Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today is my oldest son’s birthday.

He’s turning 28.

Which is quite a feat when you consider the fact that I am only 29…

He’s a great guy. Both of my sons are. (I guess it just goes to show you that even feral mothers are able to raise decent human beings…)

And so, in honor of both of my sons, and my joy at their presence in my life, I wanted to have some fun today.

So, I’ve got a quiz for you.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite "MOM memories" – try to guess
which son each question applies to – youngest or oldest. (IF you want to, you can leave your answers in the comments section, put #1 for my oldest, or #2 for my youngest – I’ll respond back with the answers. Or, you can just read along – but c’mon, you know you really want to play…)

1) This SON recently bought a kayak – for OCEAN kayaking, mind you.

2) This SON’S favorite "cuddly" thing was one of those cosmetic sponges.

3) This SON took a 14,000 mile road trip all around the U.S. with his college roommate – hitting ALL 48 contiguous states – in a month.

4) This SON is nick-named "The Internet Ferret" because he can find ANYTHING on ANY subject on his computer.

5) This SON still drives the same car he had in high school - he calls it
"The White Zombie."

6) This SON used to "sculpt" his food at Sizzler’s restaurant – using mashed potatoes as a base.

7) This SON, after crawling for months, suddenly stood up one day and starting walking – no, not ATTEMPT to walk – just WALK, like he’d been doing it all his life.

8) This SON hates condiments – of all kinds – but especially mayonnaise (Sidenote: Other son loves to squirt entire ketchup packets into his mouth just to BOTHER this son.)

9) This SON is a sports FANATIC, and has played soccer, basketball, roller and ice hockey!

10) This SON once played the clarinet – because he thought the "mandatory" violin requirement in school was just too boring.

11) This SON used to collect tigers – of every shape and size.

12) This SON used to get up at 3:00 or 4:00 AM in high school to do his homework so he could "have the night off for what I WANT to do!"

13) This SON was standing stark naked in the front yard when I came home from the market one day, because after all, MOM, "Bugs Bunny doesn’t wear clothes…" (Sidenote: This was quickly followed up by, "Where’s your father???")

14) This SON used to have a "bowl-cut" (thoughtfully provided by Mom) and wore Hawaiian shirts – and was nicknamed "Thomas Magnum" for a while. He also did a mean rendition of "You Belong to the City" ala Miami Vice.

OK, here’s a bonus question for extra credit:

Which mom is SO proud of her sons she could just pop, and loves them EVEN MORE today than when they were born?

If you’ve got children, ask God today to take care of them. Ask God to guide them and direct them on His pathways. Pray for their wisdom in these crazy times.

Tell them today how much they mean to you – tell them you love them.

And if you don’t have children of your own – tell a kid in your family (maybe a niece or nephew), or in your classroom, or at the market, or anywhere – just tell a kid that you notice them, and that God loves them.

They need to know that – it’s a tough world out there…

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Couldn't really answer the other questions, but I got to the last one, knew it had to be you. God Bless - Nita

  2. Really sweet and funny memories of your
    kiddos! I enjoyed this. Some sound very
    familiar to my guys.

  3. Okay - you're the proud mom and honestly I don't know them that well - they both sound wonderful and I can tell why you are proud.

    Happy birthday to your son.

    Love, sandie

  4. Dear Sharon,

    Sending smiles to celebrate 'cause God made your son and He did great! "With Your very own hands You formed me..." Psalm 119.73 The Message

    Have a special birthday son number one. Wishing you God's Blessing.

    With love and care from Kerrie.xOx

  5. Hi, Sharon!
    My guess is that this is a tribute to the "birthday son" and they all describe him! I extend my heartfelt wishes to him on his birthday and a special thank you to you, his mom, for the great job of training him up!


  6. A quiz! A quiz! I'm going to get a pencil and paper so please don't reveal the answers before I get back.

  7. OK, I based my guesses on what my #1 Daughter and #2 Daughter would do. I'm counting on birth order to give me an edge.

    And don't bother to tell me that no one else has competed yet. I'm still trying to win against someone. Anyone.

    1. younger
    2. younger
    3. older
    4. younger
    5. older
    6. older
    7. younger
    8. older
    9. older
    10. younger
    11. older
    12. older
    13. younger
    14. older

    Then, I counted up and discovered that if I'm right I put more older than younger. I figured even you probably didn't do that, but just in case you did, the baby in the family inside of me wants to say, "No fair! You love him the bestest!"

  8. I had a giggle at the clarinet playing son. I love his reason.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for all the kind comments!! I will definitely pass them on to the Birthday Boy!!

    Here are the right answers: (Debbie, you are UNCANNILY right on!! You only missed 3 out of the 14! And you're also right - OF COURSE I made it even! Both boys have 7 each!!)

    1. Youngest. The daring one - a kayak in a lake? Too tame!

    2. Youngest. Don't ask me why it wasn't a blankie or stuffed animal. No, a cosmetic sponge. I think maybe it's because it was so small and could go ANYWHERE without being embarrassing!

    3. Oldest. I don't know what this "scaredy-cat" mom was thinking. He was only barely 21 at the time. I won't tell you how often I required a phone call home!

    4. Youngest. Determined, analytical, creative - he's doesn't give up until he finds what he's looking for.

    5. Oldest. The "White Zombie" is a '95 Honda Civic. It is ALSO the same car that did that 14,000 mile road trip - in a month. It's like a Timex watch - it takes a lickin', and keeps on tickin'.

    6. Youngest. Low tolerance for boredom, and really creative. We used to inhale our food, trying to beat him finishing his meal. Otherwise, it was "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - remember the mashed potato sculpting??

