Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hidden Talents.

The Bible makes it expressly clear that each believer is given a spiritual gifta gift given so we can help each other.

“Now there are distinctive varieties and distributions of endowments (gifts…due to the power of divine grace operating in their souls by the Holy Spirit) and they vary, but the [Holy] Spirit remains the same…All these [gifts, achievements, abilities] are inspired and brought to pass by one and the same [Holy] Spirit, Who apportions to each person individually [exactly] as He chooses.” (1 Corinthians 12:4, 11 – Amplified Bible)

The spiritual gifts given to each person by the Holy Spirit are special abilitiesto be used to help people, to spread the Gospel, and to minister to the needs of the Body of Christ.

There are many gifts – people have different gifts, some have more than one – but one gift is not superior to another. All spiritual gifts come from the Holy Spirit.

“God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us.” (verse 6, NLT)

God is completely involved in the giving, using, and empowering of these gifts. He creates a unique place for each believer – a specialized, designed-by-God role.

We can take no credit for what God has freely given us.

But what are we doing with what He has given us?

Hidden talents.

Are we hiding them?

We are called to invest our talents in helping others. We are to use them wiselyto reach others with the Gospel, and to build up the body of believers.

There is a reward waiting for those who use their time, talents, and treasures diligently in order to serve God completely.

And there are consequences for those who don’t. We cannot call ourselves servants of God, and then have little to show for it. If our gifts are not being utilized, it means we are essentially living a selfish lifestyle.

There is a principle of truth in this – one that runs throughout the Bible.

Negligence of spiritual truth is punished and diligence is rewarded – rewards are given according to faithfulness, and chastening is brought on by lack of faithfulness.

So again, I ask – are we hiding our talents?

And why would we do so?

I can think of several reasons – because at some time or the other, I have used them for my own excuses.

1) “I don’t have time.”
2) “I don’t have the energy.”
3) “I don’t know where to start.”
4) “I don’t have any gifts or talents.”
5) “I don’t know what my gifts or talents are.”
6) “I don’t have the courage.”
7) “I don’t want people to criticize or reject me.”
8) “I don’t want to fail.”

On and on…

But every excuse has one thing in common – the phrase “I DON’T…”

We are focusing on our INABILITY, our LACK, our WEAKNESS. We are focusing on our SELVES.

We have a callingto proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom to others. We have a callingto build up the church. We have a callingissued to us directly from God.

We have a calling…

And we will be held accountable for the stewardship that has been entrusted to us.

We are to bear fruit.

True faith always results in a changed life.

So, my friends, let’s stop hiding our God-given gifts and talents. Let’s stop making excuses. Let’s stop being selfish…

“No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all…” (Luke 11:33)

Let your light shine – in a dark and lonely world that needs God.

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  1. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for expressing the WORD! This message is so important. It reminds me of the story of the servants who were given talents and one buried his and the Lord rebuked him.

    We are appointed and anointed to advance the kingdom of GOD and to occupy until He comes.
    That is a mandate not an option if we are to be true worshippers of Almighty GOD.

    Selfishness is a sin.

    We need to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

    Matthew 7:21
    Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord,shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    Sidebar: Did you read my CAPSULES" posted on Sunday and my post "WONDER IN CAROLS" posted on same?

  2. "True faith always results in a changed
    life." That's absolutely right. This is
    a good teaching today, Sharon, loaded
    with truth and an exhortation to use
    our Holy Spirit-given gifts.

  3. What an awesome post. I tend to be a #5 from your list. I have been learning about and praying for doing the will of God in my life. (Thanks in part to Debbie). The will of God would include using our gifts to glorify God. I'm trying really hard to find places God would have me serve.

    Thanks for this encouragement today.

  4. Guilty! I think each of the eight examples you listed applies to me or has at some point. I remember you commenting to me on one of my posts about how you take confidence to the other extreme, beyond humility and into self-deprecation. I'm the same way. And it's a hindrance to my service. I might feel like *I* can't, but all I need to remember is that God *can*. I have been struggling with this very post-topic for a while now, as I try to figure out exactly what my gifts are.

