Tuesday, October 26, 2010


How about another post about my beloved “rocks”?

I mentioned yesterday how I came by this love honestly – my grandfather loved rocks, too.

And for a time, he made jewelry with rocks.

My grandparents lived about four hours away, but we visited them often. And I can vividly remember one time when we arrived…

“Nana, where’s Papa?”

“Oh, he’s out in the shop, polishing some rocks.”


I ran out there lickety-split! The rock-polishing machine was very awesome. It basically tumbled the rocks, over and over, while washing a steady stream of water over them.

Ugly, dull, shapeless rocks would turn into beautiful, rounded, colorful rocks – just by tumbling them around against each other.


Good lesson here.

Doesn’t God choose to do the same thing in our lives?

He often uses other people to “tumble” up against us, to “bump” into us over and over – as He seeks to smooth us out, and make us beautiful.

We can all think of people that just “rub us the wrong way.” I remember an author many years ago that called these type of people, “irregular” people. (I think that’s a much nicer name than a “pain in the neck!” – sorry about that!)

They just get under our skin, and annoy us, and make us crazy. We try to avoid them.

I have some people like that. I’m not proud of saying that – but it’s true.

And sometimes when I think I’m being very spiritual, I’ll pray for them. I’ll pray for those irksome traits to be changed.

But the thought occurred to me not so long ago, that those VERY PEOPLE are placed in my life for a reason. And it might just have something to do with ME.

God wants to tumble me…

It isn’t about THEIR irksome, annoying traits – it’s about MINE!

God uses “irregular” people to bump up against me, to smooth me out, to release more of His beauty to shine through me. I have plenty of ugly, rough edges in me.

I’m not shiny –

But God is working to perfect a good work in me – and sometimes that involves a little roughing up.

And through this entire process, He continually washes me with a steady stream of His living water…

Oh, Lord – I need to pray about MY heart. Give me the grace to see other people, especially the ones that annoy me, through Your eyes. Help me to understand that You have placed EVERY SINGLE ONE of them in my life for a purpose. Grant me patience for the “irregulars.” After all, you died for me when I was an “irregular” person. Teach me to die to myself, and to accept the process of being “tumbled.” And Lord, help me to be kind and merciful as I “bump” up against others.

Make me a smooth, polished, colorful, beautiful stone in Your Kingdom!

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” (Philippians 1:6)

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  1. I feel as if I'm riding tandem today. I no more confessed that I'm working on my own attitude,than an Irregular popped up to tumble against me. I'm pleased to report that my tumbling moment was washed pretty quickly with the water.

    I feel a bit shinier all ready. Of course, I'm sure there will be another tumble or ten before the day is up.

    Great post. God knew that I NEEDED this this morning.

  2. Oh Sharon, I love this analogy. Just last night I found myself complaining about repeat irregulars and had to stop and ask God what He was trying to perfect in me regarding the situation. Amen to your lovely prayer.

  3. I enjoyed reading this, Sharon...we can all relate to being "tumbled" and "bumped"...our heavenly "Polisher" knows what He is doing...even when we can't see the finished product clearly...

    I truly appreciate the kind comment you left on my post...I tried to find an email address or contact link on your blog to respond to you...please feel free to use whatever you want from my post...the Lord placed the words in my heart to share, so it is glory to Him when others are blessed....

  4. I am loving all of your rock analogies. We do need that constant reminder that we are being tumbled by God to make us shinier (God's light?) and smoother. What a "rocky" road we must travel!

  5. Great analogy, Sharon. Really enjoyed
    reading this. Makes me stop and think
    about all the ways He tumbles me and
    makes me shiny and new for His good

  6. another great illustration, Sharon. We had a rock tumbler at a time with the kids and I know the difference of how stones would look. I think if we allow God to tumble us around some, we definitely would grow to be more like Jesus every single day. I know for me, those "irregular" people were friends of my son that I thought might be less desirable. God opened my eyes (eventually took a long time for me to open them)that they were all lost souls in need of a Savior so I try to pray more about them in that direction rather than wanting them removed from my son's life (now I just ask God to prune and graft who he wants in my son's life :)

    enjoy the day!


