Thursday, January 13, 2011



Personal Identification Number.

We all have them. They’re our secret little passwords – they give us entrée into a host of things.

I have several for various bank accounts. My husband has his own. The cable company gave us one. So did many other companies and institutions. My PIN allows me to use my ATM/Debit card like a happy bandit.

Easy cheesy…1, 2, 3.

It’s personal to just me(and no, it’s not 123).

I hold it very "tight to the vest." I have it written down in only one spot besides my brain. I’m not telling where that is…HA!

Whenever I have to use it on a keypad, I put one hand over my other hand, pretending like I can’t see the little numbers. But I can see just fineI’m really just guarding, protecting my PIN.

When I use the drive-up ATM window, and if "The Hub" is driving, I tell him the number before we get to the window. If he forgets it, I whisper it to him. Never can tell who’s listening…(I know, a little paranoid!)

But why am I so careful?

Because knowing that one little number would allow anyone to BE me. They could steal all kinds of things – my money, my credit, my identity.

Wouldn’t want that…

The process of picking a PIN is interesting. We’re assigned one initially, but many of us then make up our own. Oh, that’s when every clever gene we have goes to work!

Some of us make up words, some of us just use numbers – some of us make up a combination of both.

A funny little side story on that – "The Hub" has a word for one of his PIN’s. One time, he went to use his ATM card at a keypad. Oh no, the keypad only had numbers! After explaining his dilemma to the cashier, she handed him her cell phone. "The Hub" then proceeded to "translate" his PIN into numerical language!

PIN’s – they’re important.

That little number – (or word, which is really a number, if you know what I mean!) – gives me the freedom to "enter" into many places, to do many things – anywhere and anything that requires my PIN. The gas pump, the market, various accounts, my bank, restaurants, stores – the list goes on and on.

These are important things – yes – but they are earthly things.

The only place I really care about entering is Heaven.

And there’s only one way to get there.

At some point, every single person that’s ever lived will have to stand at the foot of the throne of the Almighty God. He will look down on us, and ask why we should be allowed to enter into His Kingdom. He’s asking for our "PIN"…

Here it is:


(Look at a keypad with letters – you’ll understand…)

J E S U S…

The ONLY way to enter…the ONLY way to identify ourselves that counts.

And this PIN we can SHOUT at the top of our lungs!

“Jesus [53787] told him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

BLOG = “Blessed Leaning On God!”


  1. I'm shouting 53787 is Lord! Thanks for this delightful post!

  2. 53787!!!!

    That's me, shouting. Did you hear it in California?

    This is yet another really wonderful one, Sharon. I just feel that all of your posts should be collected and published.

    I laughed about your husband having to use the cellphone keypad. That's exactly the kind of thing that happens to me. I dislike it when phone numbers are given to me as words or phrases. Thinking hurts my head.



  3. Well, shoot. I meant to do that as anonymous but it showed up as me anyway. Not nearly as fun.

  4. Fun message and a great point! 53787 is our PIN! Through Jesus, we have access to an awesome God! Praise God for His everlasting love!

    Living for Him, Joan

  5. I love analogies! They are so helpful. It's like, when you use an analogy... you can just see the light bulb going on in someones head! I really liked this analogy and will share it.

    BTW, when I am trying to think of a pin...I ask God to remind me of a scripture verse that I will need to recite every time I "log in". I may, for example, use the first letter of each word. It's really helpful. Sometimes I'll use the reference including verse numbers. The verse will generally be one that is relatively obscure.
    God Bless You!

  6. Lovely and delightful...

    So full of truth.

    I am so glad that the PIN required to get us to heaven is no secret... yes, we can shout it, share it with others...

    I love how you shared about guarding your PIN number. To a forgful person like me, I do need to have it written down... then I forget where I wrote it. Oh dear...

    Thanks for this post, I am reading it from cool and lovely CHiang Mai. Greetings and blessings to you today, dear friend.


  7. Hi Sharon -

    Interesting what you did with this. Yes, a relevant twist indeed.

    I heard Pastor Creflo recently say that his password to get into heaven is "THE BLOOD OF JESUS." Hallelujah for the precious blood of the LAMB OF GOD WHO IS THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDA - WHO PREVAILS!

  8. Blessings Sharon!!! Yes, Shouting 53787...but I do not need an access PIN... Since He is the WAY, the ONLY WAY and Our Father is available 24/7 like a cash machine but since we have a relationship, I don't need to push any buttons. Just HIS NAME! Too many of us go to Him and think that He is just a cash machine. (sorry:0(

    Love this almost as much as the last one!

    Anyways, just cuz i'm not as vigilant, SUPER SUNDAY and MOORE 4 MONDAY, and TUNES 4 TUES. and maybe WFW will still be there!!! So c'mon.

