Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It was a special day.

I can’t remember how old I was – I was young, probably ten, and I had just started going to “grown-up” church with my parents. It was a great privilege, and a great responsibility. And I was expected to BEHAVE…

I was a good girl (for the most part), and quiet. I knew how to BEHAVE!

And just in case I forgot – I knew I could count on the “low-brow” from my dad. You know the look – the one that’s kind of a frown, mixed with a little bit of menace – the one that says, “Just keep going in that direction, young lady, and there will be consequences to pay…”

I rarely needed the “low-brow” –

But I digress.

This Sunday was especially special because my mom had given me a nice, new $5 bill to put into the offering plate! FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS! And I had brought my very own wallet just for this auspicious occasion.

I remember waiting for the offering prayer, and the offering hymn.

I remember waiting for the plate to be passed.

I remember waiting for MY turn…

And then I reached into my wallet…and pulled out my money…and put it into the plate. So proud, so grown-up, so…


As I stared at the plate, all I saw was a nice, new $20 bill. TWENTY DOLLARS! My brand-new, birthday gift, first-ever TWENTY DOLLAR bill. (Did I mention…$20?!?!) I held on to the offering plate, and held on, and held on. I couldn't let go. I felt my mom nudge me – I saw my dad give me the “low-brow” – I felt the person next to me take the offering plate from my frozen little hands…

I started to cry…quietly, but so, so, sad –

My mom noticed my tears (she always noticed me…she still does) – she did the “shush” sign, and took my hand. She didn’t know what was wrong, but she knew I was upset. She whispered, “We’ll talk about it later…”

After church, I told her what had happened.

“Mom, I accidentally put my $20 bill in there, instead of the $5 you gave me. What am I going to do?”

She paused a moment…

And then, in a wonderful moment of “Mom Wisdom” she said, “Sweetheart, maybe God just knew that someone needed $20 today, instead of $5. You had a chance to be a blessing.


“Yes, really.”

I’ll never forget that moment. My sadness turned to joy. I felt HAPPY! God had taken my mistake, and changed a little girl’s mind about giving.

2 Corinthians 9 has some wonderful things to say about giving generously. It's worth reading. But I will share just a few verses:

Verse 6: “…the one who plants generously will get a generous crop.”

Verse 7: “And don’t give reluctantly…For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”

Verse 8: “…God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.”

Verse 9: “Their good deeds will be remembered forever.”

It truly is better to give than to receive!


(P.S. My mom made sure that my birthday “gift” was paid back – just like God will return a blessing to those who give!)

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Great blog, thanks for sharing, it doesnt always have to be money, does it? sometimes we have to go the extra mile giving time, ignoring rebuffs or rejection and continue to reach out and love someone in God's Name. This was apt for me this morning, thank you - God Bless - Nita.

  2. Thank you too, for your visit and the lovely comment you left on my blog.

  3. oh wow! This is a beautiful story... but oh how my heart felt heavy for that little girl (you) ;-) I could just imagine the shock as you realised what you had done. Praise God for your Mother's tender wisdom. You just needed a little change in your perspective lol.

  4. Such a cute story and lasting lesson. It reinforces how God often uses daily opportunities to teach us great lessons. Your mom did a great job in "training up her child." :-)

  5. your mother is a very wise woman, Sharon!! what a blessing that she is still with you! enjoyed this very much; a very good lesson to learn at a young age to allow God to work and to be generous and we always do reap so much more back from God indeed!!


  6. Such a sweet and truth-filled story, Sharon.
    We just can't out give God. He will always
    give back to us more than we gave--good
    measure, pressed down, shaken together!

  7. What a precious memory! What a wise mama you had!

  8. What a beautiful memory you have graciously shared! You have been blessed with an awesome mom. Thank you, Sharon! I pray the Lord will find in me a willing, sharing, giving heart.



  9. I am so glad that she paid you back - it was a great lesson - I could just picture the scene the vivid way you described it. sandie

  10. Nita - No, it doesn't have to be money. Sometimes money is almost easier to give than our time, our hearts. And to give, in spite of rebuffs or rejection, THAT is the generous heart that God wants. Jesus gave His all - we should do no less. (I really enjoy your blog, Nita - today's post "God Never Wastes..." was especially personal to me. Thank you).

    Amanda - I needed a BIG change in my perspective. LOL! My mother's tender wisdom continues to cover my life with its sweet perfume. And I still LOVE to give!

    Beverly - God does indeed use daily opportunities to teach us great lessons - but only if we keep our spiritual eyes open! (By the way, I'll give Mom credit for the good training - the mistakes, those would be mine!!)

    Betty - I am SO fortunate to have my wonderful mother still in my life! It's truly a blessing. I am learning, too, that generosity also extends to the time I give TO THE LORD! He desires the offering of my heart. And He does return such a bountiful harvest, doesn't He?

    Sandy - Yes, what a good word you have spoken! We can't out-give the GIVER! He promises abundant life, and a cup overflowing! He promises us everything.

    Alisa - She was (and still is) a wise mama!! I'm glad you enjoyed this story.

    Katie - I'm so glad you liked it! I have a strong suspicion that you already understand the value of generosity. I can just tell that you are a giving person. And I know that God will bless you for it!

    Andrea - Thank you for your kind comment. I think you brought up a good point. The start of a GIVING heart is a WILLING heart.

    Sandie - Glad you enjoyed sharing this one with me. Yes, my mom was very kind to "repay" my mistake. And that in itself was a lesson in how God takes care of the person who gives - Amen?!

    GOD BLESS, friends - thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hi Sharon -

    What a delightful story especially the end and the lessons learned. And the reward for generosity!

    Thank you, Sharon, for this precious story and for the scripture content.

    Sidebar: I posted a new post under the tab "WISE" on my blog.

  12. I have no clue what happened to yesterday. It just went shooooooshing out the door before I got here.

    I love this one.

    Indeed, the LORD loveth that little cheerful Clingon giver.

  13. Hi Sharon, thank you for coming to my blog. I really enjoy you messages and stories. You add a personal special touch. Thanks for sharing. Carrie

  14. Sandra - Thanks, friend, for your comments. You're always so encouraging. Generosity has its rewards - not the least of which is sharing the privilege of giving with THE Giver of all gifts!

    Debbie - You make me smile...as usual. Even a Clingon needeth a good lesson here and there!

    Carrie - WELCOME! I so enjoyed visiting your blog. I loved your pictures and the beautiful country that surrounds you. I love your home - someday my husband and I hope to find a "wide open space" for us to live. Thank you for your kind comments - I try to add a personal touch, because I just see God in so many "simple" moments. And thanks for joining me on the journey!



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