Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm a skeptic.

I might have been born that way – but I doubt it (please tell me you got that pun…groan).

But I've just read something that has caused me to pause, to ponder…

I'm part of a neighborhood Book Club that meets once a month. This past month we read "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. It's been the #1 New York Times Bestseller for 26 weeks.

It's the story about a young boy, Colton, who almost died from a burst appendix – and the story of his miraculous survival and recovery. But it's also the story of what happened in the months that followed – when Colton (not quite four years old) began to relate stories of his visit to Heaven.

I'm not inclined to believe such stories – but this one was compelling.

Upon finishing the book, I realized something.

It sorta didn't matter what I thought about the book – it's what it made me feel. Uplifted. Moved. Encouraged. Hopeful.

And the one thing that stuck out in my mind was the way that Colton described the eyes of Jesus –

"And his eyes," Colton had said. "Oh, Dad, his eyes are so pretty!"

It reminded me of my post on Monday, on what it would be like to actually look into the face of Jesusinto His eyes right now.

I try to picture Jesus' eyes through the Scriptures. Sometimes His eyes were happy. Sometimes they were sad. Sometimes they were angry. Sometimes they were tired. Sometimes they were distant. Sometimes they were intense.

Can you even imagine – being able to look into the eyes of God?

I'm not sure what to make of this book…

…but it's made me think about Jesus.

And it's been an interesting thinking, if you know what I mean. Because it's been on my mind so much lately – if I could just see Jesus…

I can't explain it – but somehow in reading this book, and using my imagination – and I think through something that's happening in my spiritI have a newer sense of Jesus being right here…in person.

It doesn't matter what He looks like so much – because in some way, I feel like I can actually see Him…

…and His eyes are focused on me.

I am the beauty in the eye of The Beholder.

How would you picture the eyes of our Savior?

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  1. I haven't read this yet but have been tempted to grab a copy. Thanks for the review.

  2. I'm one who likes to picture His eyes. When I think of God the Father, I always picture his hands. When I think of the Son, it's always the eyes. They are gentle and loving and brown for some reason.

    I lack the ability to describe it any better.

  3. ...and His eyes are focused on me...
    I needed to be reminded of that today. Thank you, Sharon

  4. Sharon - it kind of scares me to think of him looking at me - knowing what all I've done - but I know his eyes will be gentle and loving.

  5. WARM and filled with compassion!

    Bless you Sharon... behold HIS eyes gently looking into yours with unconditional love that looks beyond all our failings (in fact, He no longer sees them 'cuz they have been wiped away). His eyes embrace us and we drink in the LOOK OF LOVE and feel CHERISHED! "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face..."

    Ya' GOTTA GO SEE THIS YOU TUBE...(not a song)

    "Heidi Baker-Eyes of Jesus"
    she descibes His eyes...

  6. ...and then in all His beauty and Glory... I see

    Tears of Love!
    Tears of Joy!
    Tears of Compassion!
    Tears of understanding!
    Tears held back!
    Tears flowing freely!
    Tears that dispel pain and suffering!
    Tears that say "well done"!

    (couldn't help it...had to come back and share more that came to me as I stepped away-maybe my blog post influenced my vision)

    His eyes are PRECIOUS and ENCOMPASS all!

  7. his eyes, kind, compassionate, loving, forgiving, all knowing, twinkling, joyful, patient, clear bright radiant, beautiful! I have heard that story about the boy on Haven Today on the radio. I don't know. You know, I question a lot when I hear accounts like this, but if I am to believe that his parents didn't prod him too much but let him talk, perhaps it is true. I just don't know. but what I do know is ONE DAY sooner than we realize, we will see Jesus face to face, eye to eye, and I can only imagine (I know, cheesy, but I can only imagine what that moment will be......)

    betty (still anonymous_

  8. Parsley - If you do read it, I'd love to hear your opinion of it. It's a quick read - and it is uplifting.

    Debbie - I always see His eyes as brown, too. Deep brown - kind, gentle eyes. Love how you picture the Father's hands, and the Son's eyes. I never thought of that before. It's kinda true for me, too. And I suppose I always think of the Holy Spirit as a breath...

    Anita - You're welcome. I needed to be reminded myself. His eyes never leave us - We are never out of His sight.

    Sandie - I know what you mean. There have been several times that I'd be scared to look into those eyes of His - I would hate to see the tears I'd caused by my bad behavior. But, I'm sure that even in those moments, His eyes would still be kind.

    Peggy - Beautiful thoughts!! By the way, your post about tears was truly special. I loved how you quoted that old song - turn your eyes upon Jesus... I think if I looked full into His wonderful face, I'd just never stop crying with gratitude!

    Betty - I have reservations about stories like this, too. But, I took the message of hope out of it. And for that, I enjoyed the read. I LOVED your adjectives to describe Jesus' eyes - especially twinkling, radiant, bright. I think I would love to see Jesus' eyes when He laughs, wouldn't you??


  9. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for this eye full...

    ...another thing that I know for sure is that JESUS doesn't have Betty Davis eyes. (smiles)
    Remember that song?

    Revelation 19:12 - KJV
    His eyes were as a flame of fire,...

  10. Sandra - You always make me smile! :) I do remember that song! (We're just oldies but goodies, aren't we??)

    LOVE the Scripture. Oh, to see those eyes burning with love for His children...and to know that I am one of them...GLORY!!



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