    Thank you so much for the prayers! This one was already resolved for my personal involvement but the young couple and 5 mos. old are back on the streets sleeping and begging. They were involved with something I cannot tolerate in my rental house or in their lives and they chose to continue the practice of tarot when they had told me they were Catholic, and that it was a gift from God. I know better. Even the Catholic catechism is against this. It is divination and that is totally contrary to me and my beliefs and my Lord. So you can see why I needed prayers and God's direction and protection. Now cleansing of the home I live in. And a heart that is broken for the innocent babies involved that receive the curse passed on. (ohhh and I'm sharing more here than on my own blog because you do not have an email connected to your comment).

    peace and JOY

    see 332243 I remembered from you and your mistake

  9. Audrey - WELCOME! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this! It's true - we have a wonderful PIN!

    332243 - Nice try. And yes, I DID hear you in California! We have a wonderful Jesus, don't we? The PIN that opened the door to Heaven! Thinking makes your head hurt, too? (Actually, I knew that...) As always, you make me 76453...(I'll tell you later)

    Joan - Thanks for your kind comment. You bring up a great word - ACCESS. That is the greatest gift that Jesus brought us - access to a holy God, and the privilege of approaching the throne boldly!!

    Shay - WELCOME! And thanks so much for joining me on my journey! Maybe it's the English major in me, but I'm always trying to come up with an analogy or "word picture" to help me grasp a spiritual idea. And if someone else "gets" it - I'm happy! What a TERRIFIC idea about using Scripture to create a PIN. I just LOVED that idea - will keep that in mind!

    Lidj - Thank you. Isn't it such a privilege to be able to SHOUT our Savior's name! There have been times in my life when I "forgot" Him - but praise His name, He never forgot me!! Hope you're enjoying a lovely time in Chiang Mai.

    Sandra - I like the password! And you have used my favorite name for Jesus - The Lion of the tribe of Judah. What a thrill it is to say - HE PREVAILS!!

    GOD BLESS, everyone! Shout your PIN to the world...

    (P.S. Debbie - you make me SMILE...)

  10. 73449 - I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! And you are just SO clever!! :)
    Yes, I can see how this situation really required prayers. And I'm glad it got resolved, even though it must have been painful for you. Doing the right thing isn't always painless, is it? God will bless you for taking a stand, though - we know that, don't we? And we will continue to pray for the babies - for God's protection, and a way out for them...

    I'll be linking up on Super Sunday over at Bible Pick 'Ems -


  11. Hi Sharon,

    I don't usually come back to a blog post but so glad that I did come back to this one and read your responses and the comments.

    So fantastic and creative, shouting out 53787 because He is so worthy of ALL our praise and honor! To Him alone be ALL the GLORY as Lord of lord and King of kings and ohhh how I'm with you in loving the name of the Lion of Judah... like Aslan too(we share that love! Anywhoooo, the reason I wanted to respond is to say I can't wait to see what you might do with the SCRIPTURE idea of a PIN (but I mean as a new challenge to write about)not the actual use - that could be a long PIN! But just the reference number may work. Like Isaiah 61:1 472424611

    Praise God! You raise the bar and I'll see you and the Bible Pick 'ums at SS!!! Thanks! EnJOY a great weekend... it's time for me to go out for street ministry and prayer walk but I drive for safety now. Thank for your continual prayer!

  12. Peggy - Thanks for coming back! YAY - you love Aslan, too! I just saw "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" on Thursday. I loved it. It's funny really - in each of the three movies, I've been entranced by the story, of course - but I have found myself just WAITING for Aslan to appear! It must be that part of my spirit that feels the same way! Praying for your safety, and your effectiveness in your ministry.

    And I'm stumped! I've been staring at my phone trying to figure out your PIN - looked up the verse, too. Hmmm...can you give me a hint? :)


  13. Hi Sharon,
    Just loved your post! The analogy is great! You are so good and creative in this area. I agree with whoever commented that you should gather your posts together and make a book out of them.
    They are great!


  14. I enjoyed this very imaginative post...PINS are a necessity of life nowadays...but the only one imprinted on my heart is 53787! Praise the Lord!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog and the kind birthday wishes for my son....>

  15. Janis - You're very kind. I'm glad you liked the analogy - maybe it's just the ol' English major in me. I'm always trying to think of something that helps me gain a greater insight to God's truths. Thinking about a book - hmmm... Pray for direction in that, OK?

    Karen - Thank you. Praise the Lord for HIS pin on our hearts! It is what "seals" us in His name! Hope you had a wonderful birthday with your son. I know how very special they are to us...

    GOD BLESS, friends.


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