Monday, January 3, 2011



1. Do not chew the couch cushion.

2. Do not chew the couch cushion.

3. OK, do not eat the stuffing after chewing the couch cushion.

4. Do not hog the recliner.

5. Do not steal socks.

6. Do not run away after stealing socks.

7. Learn how to CHEW the string cheese – not swallow it in large chunks
even though it’s my favorite food in the entire world.

8. Do not mess up the blankets to make a “tent” to sleep in.

9. Do not lick my fur for such a long time that I gag.

10. Do not bite my fingernails – (I didn’t used to do this until I joined this
infamous family of nail-biters…)

11. Perfect the “pound puppy” look – it works every time.

12. Try just a little harder to conceal my zeal for treats.

13. Do not place my cold nose on unsuspecting necks of dozing people.

14. Do not jump up on furniture and show off my “mountain goat” imitation.

15. Do not speak when asked to speak – just “Harumph” – or is it the other
way around? Hmmm…

16. Resist the urge to “dog paddle” when I am carried in the rain. (This
“instinct” thing drives me crazy…)

17. Avoid the dreaded black poodle.

18. Try to decide on ONE tree to do my “morning constitution” – and make it
the SAME tree every day.

19. Ignore #18 – (that instinct thing again)

20. Try to stop snoring – even though my people are worse.

21. Try to sleep in just once in a while, like to 7:30 AM.

22. Try to stay up just once in a while, like to 7:30 PM.

23. Ignore #21 and 22 – it’s a dog’s life, and I love to sleep!

24. Do not place my paws on people unless asked.

25. Do not jump on people unless asked.

26. Do not lick people unless asked.

27. OK, put paws on people, jump on people, lick people – ask for forgiveness
instead of permission – easier that way. (Note to self: See #11 - "pound
puppy" look)

28. Remember that there is a body attached to my nose...(we hounds tend to
forget that)

29. Be cute.

30. Be Marty.

31. Do not chew the couch cushion.

Love my people even more than I already do…(I think that’s impossible!)

Love God the most!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to my four-legged, and two-legged, friends out there!

(P.S. Today is my BIRTHDAY! I am 4! I hope I get some cake...if not, I'm
re-considering #1, #2, and #31!!)

BLOG = “Blessedly Leaning On God!”



    I laughed so hard that I coughed. Number 16 is my favorite. For an oddball reason, I have a picture in my head of you wearing that cowboy hat and carrying dog paddling Marty in the rain.

    So funny!

    OK, so it's the third of January, and I'm just getting it together enough to enjoy blogland. I am oddball enough to have gotten up early just to do it. Hoping to create a life organization plan which works better for me.

  2. Happy Birthday Marty!! You better get some cake!! And a trip to Pet Smart or Pet Co to pick up some goodies for yourself!! Love your new year resolutions, too funny! It is so neat you are in such a loving family that loves you so very much (and spoils you too!) And definitely, we must love God above all else!! I do agree on that!

    I hope you and your family have a very nice day!

    betty and Koda

  3. I will show Bugsy and Buster Marty's list...maybe that will inspire them too. Unfortunately, my dogs have mastered the "pound puppy" face. It works every time! Your new blog design is the inspirational questions on your sidebar. Looking forward to sharing the year ahead with you!

  4. Thank you for my first "giggle" of the morning! Happy Birthday "Martini", ha ha! Grandma better make you some cake and your people better bring you some presents!
    Love you and your Grandma much!

  5. Marty's list is just too dog-gone cute!
    Hope my new baby will be a non-chewer.
    Just talked to the breeder and my boy
    was born this afternoon. Gotta think of
    a cute name for him now.

  6. I actually laughed out loud and my pups can relate to many of his resolutions. LOL

    Isn't it great that we love our pups in spite of their 'flaws'...just the way God loves us.

  7. Happy Birthday Marty! I sure hope you do better with your resolutions than most of us will. That chewing thing is tough to overcome.:-p

  8. Happy birthday, Marty -- I love your list. Number 9 is my favorite -- although I like the dog paddling instinct while being carried in the rain as well.

    This made me smile!

  9. Oh! I loved it!! And Happy Birthday, Marty. Chip is sending you some of his string cheese~and that's real special. Every time he hears a plastic crinkle after the refrigerator door opens, Chip magically appears.

    And, by the way, he has perfected the pound puppy look. What a dog! He'll gladly come visit and give you lessons!

    Sooooo fun.

    I'm going to bed with a smile!

    Love you, Sharon,


  10. Tonight I'm letting Marty respond to your comments!

    Mrs. Debbie - Did you have to pick #16? It's so embarrassing, even when Grandma Sharon is with me. Secret - she has been known to do a few swimming strokes in the rain too - just sayin'... Oh, and a life organization plan? Just stash everything under the couch - works for me.

    Mrs. Betty - Thanks for the well wishes. HI KODA! I had a happy day - no cake, but string cheese. And no gagging on my fur. Perfect birthday! Glad you and your family love God like me. He's the best!

    Mrs. Anita - I think you better check the front door, it might be open. Psst, Bugsy and Buster, is she gone? GOOD JOB on the "pound puppy" thing. It's a great secret weapon, isn't it?

    Mrs. Janet - Grandma couldn't see me today. She had to stay with Mr. Grandpa. BUT, she did call me and sing "Happy Birthday" to me, and tell me she loved me. And I sent her a picture on her phone of my hand, showing her that I was 4 fingers today (if you don't count my "dew claw")! I love you, too. By the way, is Lilly single?

    Mrs. Sandy - Oh boy! CONGRATULATIONS! Your boy was born on my birthday! WHOOPEE! He'll probably chew - I did when I was a baby (I still do, but we won't talk about that) - just be patient with him. Otherwise, I'll have to teach him the "pound puppy" look.

    Mrs. Parsley - Tell all your pups hello for me. Thanks for loving us, flaws and all. After all, that's the way we love you guys - and yes, the way God loves us ALL! I like your profile picture. Is that you? If so, you're pretty cute!

    Mrs. Melissa - I figure I'm good with these resolutions until maybe next week...well, maybe Friday. But, that's a long time in "dog time!" Thanks for understanding the chewing thing. Do you have trouble with it, too?

    Mrs. Michelle - I like making people smile. It makes me smile, too. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. Please forget the dog-paddling thing - it's so embarrassing. Number 9 - yeah, gagging isn't my best look. Working on it...

    Mrs. Janis - Thank you for wishing me a happy day. Hey Chip! You are a man after my, stomach! String cheese is the best! I'm not sure where they get the name "string" cheese - the way I eat it, it should be called "chunk" cheese.

    I'm going to go for now - I've got to go make a tent out of the blankets, and hog the recliner (guess I'll have to check off #4 and #8 - oh well!) Good night!

    Thanks, everyone, for coming over and wishing Marty a Happy Birthday. And thank you for all your kind comments directed to me. I so appreciate them, as I do each one of YOU!

    I'm joining Marty in his best resolution: LOVE GOD THE MOST!!


  11. Hi Marty -

    Happy Birthday champ!

    That Sharon must be a handful at times. Be gentle with her, Marty. She is so worth it!

  12. Mrs. Sandra - Thanks for stopping by. Yup, Grandma Sharon can be a handful sometimes, especially when she's trying to share the recliner with me. But I'm always gentle with her - she takes good care of me when she babysits. She kisses me, and she sneaks me string cheese...

    (Sandra - thanks for thinking I'm worth it!! Right back at YOU!!)



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