Sunday, May 22, 2011

BIBLE PICK EMS - Accident Forgiveness

Weren't we all teenagers at some point in our lives?

Notice I'm not asking how long ago that was!

Did you ever do anything you felt REALLY bad about?

(OK, I better see every hand raised out there in Blog Land!!)

I can recall one incident so vividly, it’s like it happened last week.

My dad and uncle owned a business in Pasadena. And at some point in time, they decided that it was a good idea to lease two company cars – two brand-new 1970 Pontiac Firebirds. I'm pretty sure that this was my "hot shot" uncle's idea!

My dad's car was awesome!

One night, I needed to borrow a car to go to a church party. OK, I'm 16, the ink is barely dry on my driver's license, and my dad lets me use HIS car. He actually offered it to me!

I know!! Honestly, what was he thinking?!

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I graciously accepted…

"OK, Dad, if you insist."

I went to the party, and when it was over, a bunch of my friends and I thought it would be cool to drive over and see a boy that I had a secret crush on – because I was behind the wheel of a radically "hot" car.

We thought this was a great idea, because nothing screams "GOOD DECISION" like a car full of 16-year-old girls!

Anyway, we got to talking, got to flirting, and time ran away. When I finally headed home, my 11:00 PM curfew had disappeared in a teenage fog of…

Oh, he's so cute!
Do you think he likes me?
How's my hair look?


OK, so now it’s like 1:00 in the morning, it's pouring rain, and I have to park the car in the garage. Our driveway was very steep, and Dad parked his car on the right-hand side of the garage, so you had to make kind of a sharp turn at the top of the driveway, just past a retaining wall.

You KNOW what's coming, don't you?

Yes, I made that turn, just a LITTLE early, and heard the most awful sound as "brand-new" Firebird met concrete block wall. Man, it still hurts today.

I tried backing up…SCRAPE.
I tried going forward…SCRAPE.

The car was sorta stuck on the wall.

In a panic, I finally just gunned the engine and the car leapt forward, almost piling into the corner of the garage. I got the car parked, and looked at it. There was a huge dent, and massive scratches right through the paint, all along the whole side of the car. OH MAN! I quietly entered the house so I wouldn’t disturb anyone's sleep…

OK, OK, yes…I was trying to sneak in! You guys are awful strict!

I was almost to my bedroom when I noticed my mom sitting alone in the dark, shivering with fever and chills, sicker than a dog with the flu, waiting up for me.

I didn't sleep much that night.

The next morning I got up early, bringing all $200 in my savings account, to confess to my dad what I had done to his car. He told me to keep my moneyhe would "take care of it." My dad didn't get mad, he didn't punish me – He forgave me.

Jesus told His disciples a similar principle about forgiveness, and it's found in today's "Bible Pick 'Ems":

"If another believer sins, rebuke that person; then if there is repentance, forgive. Even if that person wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks for forgiveness, you must forgive." (Luke 17:3-4)

Jesus took forgiveness very seriously – it was His whole mission on earth.

Can we do any less?

"…and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us." (Matthew 6:12)

"'Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?'
'No, not seven times,’ Jesus replied, ‘but seventy times seven!'"
(Matthew 18:21-22)

"When in doubt, search God out!"


  1. Great reminder of how we are to forgive others as our Father has forgiven us.

    When you came to your Dad offering what you had to pay for the car, that is a great analogy of how our resources are never enough to pay for our own sins. However, Jesus paid it all!


  2. Well that was the nicest story I have heard about forgiveness. You were blessed to have such a wonderful father making you realize that your Heavenly Father was like that as well.

    I have to be honest - there are not many like that. People in general either.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    This story is beautiful, your dad really reflected the love of God back to you. It was a brand new car, and your dad trusted you enough to lend it to you...and I am sure he must have been aware of the risks in doing that.

    How healing this incident must have been to you.

    And your sick mother staying up for you. What a beautiful story to remember.

