Monday, May 16, 2011


Last Wednesday, Blogger had a hiccup.

And then, it had a meltdown.

Now, if you're an occasional blogger – it might not have affected you too much.

But if you're like me – a "One-A-Day" blogger (just like the vitamin) – well, it sorta put a crimp in my style.

At first, I thought it was just my blog that had gone down. Then, I quickly realized that it was a problem in Blog Land. I felt better not being alone with my withdrawal symptoms but it was still quite unsettling.

I felt oddly alone – isolated…

"Helloooo, is anybody out there?"

I couldn't wait to get back online.

But in the lonely hours, I learned a few things. And you just knew that I'd blog about it, didn't you???

First of all, I realized how many friends I've made through blogging. True, real-life friends. I realized that you really can learn about a person through the words they write. I feel like I know you all – those little profile faces of yours represent your feelings, your family, your faith. I feel privileged to be included in your life.

And I learned how we couldn't be more united in our purposes and our hearts than if we all lived in the same town.

I realized that I love you guys out there!

Really and truly – and I appreciate each one of you. How you have encouraged and exhorted me, convicted and challenged me. You have been influential in my life in more ways than you know.

Second, I realized that all this is possible because of the unifying work of Jesus Christ. We are all part of His Body. There are no "random" meetings in God's Kingdom – and that includes those that happen in Blog Land. We were all brought together for a reason. And I am overjoyed to be walking alongside you. We have important work to do, and we must help each other do it.

Third, I realized that I have learned a certain amount of discipline through my blogging. The avenue of blogging has taught me how to write on a regular basis. That in itself is a blessing. But it's a blessing for another very important reason.

I realized that God has used this blog to have a dialogue with me.

We've been talking – He and I. Mostly, He's been talking, and I've been listening.

I blogged about that last week. (Thanks, Blogger – that one kinda got lost – but I reposted…gotcha!!)

God has worked in my heart through blogging. He's been shaping and changing me, conforming me to His image. He's been sharing His heart with me. Oh, such precious joy that is!!

And finally, I realized that if Blogger completely *blew up* – and ceased to exist – then God would find another way to get His word out. And I would do everything in my power to find a way to be part of it.

Our God will not be stopped. He is working His purposes – and they will be fulfilled – NO MATTER WHAT!

My friends and I will speak the Word of the Lord, and with His blessings, we will keep on spreading His message…

Take that, Blogger.

"Blogger, me thinketh thou stinketh…"

But the Lord marches on.

BLOG = "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Oh amen to much of this. Excellent Post, thanks for sharing, doesn't Satan, just like to try and disrupt, cause friction and wreck these on line relationships that are bought into fruition by God. He will not win.

    God Bless - love Nita.

  2. Yes, the issues with Blogger were frustrating. Almost made me want to switch to Wordpress (free blog) - even though I tried it for a while and didn't care for the limitations. However, a self-hosted Wordpress blog was looking pretty good.

    But, the issues with blogger inspired a post - coming up later this week.

    And Sharon, I so appreciate you. Even though we haven't met in person, I consider you a friend (and of course, we are sisters in Christ). I'm thankful for you.


  3. Thankfully Blogger shut down on a busy weekend so it didn't affect me much. It was frustrating when I wanted to comment on a blog. I, too, realized how much I love my blog friends who are used by God to discipline and encourage me through their writings.

    I hope you week is peaceful.

  4. I echo what you said, Sharon. I also realized how much we depend on the internet for our social connections and how much I missed when I couldn't find out how people were doing by reading their blogs. Also made me wonder am I spending too much time on here (LOL). But you are right, God's word will get out no matter what way he chooses to do so, his kingdom will be advanced!!!


  5. Sharon,
    You shared my heart, in what God's taught you through blogging. I am encouraged by your confidence in God that if Blogger went kapooey, then He'd find another way... I hate the thought that I might never hear from some of you again, for I, too, treasure the friendships that I've made here. It was an interesting week, to say the least, not just Blogger down, but through the mess of remodeling, issues and trials, and I know the Lord is trying to teach me things. (It's hard to teach this "old dog" new tricks.) I will rejoice and be glad.
    Hope you and all your readers will come over and linkup at "Mondays Are Great!" Thanks so much for sharing these encouraging words, dearie! Love your feisty, "Take that!"
    Love you,

  6. Me thinketh thou stinketh.

    That's so funny!

    I left to go out of town pretty much right after it all started. I will selfishly admit that I was glad that FOR ONCE, it wasn't just me.

    But I hope it doesn't happen again.

  7. I totally agree with you!

    Hope I am one considered a true friend.

    I love you too!

  8. Hi Sharon, Stopping by from Monday's are G.R.E.A.t.! What a lovly post. You so encapsulated what I have been feeling. Blogger has been such a great avenue that God has used to connect me with other people and make great friendships. What a beatiful way to express that blogging is so so much more than just blogging :)

  9. Love this Sharon. God has purpose in all things even for blogland. I find it a pleasure and honor that he chose to have our paths cross. You and your writings has been a great source of encouragement and strength for me. May you continue to write for Him.