    Thanks for keeping me on task! I so appreciate your posts and don't get to comment as often as I would like. You are a bright spot in my days, Mrs. Sharon! I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving! I feel like I should burst into song - "Thank you for being a friend..."! ;)

  5. (This is too funny and totally irrelevant, but the captcha phrase for my last comment was "scust". That reminds me of my Abby who shortens "disgusting" into "scusting". See, totally random!)

  6. Well, this does make one thing and have to take time - if one is honest - to examine themselves. I think I have used all the excuses myself and i have many more. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  7. I'm not as good these days about using my gifts that God gave me, but that's going to be something I really strive to do after we move. I know there is an assessment that Saddleback Church put together (I want to call it SHAPE, I think that's what it is called) that helps people figure out what their gifts are. But usually what someone is passionate about is their gift, like encouraging, serving, giving, etc. You are right, we all have gifts and we need to use them to glorify God and make his kingdom known!

    great words, Sharon :)


  8. Sandra - Well-spoken! We are appointed and anointed - called to advance the Kingdom! I couldn't agree more. It is essential that we be doers of the Word. Only by our actions can people see our faith.

    Sandy - Thanks. Sometimes I'm the one who needs the exhortation, so I post something I NEED to hear! I'm glad it spoke to you too. We need to bear fruit.

    Denise - I just know that God has a very special place and purpose for you. And He will reveal that to you, I'm sure. There are some wonderful websites that offer tests to discern various spiritual gifts. Lots of times, though, I think other believers are helpful in defining our gifts. Sometimes they can see something in us that we can't. I'll be praying for guidance.

    Jennie - I wrote this post because I'm STILL really struggling with this issue! Especially when I seem to be my own worst enemy. I'm getting better...I think! Thanks for your kind comments. I really appreciate them. You and your blog are a delight! I'm humming along with you - thank YOU for being a friend. (I'll try not to be "scusting" in anything I say or write - well...I'll try anyway!)

    Sandie - Yeah, my excuses went on and on too... But I do think it's important to examine ourselves, and to realize that we DO have spiritual gifts. The Word of God is CLEAR on that. So, we have to ask the Lord to reveal them to us, and then be diligent in using them for His glory!

    Betty - You have kind of a full plate right now. But I just know that God has a purpose for you in your new home/area. You know, my friends go to Saddleback, and they gave me a copy of that assessment. I found it very enlightening. I think you're "right on" with the comment that what we're passionate about is often the best clue to our gifts. After all, God made us, and gives us our gifts through His Spirit. And when we use them, there is joy!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friends...


  9. Very inspiring post! I especially love this line, "There is a reward waiting for those who use their time, talents, and treasures diligently in order to serve God completely."

    I have been guilty of using excuse #7 in the past but I am really working hard at using my spiritual gifts to their fullest!

  10. Hi Sharon, very sobering message. I've just lots of those very same excuses. But I do try to be conscious of using what God has given me so that He's pleased with me.

  11. Alisa - You know, I think it's kinda wonderful how God promises us a REWARD for doing His work. I've got to admit, #7 is a real tough one for me - I'm working on it!

    Wanda - Oh you've hit on the desire of my heart, too - to please my Father! I think being conscious is a really necessary part of using our gifts. If we ignore them, they're not much good, are they?!


  12. I'm trying to get caught up in Blogland and starting here.

    This is a great post and very convicting.

    I am way too much like you and Jennie and don't quite know how to stop it other than determination against it and prayer.

    And as you know from our emails, I'm also entirely too consumed by the fear of sticking myself out there with gift in hand only to have it knocked out of my hand and trampled to the ground.

    I't not about ME. If I can just get that through this fat head of mine, I'd be so much happier.

  13. Debbie - Thanks. This post I wrote because I needed to speak this message to my own heart (I think God wanted to say a few things to me, too!) I'm not sure how to battle this either. However, I am feeling more fortified by others like you and Jennie who feel the same way. It's time to fight, to take the covers off our talents, and GET OUT THERE!

    It's not about US - yes, and I think God is working on that...



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