Thursday, May 19, 2011


OK, it's been a while since I did something just for fun.

So, today's blog post will be fun…(at least that's my intention!)

I was inspired by a game I used to play with my brother and sister. It was called "Mad Libs."

Basically, one person had the "Mad Libs" booklet with pre-printed stories in it. Within the story, there were blanks that had to be filled in with words provided by the other players (players who were not aware of the story line). For instance, I might read, "The (noun) drove his car around the block, and (verb) it at the corner." Once the blanks were all filled in, one person would read the completed story, with the silly words inserted into it.

My brother, sister, and I used to have so much fun doing "Mad Libs."

Of course, the older we got, the more the game deteriorated into using every inappropriate word we could think of. We laughed so hard we thought we'd die. That is, until my mom would tell us to get rid of "those" stories. And we did – we hid them in a jar on the bookshelf so we could read them again when she wasn't listening!

(Bad, bad children…)

Actually, it was a clever way to teach the various parts of speech – noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.

It was certainly better than my 9th grade English teacher trying to teach a roomful of 14-year-old hooligans grammar. He was a nice man, but we called him Mr. Dull if that's any clue.

Really, he gave boring a whole new meaning – unless of course, you mean boring as in drilling a painful hole right through my head…

I'm sorry, but he truly spoke like a cadaver. He didn't have a voice that could wake the dead – he had the capacity to turn adolescents into the walking dead

"Now class, take out your pencils and get ready to diagram sentences."

OK, I've got a diagram for you – a diagram of the best way to escape this torture chamber and end this sentence of solitary tedium!

WOW! I digress (subject: I – a noun/predicate: digress – a verb)…

So, today I'm making up my own "Mad Libs" story using spam blocker words.

Once upon a time, Sam and Shelley fell in love and got married. One night, while they were still newlyweds, they got into a maratift (small marital tiff). Evidently, the brouhaha started after they had spent the day at the beach.

Sam asked Shelley what he thought was a simple questini (a small, inconsequential question).

"Shelley, what happened with your bathing suit straps today? You've got a weird tanscu (weird tan lines skewed out of position)."

Shelley, without a word, pulled a suitcase out of the closet, and began to packstac (piling in clothes with no attention to order or neatness).

"What are you doing?" Sam asked.

"Sam, you are such a creuseb (cretin, substitute person). Why can't you get a clewa (BIG clue)?"

Sam's face started to have a mictic (a facial spasm which closely resembles Mick Jagger's snarl). He tried really hard to come up with a good torth (retort that's worthy).

"Shelley, sweetheart, let me splin (a nervous lapsing into Desi Arnaz’s accent). It was just a jectoke (jesting joke).”

"I'm not laughing,” she said. And with anger in her voice, she took out a pair of sessers (serious scissors) and cut the straps off of her bathing suit top.

"What did you do that for?" Sam cried. Then he quickly recovered his senses. "Wait, sweetie. It's OK. I'm sorry. Can I get something to make you happy?"

"Yes, ilati (shorthand lingo for “I’d like a latte")."

"OK," said Sam. "Is there anything else?"

"Well," Shelley said as she tried to poider (exploitive pondering). "I really need some new clothes. I don't like a closet with ledesses (shorthand lingo for less dresses)."

Sam, a newlywed man, a smart newlywed man, quickly replied, "You got it. Let's go shopping!"

Shelley turned away from Sam and smirked. After all, a woman always gets herwei(I think you got that one!)


What's my spiritual lesson today? C'mon – you knew there'd have to be something to learn!

It's this – anyone can make up a story using gibberish words.

But, there is only…

One Story

Full of Absolute Truth

Written by The Author

The LORD God Almighty Himself

And in His Word

There is Salvation!!

BLOG = "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. I bigasmild from beginning to end.

    Proof positive that what sounds like gibberish babbling to one person sounds like a deep and meaningful point to another.

    It's kind of like that with the Word. To some, it sounds as much like gibberish as your made up words. And then, the Holy interpreter steps in and makes sense of the whole thing.