  10. Well it just ate my comment!!! LOL Now I will try to start over.

    Can you hear me applauding? I love this post from beginning to end, you haven't missed anything!

    I feel the same way and just don't have the talent you have to put it into words.

    Thanks for allowing me to stop be inspired, to grow and enjoy meeting one more sister in Christ...Heaven is going to be great.

    And when God changes venue...I will be there to see the next one He wants to move through in my life...for now, I am preaching to myself on my blog and He is healing and strengthening I grow through everyone else's blogs and my own blogging.

  11. Nita - Yes, Satan does everything he can to destroy the good things of God. And he delights in wrecking relationships. You're right, though - he will not win. And I am thankful that God brings so many of us together through blogging.

    Joan - I am also very thankful for you. I can't wait to read your post about this Blogger fiasco. Do you know that the whole thing kinda reminded me of one of those emergency system announcements on TV - "This is just a test."

    Pamela - Thank you for your kind thoughts. This week is going to be challenging - would appreciate your prayers. But, God continues to speak to me - and so often He uses my blogging friends to do it. I'm so thankful for all of you!

    Betty - Yeah, God had to speak to me a little bit about time management. However, I still feel His leading to be out here blogging. He has purpose for our work in Blog Land. As you said, His Kingdom will be advanced. And His followers will band together, bonding in their common goal - to spread His Word!

    Wendy - I talk a big talk. Truth be told, I was a little freaked out. What would happen if Blogger blew up? Was I truly ready to let that go? I had to come to the realization that it's all about God, and if blogging disappears, then that has to be His Will. It's His responsibility to speak - where and when and how. I just have to obedient, and speak when He tells me to. And really, He's been saying so much to me through blogging - I'm very thankful for that.

    Debbie - Actually, I was inspired by one of your emails when you stated, "I stinketh." It cracked me up. So, you inspired my witty comeback here. You missed all the fun - and no, it wasn't you. It was all of us - however, I didn't have a shiny red Kodak to take photos of my dismay...

    Sandie - ABSOLUTELY! You are definitely one of my true friends! I am so grateful for our paths crossing! God has mighty things to accomplish in both of us, don't you think? I'm excited to see what's coming!

    Jami - WELCOME! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment. Yes, blogging has done a lot for my faith journey. I hadn't planned on that - and that is how God seems to work, isn't it?? He is the author of wonderfully unexpected surprises! You have encouraged me so much today.

    Wanda - Thank you. I know that God's hand was in our meeting. It's so wonderful to watch His hand work. People complain that the Internet is an impersonal place. But I have found that God is working there - and He is creating special friendships in the Body of Christ through this avenue. Keep your writing going too - you bless me.

    Janette - OK, is there something wrong with me? I laughed at the irony of your comment being eaten! Thank you for your kind comments. And I really liked how you phrased it - "I am preaching to myself on my blog." That was exactly what I was saying! I feel so fortunate to have met you - and I look forward to walking the next steps of our journey alongside one another.

    Love to you all - you mean the world to me.


  12. Sharon,
    Have I told you lately that I love your way with words? Well, God has gifted you and I, for one, am so grateful that you are using your gifts to bless and encourage others through blogging. I can't imagine not having "met" you. I am praying for you this week (maybe I missed it, but I don't know why this is a challenging week, but God knows).
    Love you, friend,

  13. I looked at it as a period of rest. ;)

    (But it was perfectly timed with a period of writer's block and a birthday for Sarah, so it was actually okay. Kind of. Though it became a sort of game to check in. Is it working? Isn't it working?)

    I agree with you, and never would have imagined a decade or so ago that real, true friendships can be made in a cyber-world. I have found such encouragement through like-minded people, and have learned so much from not-so-like-minded people that I've "met" in the blogosphere.

    I most definitely think that your blog is a ministry. Your inspired words speak to me every time I read, whether I actually tell you that daily or not. Just know it's true!

    ***You've got a friend in me!*** :)

  14. Wendy - How sweet of you to say that! Thank you! I am so very grateful for my blogging friends. And I could never tell you how much I appreciate your prayers. I haven't blogged about the "challenge" - perhaps I will. But, I can't tell you how your words have encouraged me, and how much it bolsters my spirit to know you've got my spiritual *back*!!

    Jennie - OK, I cracked up. Because I was so glad to hear that I wasn't the only one incessantly checking in on Blogger's status. (All right - maybe you didn't say you did it incessantly - but just to know you did it made me feel better). Thanks for your kind words - they are really so appreciated. You are a treasured friend - I actually feel rather attached to you, like the daughter I never had. (Too mushy?? I really mean it, though!!)



"So [I] have been greatly encouraged in the midst of [my] troubles and suffering, dear brothers and sisters, because you have remained strong in your faith. It gives [me] new life to know that you are standing firm in the Lord. How [I] thank God for you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:7-9)

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