I remember asking that..... :)

    I'm waiting for Jesus, not very patiently, but I'm waiting... :)

  5. Beautiful and encouraging word. It is
    sometimes very hard to wait AND be at
    peace. But with Him it is possible.

  6. Oh I was one of those children who was a huge pest while we were on trips. My dad would later give each of us a map and we learned to read them and it was a game to find out exactly where we were. So we were much calmer on the drive. I guess the bible could be like a road map and since we know just where we are in life we can be happier knowing where we are going.. Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping in. Carrie

  7. I sure do remember those days and I am in them again now with the grandson.


  8. This one is great. Our current study in Sunday School is from Matthew 6, which included a study of what we call the "Lord's Prayer". We spent a lot of time talking about what it really means to pray and yearn for His Kingdom to Come. It was very convicting evangelically.

    I love that little phrase, btw. The girls used to sing a Bible song by that name from a tape about the Israelites complaining their way through the wilderness.

    With or without the whine and five syllable YET, we can all be guilty of the "are we there yet" attitude.

    Great post.

    BTW, I'm exhausted. Did I mention that I'm also back in the classroom this week, or was I too busy talking about the weekend teaching? Plus, my sister is visiting from Colorado.

    Blogland, take me away...

  9. Nita - Oh, sweet friend. You have such a lovely blog - and I admire your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your feelings. Rest assured, you're not alone! You are a blessing to me - more than you know.

    Sandra - Yes, we do have work to do. It's kind of what you were saying on your blog about the harvest, and God needs more workers. God will give us the strength to accomplish His purposes, and the endurance to wait for His coming! (Great Scripture quote, by the way).

    Betty - Oh, what a VERY joyful day! Sometimes I wonder if we will live to see the Lord's return. It seems that the world is moving toward a climax of events. But, as you said, God's timing is perfect - in the meantime, we spread His Word, and wait expectantly.

    Katie - Soooo...you were one of those kids!! (I'm pretty sure I was, too!) Those who persevere will be rewarded. That's what helps me be patient. And the assurance of an eternity in HIS PRESENCE!

    Sandy - What you said was so good. Patience and peace, a difficult balance - unachievable without the grace of God. And yet, we are able to persevere because we have HOPE!

    Carrie - Thanks so much for sharing this story. What a clever dad you had! And yes, the Bible is our road map - and knowing the destination (a glorious and perfect eternity) sure makes the drive more tolerable!

    Sandie - Oh dear. Don't let your grandson read this post. He might get some new ideas!! I'm sure, though, that he is learning so many good things from his grandma. Is he chatty, too?

    Debbie - Yearning. That's the perfect word for how it feels to wait for the Lord's return. That study must have been awesome. It is convicting. We must, at the very least, pray for people to come to Jesus before it's too late...really pray. And then, of course, to use every opportunity to spread the Good News. Those pesky Israelites - often, though, I'm no different - just a Hebrew whining in the desert.
    (You sound busy, friend - sent you a SHORT - I promise - email. Would love to hear about the weekend when you get a chance...)

    GOD BLESS, everyone - thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Sharon -

    Ref: Photos

    The photos that are under the Tuesday date were posted then but I did not announce their posting until later because there were new photos placed on www.lioneaglephotorama.blogspot.com that I had announced earlier.

    I will post at least two topics today.


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