Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am pale.

And because I was born and raised in Southern California, I want to get a tan. Yes, I know that it’s an oxymoron to say "healthy tan"but my 1960's/1970's mindset dies hard - and I just think I look healthier with a little *color* on me.

So, the other day a friend and I headed off to a nearby lake to soak in the sun (I got burned to a crisp, by the way…)

Yes, the lake is manmade (it's Southern California, folks), but it's still really pretty. And it's legit – about a mile in length, with an average depth of 30 feet (70 feet at its deepest) – it's stocked with many species of fish. It's really a fun place to sail, kayak, fish, paddleboat, barbeque, play volleyball…and yes, get a tan.

So, we're sitting on the shore – there are two "beaches" at this lake – when a small family arrives. There’s a mother, a grandmother, a young boy of about 7, and a cute little girl about 3 or 4. She's jabbering away as she walks…

Then, all of sudden, she comes to a dead stop, right at the edge of the sidewalk. Her eyes get as big as saucers, she does a very enthusiastic arm pump, and she squeals…


Then she jumps into the sand with all her might – and giggles. She runs around laughing and dancing the absolute picture of unvarnished and untarnished delight.

My friend and I look at each other with tears in our eyes, and the biggest grins on our faces.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I ask her.

She nods.

"Yeah," I say, "we should be like that."

You know, in spite of the darkness and the turmoil and the struggles of this life, it's still a beautiful world. It still bears the handprint of our Lord. It’s still a masterpiece of color, and texture, and smell…

It still belongs to the King.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of that fact.

I was reminded by a young girl who took delight in the smallest things. Who took nothing for granted. Who celebrated the wonder of it all – who literally jumped for joy.

So, yes…





And with a very enthusiastic arm pump, with unvarnished and untarnished delight, I'm squealing…


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  1. Oh to always look at the world with childlike delight! Ya IS a beautiful place! Thanks Sharon!!

  2. Tell, me...
    Was that cute little girl named Debbie by any chance? (I'm referencing the chatter, btw.)

    I think this is a little smidge of coming to him as a little child.

  3. Fun post...this is the joy I get to see each day with my 5 year old and it makes me stop and enjoy life. He loves sand, mud and every one of God's we have butterflies in the kitchen this morning, more hatched, June bugs in a jar...and I have jumped rope with him lately...don't remember how long it has been since I did that. I have also skipped...when was the last time you skipped? Boy it makes you feel young again.

    Isn't God good...he reminds us through children that life is just to short not to enjoy the sand, not to laugh out loud and release ourselves to Him.

  4. I think that is why Jesus says we need to come to him and have faith like a child; they are so exuberant in how they live life. Then we grow up and become cynical and bitter and worried and fearful and lose trust (oh wait I think I'm talking about myself) but you get my point, Sharon, like I get the point you made. We do need to enjoy life, enjoy God's creation, enjoy God and each other exuberantly and completely!

    Ouch on the sunburn! Sunscreen perhaps the next time??

    I do remember those tanning days from my teenage years.....what were we thinking?


  5. Hi Sharon -

    Here you have come from a colorful place that defines appreciation of joy via the gleeful actions of a child.

    Yes, Sharon, it is precious to receive such reminders....

    Thank you, dear friend.

  6. YEAH GOD!!!

    Yeah Sharon!

    Yeah friend!

    Yeah little girl who jumped for JOY!

    Simple pleasures... yeah GOD! Let us delight and JUMP for JOY!

    I too JUMPED for JOY!!! just for this joyous relationship in Christ we all can share... Yeah!

    Many blessings and childlike desires from Him,
    Peace, love and JOY...

    * be sure to check for an important email from me about post time of FF

  7. Oh yes! You know I love to enjoy the sun, the trees, the flowers, the lakes.... And just to think of our Creator! Yeah God!

    I want to be forever young at heart and enjoy.

  8. Joan - A childlike spirit - yes, I am thankful that there is a part of me that will always be that way. It is still our Father's world - and it still shines with beauty. YAY FOR HIM!

    Debbie - YES, her name was Debbie - how did you guess? Of course, you could have figured that out when I said she was cute! It's good to remind ourselves sometimes that the best part of us is the part that crawls up into the lap of our dearest friend, Jesus, and just smiles with unmitigated joy.

    Janette - Does it count if I skipped desert last night? I've gotta be honest with you - though I'm not sure I'd have the energy you do to raise a small boy - I envy the view of things you get to see through his eyes. Life is short, you're right - but we do have a very good God - and releasing ourselves to Him is the only way to enjoy it.

    Betty - Teenage tanning? We weren't thinking! And yes, next time sunscreen, less time in the sun, and maybe even a T-shirt! And your comments? Trust me, you weren't just talking about yourself. I also feel encumbered by life. But, you're right, it's good to return to exuberance (I love that you chose that word!)

    Sandra - So glad you liked this. Yes, we should be made gleeful when we think of the many wonders of God's creation. Maybe we just need to run around *barefoot* in our souls more often!

    Peggy - You summed it up with the phrase *simple pleasures* - that's exactly what I was talking about. We have a God who is definitely worth a YAY! I heard you jumping for joy - I held your hand and jumped, too! (I responded to the emails)

    Joan - I do know that you appreciate these things. And I know how those things make your heart turn to the awesome Creator of it all. Young at heart - that is a wonderful way to put it - and I too, want to be that way forever!


    Now go out there and JUMP FOR JOY!

  9. This is precious - and something I am blessed to get to experience with my little sidekicks pretty often!

    But then again, I'm pretty easily-excited too. You are right, it's SO not hard to find God's handiwork wherever we look!

  10. Jennie - I think it's absolutely vital to keep that childlike spirit within our hearts. I don't ever want to lose that sense of wonder, that joy at the Lord's world.

    Your sidekicks are helping me to experience it, too!

    It isn't hard to find God's handiwork - we just have to put on our *little girl eyes*!!



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