    I used to love Mad Libs too.
    And, now don't call me a dead man walking, but I also love to diagram sentences just for fun.

  2. Love the way you weave a lesson into a just for fun post. If we pay attention there is a lesson to be learned in just about anything. All the best to you.

  3. I have never heard of that game...well grammar still isn't my strong suit, but this would be fun for all my guys, older and the 15 year old who hates grammar lessons.

    You are just tooooooo creative, but I see where you got your gift, it started years ago.

    Thanks for the lesson...always a spiritual truth to be seen in all events of life...He just shouts to us His love.

  4. Hahaha! I loved all of your creative words and loved the game as a kid, too. However, you really hit the nail on the head with the message. You're such a wonderfully gifted writer.

  5. You know I played that and put a real word in it - did I do it wrong? I didn't play like you did.

    It was sure funny though - I loved it.

  6. cute post Sharon!! and you are right, we definitely have the truest best author who never twists and turns words around, isn't that neat???


  7. I LOVED madlibs! But we used real words, too, not gibberish. Funny stuff here! lol :) I wonder if they still make them? My kids would love them. :)

  8. Too funny! I just had one when I posted a comment, "spuglist". I can only imagine.

    But I'm thankful for the One who is Faithful and True.

  9. Very clever, Sharon! Sometimes those comment verification words make me chuckle! I used to love Mad Libs when I was in grammar school -- this post brought back some fun memories for me!

  10. I'm so glad that you all stopped by and had some fun with me!!

    Yes, we used to use *real* words for Mad Libs. I just decided to tweak the game a little and use spam verification words. I actually went to a friend's blog, and just kept hitting publish without filling in the comment area. Good old Blogger just kept spitting them out...(I guess sometimes they DO get it right...)

    Debbie - You're so clever! Yes, the Word of God is foolishness to those who are perishing. That makes me so sad. I'm praying for some people I know to have those "blinders" taken off! (And yes, truthfully, sometimes I also thought it was fun to diagram sentences - I just didn't spread the word - I was already enough of a dork...)

    Wanda - Thanks! Yup, God has a lesson in everything. We just have to have our spiritual eyes on the alert!

    Janette - You're too kind! Mad Libs was really fun - even though we sometimes crossed the line of good taste - I'm blaming my brother for that! HA! God is wonderful - sometimes He shouts, sometimes He whispers - but He's always talking to us, if we're willing to listen.

    Denise - How very sweet - thank you! I can only imagine a game of Mad Lib with the Georgia sisters. Did The Duchess supervise the shenanigans? Yes, the Lord has wonderful lessons - even when I'm being silly.

    Sandie - No, you played the game right. I just tweaked it a bit. Glad you had fun. I was feeling like a lot of my posts lately had been about *struggling* - so I thought I'd do a fun one. I copied your style!!

    Betty - AMEN to that! He is the Author of Absolute Truth. And boy, does it ever get twisted and turned around by the enemy. So many people are deceived - we must pray for them. And yes, God is so neat!!!

    Shelly - Yes, real words were the correct way to play. I just had some fun. I'm not sure if they have Mad Libs anymore - but it's really easy to make them up. I did that with my boys - just wrote my own stories with blanks. I used to do it sometimes in their classrooms. It's always a big hit!

    Joan - Faithful and True. I just love that name! Glad you had fun here today. Hmmm...spuglist. OK, here goes. "The Best in Show at the dog show was a new breed - a hybrid mix between a pug and a potato - it certainly made the Top Ten Spuglist."

    Michelle - I'm glad you liked this! Memories are fun. Yup, the comment verification words are so funny sometimes. Debbie, who commented above, likes to try to pronounce them. I always try to imagine a definition. Every now and then, a real word sneaks in. That is just so (adverb).


  11. This is FANTASTIC!!!! It is so nice to read a fun, silly post every once in a while! God loves to hear His children laugh!!!

  12. Alisa - Love that you loved this!! I had fun doing it. I do believe that God loves laughter, too. And so, I'm just wondering if spam verification words aren't HIS invention???? Hmmm...



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