Friday, October 15, 2010


Welcome to "Fan the Flame" Friday.

This is a weekly post that will be "short and sweet" (kinda like me...)

Just a word and a phrase, a sentence or a question...just a little something to "fan the flame" of your creativity!

Today's word: mercy

What does the word "mercy" mean to you?
Do you think mercy and pity are the same thing? Why or why not?

Let me know what you think!!

“This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you…For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:6-7)

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  1. Hi Sharon -

    Here is my "raw" answer:

    If I want mercy - I sure better give it!

    Another answer:

    GOD in His mercy and grace saved our wretched undeserving souls. He commands us to have His characteristics, of which mercy is one.

    I believe that I heard it said that mercy is that when we do wrong, we do NOT get what we deserve - we get mercy.

    Interesting that you would post this today because this morning I heard Pastor Creflo Dollar tell about when he caught one of his deacons stealing from the church. The Lord told Pastor Dollar to write the thief a check for the amount that he stole. Pastor Dollar was reluctant but obeyed the Lord. The deacon could NOT handle the love/mercy. Pastor Dollar stated that the deacon left the church. Whatever...Pastor Dollar obeyed GOD.

    I believe that that was mercy shown by Pastor Dollar as instructed by our Lord.


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  2. Hi Sharon,

    What does the word "mercy" mean to you?
    I believe mercy is having compassion for another that moves me to do something about their condition, circumstance or situation.

    Do you think mercy and pity are the same thing? Why or why not?
    I do not think mercy and pity are the same. When I have mercy, I'm moved to change something in someone's life for the better. When I have pity, I am simply feeling sorrow for someone's condition, circumstance or situation, but I do nothing to help change things.

    Blessings and peace.


  3. Sharon, thank you for the kind words on my post...

    To "shows" mercy and "has" pity...also, mercy is given when it is not deserved...

  4. mercy-compassion, kindness

    How God is so kind and compassionate to us that even though we are such sinners, he loves us so much that he was willing to send his only son to us. And how Jesus was so compassionate that he gave his life for us so that we can live eternally with him; and how Jesus was so compassionate when he walked this earth, caring and serving others

    I'm glad God is merciful towards me, I truly don't deserve it, his kindness and compassion continually amaze me!


  5. Blessings Sharon... Thank you so much for your visit which reminded me it's time to Fan the Flame! And as you wrote to me:

    "What a wonderfully gracious Lord we have! He doesn't just fix us - He TRANSFORMS us!"

    ...that's how I see MERCY! Mercy is shown. Mercy means the giving of grace to people who don't deserve it, or showing compassion to someone you have power or authority over such as
    God gives us His mercy unmerited. Mercy causes me to change the situation and make it better.

    What I find so beautiful in God's Word is when people came to Jesus for healing, they cried out, "Lord, have mercy"(not Lord, heal us)for the Lord to "show His mercy" however some versions interchangeably say, Lord, pity us, meaning to have pity on them.

    So, though I do not see mercy and pity as the same usually, with Jesus it seems they may be.
    Pity leads you to want to help them if you could. Pity demands compassion. Pity comes more from an emotional connection. Mercy calls for action. Mercy is rooted in love. God shows mercy because God loves us and forgives us. Mercy is cause for hope.

    This has caused me to ponder back & forth, because I usually think of pity (as with pity party)not so admirable, and mercy as coming from God. I may pity someone's condition but I guess I never think of having mercy on someone, but can show them mercy and share God's mercy. I can forgive others that may not deserve forgiveness but I never thought of that as I had mercy on them.

    I can feel pity for someone suffering, distressed, or in a difficult circumstance.
    Yet self-pity is a pit I need to stay out of... hmmm lots to ponder...

    I tried not to read the other comments first when I come to respond and now I went back to view them... ohhh I like what they said... food for thought. Good responses.

    I love your beautiful prayer at the top. I am so thankful that God is merciful towards me and His mercies are new every morning though unearned and undeserved. Taking liberty with your prayer:

    Oh Lord, SHOW ME WHERE TO SHOW MERCY, for I give myself to You and thank You for Your mercies.
    TEACH ME TO SHOW MERCY & HAVE PITY for others, for You are my God.
    LEAD ME FORWARD to show mercy and have pity through a heart of compassion, for I am Your servant and I love You and want more of Your Godly character in me: Mercy and Pity.
    OPEN my eyes to injustices to take pity and move me to show mercy!!! GIVE ME LOVE OF OTHERS so that I will be filled with mercy, compassion & pity.

    Thanks Sharon! I have a new outlook on pity and a fresh appreciation for God's mercy. I like how this really makes me think and work through what I believe or have simply accepted in faith.

    Love & peace,

  6. Sandra - What an interesting story about Pastor Dollar - and interesting that the recipient of mercy did not accept it. Sadly, it's like that with the Lord's sacrifice - the ultimate act of mercy (as you said, NOT getting what we deserve). And yet, people still turn their backs on the gift. Mercy is an ACT, regardless of the RESPONSE (and the act of mercy is not diminished if it isn't responded to).
    (p.s. I went over and did your quiz - I like that idea, it's fun!!)

    MTJ - You are an insightful person, my friend. I REALLY liked your distinction between mercy and pity. Really well-done! Mercy moves one to ACTION - pity is passive ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Mercy seeks to better someone's situation - pity just stops at the feeling. Very interesting...