    I have no doubt that because they modeled love to you, you have learned love from their real life example to you.

    Thank you for sharing this story!


  4. Wisdom to know the difference between what you can and cannot change. That’s all you can really have. That, to me, is the true essence of forgiveness.
    Wonderful post....
    Sweet Blessings.

  5. Beautiful story of forgiveness. When our parents act Christlike it makes it easier for us to believe in the forgiveness of our Heavenly Father. I'm so thankful you (and I) had that kind of earthly father.


  6. Oh I wish I had such forgiving parents. I just thank the Lord he is so forgiving. I think if that had been me I would have been so afraid of my parents I would have run away. I am so glad to know I don't have to run away from the Lord. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.

  7. what a great example of forgiveness you can remember, Sharon, and equate on how Jesus wants us to forgive those who have done "wrong doings" to us. I am also sure that you were so very careful afterwards whenever you got a car to drive and were home by curfew :)


  8. Ohhhh, love this story! Thanks for sharing it again and reminding me about forgiveness and how much I have been forgiven.
    Grace- unlimited- forgiveness-unweilding...
    love you!

  9. Forgiveness can be the toughest topic for Christians. Our sin natures keep putting the "yeah, but..." into the story and scripture where it was not inspired to be. I've seen it time and time again in my teaching AND in my own mirror.

    No buts about it.

  10. Joan - So true! We have nothing to give Him to pay the debt of sin. That is the true wonder of grace - the unconditional forgiveness that we were given through His blood.

    Sandie - This was one of my dad's finest moments! I learned a great lesson. And I agree, there aren't enough *forgivers* out there...

    Lidj - Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, my parents made mistakes - we all do - but I never once doubted that they loved me. And after all, isn't that the greatest gift? It's what our Heavenly Father gave to us...

    Virginia - WELCOME! What a pleasure to have you stop by - and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment. You've spoken so wisely on this issue of forgiveness. Blessings to you - and please visit again!

    Pamela - Yes, it's an amazing responsibility to represent our Heavenly Father to our children. I was very fortunate to be loved by my parents, and they were instrumental in teaching me how to love my kids.

    Carrie - I'm glad you liked this story. Now, don't get me wrong - I WAS pretty scared to face my dad! But, I knew that he loved me and he would be fair. And those are two things that also make me unafraid to approach God.

    Betty - I had two more little fender-benders (I got distracted!!) - and I only broke curfew one more time. (Slow learner, I guess!) Fortunately, I was forgiven on those occasions, too. And I am SO grateful for a Heavenly Father who forgives me far past the *seventy times seven*.

    Janet - Thanks, buddy. You know how much I appreciate the restoring and refreshing forgiveness of the Lord. You know how much I did NOT deserve it - and you know how grateful I am for it. It truly is UN-limited.

    Debbie - I'd have to agree. Forgiveness is tough, tough, tough. It's all too easy to let a tiny root of hurt and anger grow into a tree of bitterness - and it poisons the whole soul. (Hate looking in that old mirror sometimes, don't you?!)


  11. I came across your blog by way of Spiritual Sundays although I am pretty confident I read about you in a post over on Peggy's blog yesterday.. perhaps it was God whispering, "Go, Visit, Read and Learn" Well He knows I don't always listen the first time so He had to get me here another way :) Thank you for the knowledge you share, it really means a lot to come to a place online and read about others experiences and how God intertwines with them all. The lessons and even scriptures are easier to digest when I read about another believers journey.

    Thank you and blessings to you!

  12. Misty - WELCOME!! I am so pleased to have you visit, and to join me on the exciting journey of faith! We are all part of the Body of Christ, and it is great to be able to share with each other. It's all about encouraging and equipping each other to do the work the Lord sets before us. I know that I have gained so much from the blessing of blogging friends. I am so glad to have the chance to get to know you!

    All to His glory - GOD BLESS!

    (And yes - that was me on Peggy's blog on Friday!)


"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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