Monday, January 17, 2011


"This is the most uncomfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on," thought the lovely young woman, as she tossed and turned – just as she had for hours.

She had hoped to make it all the way home on her own.

But, fading thoughts and heavy eyelids had forced her to stop.

It had been a lonely stretch of highway. There were no towns anywhere. It took many miles before she finally saw a small sign at the side of the road:

"Where All Crossroads Meet"

What a strange name, thought the woman. But she couldn’t afford to be choosy. If she drove another mile, she’d fall asleep at the wheel, and…well…you know.

So she pulled into the small town.

It was only one block long. And there was only one place to stay –

Proprietor: J. E. Sus

How odd.

She had checked in with no trouble. Mr. Sus was a very nice man, with kind eyes and a soft voice. He had given her the key to her room, and wished her a good night.

Everything was perfect in her room, except…evidently…the mattress.

"I can’t do this anymore," she thought to herself. "I’ve got to do something or I’m not going to be able to get any rest at all."

Finally, she got up, and headed to the office.

Mr. Sus was already at the desk, waiting for her.

"Having trouble sleeping?" he asked sympathetically.

"Yes, I am," replied the woman. "I’ve never slept on a more uncomfortable mattress."

"Others have said the same," replied Mr. Sus. "Some people choose to leave. Others say this is the most peaceful place they’ve ever stayed."

"Well, that certainly isn’t my experience. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask for another room."

"There isn’t another room. Your room is the only one."

Great, thought the woman. I should have figured as much.

"I’m too tired to go on. I have to stay. What should I do?"

"Let’s go to your room together," suggested Mr. Sus.

When they got to her room, Mr. Sus quietly lifted up the mattress, and there, sitting right in the middle, was a tiny green pea. At least that’s what the woman thought it was – it was hard to tell, the pea was so shriveled up.

"This is the problem," said Mr. Sus, as he pointed at the pea.

"Well, I’ll just get rid of it then," the exasperated woman said.

"You can’t," answered Mr. Sus.

"OK, then you do it."

"I can’t unless you tell me to remove it."

This was the dumbest conversation the woman thought she’d ever had.

"Fine, just do it then."

"It’s going to hurt…a lot." Mr. Sus looked at her intensely. "But afterwards, you’ll have the best sleep of your life." He smiled.

Was she caught in a Twilight Zone episode? She could sell this story to Stephen King and make a million. Not understanding, but so completely exhausted that she just had to sleep – she looked at Mr. Sus and said quietly…

"Go ahead, remove the pea."

Are you tired, my friends? Completely exhausted?

What’s the "pea-sized sin" that makes you uncomfortable, that you keep hidden deep inside your heart? The one that won’t let you rest?

Jesus can remove it, but you have to let HIM do it.

It’s going to hurt…a lot.

But afterwards?

Oh, glorious peaceful freedom!


BLOG = “Blessedly Leaning On God!”


  1. You have the greatest gift for taking the common and creating an uncommon analogy. This morning, it's niggling little pea sins... I love it.

    I particularly love how you point out that they are SHRIVELED UP little pea sins. Isn't that generally the way? We toss and turn around those buggers until they are as dry as a bone. They are the equal to those niggling little pebble sins that get caught in my shoes and mess with my walk.

    You can write about them tomorrow. Wink.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Great blog, think we are thinking along the same lines, oh how those peas are so deep seated sometimes and how they do hurt. Fear, which is a sin, is probably one of the most deeply imbedded. God Bless - Nita

  3. Great analogy. I have to agree with Nita
    that fear is the most deeply imbedded sin
    in the lives of people, even Christians.
    And I don't think everyone even stops to
    realize it is a sin. Good lesson today.

  4. oooo OUCH!!! Peas and thorns...same issues...

    Blessings Sharon, and another WONDERFUL,creative analogy and twist to teach us God's truth!

    Thank you! I really do hate peas... but I will pay attention to those little hidden ones... so thankful God is not finished with me and more than likely will be exposing those during "breaking free" if I can get my FM3 and now the rental house disaster "plumbing problems" out of my way instead of only fixing one to uncover another...(you have my permission to turn this into your next post) what started as a simple leak, saturated an entire wall, which had to be torn down to get at the pipes, to discover that up on the roof, the system that hold the water and pours it through those pipes has a broken valve, which caused an overflow last night, more to repair...all to have a warm shower...which I already despise... is that enough to build another creative connection?

    Thanks Sharon for opening up and letting freedom inn....
    Peace, love and JOY,

  5. I know what you meant with the little pea - something that you try to forget, but you just can't quite forget - something that keeps rubbing you the wrong way ...


  6. Didn't God mention the faith of a child? No wonder so many kids have an aversion to peas! :)

    Thank you for the post, Sharon. God Bless You...

  7. Debbie - Thanks for the compliment, first of all. And I LOVE the pebble in the shoe messing with your walk idea - will be pondering that one. Maybe you'd like to write my upcoming speech, hmmm?! (Real busy - give me a couple of days to return your email - c'mon, please...)

    Nita - Oh, my friend. Yes, fear is my very deep-seated sin, too. And it's so hard to let go of it - especially because it seems that trust can only be learned when things are scary and uncertain. We will continue to pray for one another!

    Sandy - Glad you liked the analogy. You know, you're right. It's only been in the last couple of years that I've been re-defining my fear as sin. I used to just think it was a personal weakness. But, it really reflects a lack of trust. I'm asking God for courage - and to dig out those "peas."

    Peggy - Oh my goodness! YES, I loved your idea (not the problem itself, of course!!). I will create a post out of this, and let you know when I post it. Probably next week sometime. Praying that things settle down a bit. And I also rejoice with you that God is NEVER finished with us!!

    Sandie - Yeah, you get it. Something always rubbing... I guess it's harder to see the "pea-sized" sins than it is to recognize the "watermelon" ones! That's why they're harder to get rid of...

    Shay - You make me chuckle!! Yes, childlike faith - I think kids do get it right sometimes!! (Just as an added sidelight - I actually like peas now, though I hated them as a kid. However, brussels sprouts will ALWAYS be a despised vegetable!!)


  8. Hi Sharon -

    I love how you crafted this - high suspense.
    Hanging I was...

    Great story to illustrate...

    Thank you

  9. Sandra - Thanks, my friend. I'm working on those "peas!"



"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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