Sunday, November 7, 2010

BIBLE "PICK 'EMS" - Do You Believe...Really?


A new "BIBLE PICK 'EMS" update is now posted on my other blog:

(For the complete story about "Bible Pick 'Ems," see my blog entry dated June 29, 2010)

(Scripture references for "Bible Pick 'Ems" will continue to be posted on this blog)


"When in doubt, search God out!"


  1. Hi Sharon -

    Did you read my comments on all of your "Marty" postings?

    I remember that you mentioned that you were considering posting your e-mail address on your blog...I understand that some people are skeptical about that... Blogger buddy Wanda suggested that bloggers can create a separate
    e-mail address just for blogger correspondence.

    Anyhow, if you are so inclined....

    The e-mail address that I use for spiritual purposes is If you are ever inclined, please use it.

    Thank you, Sharon, for your consideration.

    Sidebar: I posted a post last night called, "PUBLIC PRAISE" and one today called, "WHAT'S A BROTHER TO DO?"

  2. Hi -

    I also responded to your "BRAINSTORM" comment.

  3. May God Bless You. I really enjoy your blog.

  4. Hi Sharon,

    I commented on Bible Pick 'ems.


  5. Sandra - Thanks. Heading over to your blog.

    JT - Thank you for your comment and kind wishes. God IS blessing me! And I'm so glad that you are enjoying the words that God is giving to me. He is so good.

    Judy - Thanks. Heading over to Bible Pick 'Ems.

  6. Hi Sharon,

    Good write-up with your Bible Pick 'Em this week.

    You left an outstanding comment at Mere C.S. Lewis about your rich experience of encountering Aslan / Christ.

    It's too good for a mere comment. I wanted to email you about publishing your testimony (maybe asking you to tease it out a bit more), but I wasn't able to find your email address.

    I responded to your comment there, but I don't think you've seen it. Please email me back and I'll tell you what I'm thinking:

    And don't feel obliged to publish this comment as I was mostly just trying to get in touch :)


  7. Ken - Thanks. I'm glad you liked this post. It's amazing to me how the Lord knows everything about us - and that He loves us enough to convict us when we wander from the truth.

    I'll get back to you about the C.S. Lewis comment - I'm glad that you liked what I had to say.


  8. Just stopping by to check you out and say hello. sandie

  9. Sandie - Checking on me, eh?? OR checking me out? Hmmmm...



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