    Karen - I'm so glad to hear from you! I was concerned. You have said what MTJ said, I think. "Show" mercy (ACTION) or "have" pity (ACKNOWLEDGEMENT). And I agree that the "undeserving" part is crucial to the definition of the word.

    Betty - Yes!! I like the words compassion and kindness - they expand on the idea of mercy. Jesus was the epitome of compassionate kindness - I'll just bet He had the sweetest eyes in the world! We are so blessed to have His undeserved love!

    Peggy - So glad you stopped by today! You have added other shades of meaning to the word "mercy." I like how you said that mercy is shown by a person in authority. That implies that they had the ability to WITHHOLD mercy - like in a trial, "I throw myself on the mercy of the court!" God had the authority to punish us justly, but He chose to give the mercy only He had the right to give.
    You could make your comment into a post, Peggy. It was so full of good stuff!! Awesome prayer, too.

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. I really love hearing the input on Fridays - everyone has such full and interesting thoughts!


  7. Greetings -

    I agree...everyone had valuable tips, lessons, and insights to share. @MTJ: I agree with Sharon, "I REALLY liked your distinction between mercy and pity." The other comments, no doubt, benefited, as well.

    Sidebar: Thank you, Sharon, for doing the quiz.
    I am glad that you found it fun.

    On the same program that I mentioned in an earlier comment, Pastor Dollar told of a man, Bob (not his real name) who had heavily criticizing him for awhile. Pastor Dollar did not retaliate against Bob for judging him. Pastor Dollar stated that he does not know why but one day, Bob came to Pastor Dollar's church. Pastor Dollar said that he acknowledged Bob's presence before the congregation and told them good things about Bob. The congregation applauded. Bob got up and waved to the congregation, etc. Pastor Dollar stated that later when some persecution came against him from congressional quarters, Bob was one of the first to phone Pastor Dollar to inform that he was praying for him.

    Only GOD can move on hearts in such ways. Praise His holy name!

  8. Sandra - AWESOME!! I am SO loving this Pastor Dollar!! He has such a heart for God - and he acts on what God tells him!! I've got a few hearts that need God's moving! We'll keep up the prayers!

    HE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS - and make the impossible, "HIM-possible!"


  9. Hi Sharon -

    Yes, you are right - many need our prayers.

    I love your expression, "HIM-possible!"

    Sidebar: Have you considered giving your "FAN THE FLAME" FRIDAY a separate page on your blog?

    Today I worked on that(tabs)for my blog and now I have ten separate page tabs on my blog for certain subjects. Blogger allows up to ten tabs. I thought about you...and thought that I'd ask if you had considered such for your blog. I know that you have another blog but I thought maybe you would be interested in adding page tabs to this one...

    If you are so inclined, go to my blog, please to notice precisely what I am talking about.

    Thank you, Sharon.

  10. Hey Sandra - Thanks for your comments. I have page tabs for this blog - they are over on my side bar, right under my profile. I tried having them at the top of my blog, but I didn't like how they looked. (Maybe that sounds silly, but they just sorta seemed distracting up there). So I added them over at the side. You might want to check them out, I've included favorite verses, quotes, book reviews, and a few other fun things.
    I have "Fan the Flame" as a weekly Friday post instead of a page because though I want to post something every day, I don't always have the time to actually write 7 days a week. Many other blogs have what they call "meme" postings (MTJ mentions one - Sweet P's). So, I thought I would make "Fan the Flame" as sort of my own version of that idea. Thanks for your suggestions, though. It's always great to learn from each other!
    I have noticed your changes - they're great. It's so fun putting together these blogs - it's kinda like decorating a little room in your house!! And then we have the FUN of meeting new people, and talking to each other, and encouraging each other in the Lord - WHAT COULD BE BETTER?! Oh, I know - when we all get to MEET each other in Heaven!! And sit at the feet of our Lord - OK, THAT will be the best!

    Thanks for being my blog buddy - I appreciate you!


  11. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for alerting me to the info about your "FAN THE FLAME" FRIDAY issue.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog about the tardy church attendees, etc. Marijo's piece last night prompted me to re-post a piece that I did on Tuesday October 5, 2010 titled, "LATE FOR GOD." Your comment last night on the Marijo topic was very meaningful to me so I re-posted it today under the "LATE FOR GOD" re-post.

    You are certainly welcome "blog buddy." I appreciate you, as well.

    Thank you, Lord, for Sharon...and all of your faithful saints...also, thank you for all people and the purposes that are served...

    Sidebar: I heard a pastor say yesterday that we should be thankful for our enemies, as well because they serve GOD's purposes...and help us to mature and bear fruit and more fruit...we are indeed profitable when we submit to however the Lord chooses to purge.

    T.D. Jakes spoke yesterday about someone that had persecuted him years ago. He expressed that he was grateful because that person helped him to get where he is today. Bishop Jakes did a public "call-out" to that person. He stated that if the person would contact him, that he would treat him to dinner at a fine restaurant...

  12. Hi Sharon -

    You mentioned "meme" postings. What is "meme"?

  13. Hi Again -

    You mentioned on my blog your pieces on Marty.
    What month in your "Archives" can I find those pieces on Marty? I know that you gave "Lessons From a Beagle," but what month, please?

    The picture of Marty is precious!

  14. Sandra - I loved this line: "we are indeed profitable when we submit to however the Lord chooses to purge." Heavy-duty words, indeed! Very often God does use people as human "emery boards" - filing off the rough edges, and smoothing out our spirits!

    I'm going over to your blog today to answer your other questions - see you over there!!


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