    7. Oldest. He's the first-born perfectionist. I think he didn't even TRY walking until he could do it JUST RIGHT. The youngest was banging into things, and falling down - daring, though lacking in skills. He wanted to be like big brother (but he DID walk earlier by about 2 months!)

    8. Oldest. He's texturally challenged when it comes to condiments (and yet, he loves fast food). Debbie - was the clue on this one the "teasing" by LITTLE brother?

    9. Oldest. He has always loved sports. Last night we went to our 4th of 6 professional hockey games. My Christmas gift to him - and he's thoughtfully taken me as his date!

    10. Youngest. He marches to a different drummer (like how I continued the music theme here?) - and evidently, trying clarinet is evidence of his "out-of-the-box" thinking.

    11. Oldest. He CAREFULLY amassed a great collection. Stuffed animals, toys, porcelain figurines, photos, magazine pictures, etc. Very orderly and methodical.

    12. Youngest. Oldest has always been a "night owl" like his mom. Youngest is an "early bird." When they were young, between the two of them, I think I was up 20 hours every day.

    13. Youngest. Logical and literal. But always thinking like no one else. (Where's your father? In the house...watching sports with the Oldest!)

    14. Oldest. Just the spittin' image of good ol' Magnum. And do NOT ask me why a 3 year old was watching Miami Vice with mom. I TOLD you I was feral...

    BONUS: Yup, how'd you guess? ME!

    Let's commit to praying for our young people - our children and relatives, the ones out in the world. God can use them mightily - and yet, they live in a culture that makes it increasingly LESS popular to follow Him. They need us - even when they act like they don't...and they are searching for spiritual meaning - even when they act like they aren't. Let's point them to God...

    Thanks for sharing this special day with me.


  10. thanks so much for sharing all of those memories!
    I could not stop laughing at the cosmetic sponge- wouldn't we all love our children to get attached to one of those instead of the "favorite blankie", pillow or whatever else that could not be replaced? How easy to replace that cosmetic sponge if he lost it? Did he ever lose it?? LoL!

    Love you SO much- Happy B-day, BLAKE!!!

  11. Hey buddy,

    Yeah, he did lose it - but it was like a goldfish. Easy to replace - and forgive me - to say "Oh, look, I found it!"

    Thanks for stopping by - me and B appreciate it!!

    GOD BLESS YOU, friend!

  12. I WON! I WON!

    Yes, I know that no one else played, but I WON! I WON!

    I was wondering if the prize could be a son? I'm not picky. You just send along the one you want to get rid of. It's just that I have two daughters here, and as Flannery O'Connor would say, "A good man is hard to find..."

    Psst... but they aren't blond like mom. Will that be a problem? Of course, if they were, we'd HAVE a man by now. Ahem.

    And yes, the teasing was the hint that put me over the top in question number 8. Big Sis would never tease little sis like that. The little baby would cry. Ha!

  13. And one more thing: My daughter watched "Murder She Wrote" and "Dragnet" with me when she was a toddler. She would sleep with me, and it was on Nick at Night. I thought she was asleep until the night that just as Dragnet was coming on, she called out,

    "Dis is da cidy Was Angewos Califorda..."
    Cue Dragnet music here.

  14. Debbie - YOU WON! For the record, you DID score better than most of my friends! Hey, what a great idea!!! A son give-away! I have two sons (24 and 28) - you have two daughters...hmmmm.

    Do you think they'd care if we played "old country" and arranged their marriages? If I may say so myself, my sons are really good guys.
    The blonde thing isn't a problem - however, I AM a bit miffed at your implication that blondes can catch men quicker than we brunettes. There are SO many retorts right on the tip of my tongue, but I won't say them - I'm bigger than that, because I'm a brunette!

    I'm SO relieved that I'm not the only mother who let their children watch inappropriate TV shows - especially if it's a good murder/detective show. You love those, too??? (Of course you do - we're fraternal twins just separated by geography, and a few years...)

    Thanks for doing the quiz - I couldn't believe how accurate you were. I guess birth order really DOES determine a lot of things. Didn't know if you read my comment on Jennie's blog - but I'm the big sister, with a younger sister and a brother in between. Interesting tidbit...

    Talk to you soon - GOD BLESS!

  15. This was such a fun read! One of my prayers when I was pregnant with my first was that he wouldn't be the kind of kid that just wants to sit in front of tv or video games. I prayed for joyful, active BOYS. And that's exactly what I got. Sounds like you did too. Twas a mother, I'm sure, who coined the expression, ''OH BOY!''. Bless you and your wonderful sons!

  16. Oh this was a duzy (?). So much fun to hear about your sons. But I don't like these guessing games. Sort of reminds me of those bridal shower games. Ugh! No offense to your sons. I'd rather just enjoy the info.
    Your boys were quite interesting and it sounds like you kept a humorous record of their antics. Humor--the necessary ingredient in a mother of boys! I'll have to start thinking about all the crazy things my boys did.

    Happy birthday to your oldest son who is now the same age as my oldest son--mine turned 28 in June. My youngest son turned 22 in December.

    Have a wonderful week.


  17. Melissa - Thanks for your comment!! God did indeed give me joyful, ACTIVE boys! And I'm so grateful for them in my life! I had a framed picture on my wall for years that said, "Mothers of two boys work from SON up 'til SON down!" That pretty much summed it up for me! God bless you and your sons, too!

    Janis - Sorry about the shower game thing!! LOL! Yes, my boys kept me on my toes! They were, and continue to be, so very fun! My youngest just turned 24 in October - so we are very close in our experiences, huh?! I'd love to hear about some of the crazy antics of YOUR sons!! They definitely keep us moms busy - even though they're older now!



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