  7. Hi Sharon,

    Thougt provoking and true, thank you for sharing - God Bless - Nita

  8. Oh I needed to hear this today! I have been on a holier-than-thou kick and I am in desperate need of some smoothing down! God, please tumble me. (I'm generating the list of people who can easily tumble me in my head right now. See? That's not very nice.)

    This was my "spiritual smackdown" (if you will) from this post: "You have placed EVERY SINGLE ONE of them in my life for a purpose. Grant me patience for the “irregulars.” After all, you died for me when I was an “irregular” person."

    Thanks for this today! Excellent, as always!

  9. I think the person who called them irregular people was Joyce Landoff/Landoft - anyway you are correct. You are so good at this - are you a minister? Love, sandie

  10. After reading your blog I can tell that you are a rock. You are a polished stone. I have added myself as a follower. May God Bless You.

  11. Debbie - Tumbled and shiny...that's how I'm picturing you today! Glad to hear that the Living Water did its job!!

    Wanda - Thank you. I have a few repeat "irregulars" that I'm being tumbled against. I continue to ask God for patience - and a humbleness that recognizes that I'm not perfect!

    Karen - Thank you. I will be sharing your words - they were very encouraging. I love what you said - The Heavenly Polisher! Only He can see the finished product - and I so want to be all that HE wants me to be.

    Denise - Sister...hello! Yes, a "rocky" road indeed! You made a very good point. Only a polished, smooth stone can reflect light! And I want people to see His Light in me - so, I guess all I have to say is: TUMBLE AWAY!! (Do you like Golden Girl?! :)

    Sandy - Glad you liked this. Yes, we are created for His pleasure, to give Him glory. Tumbling isn't pleasant, but it sure gets the job done!

    Betty - What a insightful comment! What a gracious position to take with your son's friends (and yes, I can tell that it took some time, and a lot of prayer to get there!) Allowing God to "prune and graft" - loved that!

    Responses continued in next comment...

  12. Nita - Thank you. I want you to know, that God is speaking to ME through these words, too. I've got a lot to learn!

    Jennie - I know!! I had a "ready" list of irregulars, too, that easily and quickly popped into my mind! Of course, I'm sure that I'm NOT on anyone's list...right?! I never want to forget that I'm not any better than any other "rock" - just forgiven like everybody else!

    Sandie - Yes, it was Joyce Landorf. Oddly enough, my dad was a friend of hers a long time ago...small world. You are too cute - no, I am certainly not a minister. Just trying to "minister" as God leads me to write and speak for Him. (I'm planning to email you tomorrow - thanks for understanding!)

    JT - What a very thoughtful comment. It actually made me a little teared up. I am so pleased to have you join me on the journey. I look forward to reading the very good words that you have to say on your blog. God does bless me, and may He do the same for you. (By the way, thanks for thinking I'm a polished stone...maybe you should know, there's a lot of rough edges still to be "tumbled"!! :)

    GOD BLESS - Hope everyone had a good day!!

  13. Hi Sharon! I'm back!! You are one of the first to receive a visit. (You're feeling special right now, I hope.) God has been teaching me SO much, really tumbling me around, well, actually I would say it's been more the water pouring over me perhaps. I am still processing, and He is still teaching with a capital T. Thanks for great analogies about rocks. I'm sure the Lord appreciates them, as He IS The Rock.
    Lots of love,

  14. Thanks, Wendy - So glad to have you back, and YES, I AM honored to have you visit! Oh yes, God has been tumbling me, too. Sometimes it's felt like an earthquake!! Are you going to be posting anything about your adventures?

    I'll head on over to your blog now...

    So glad to see your face again! GOD BLESS!

  15. I’m not shiny either...but God continues to polish me, too.

  16. OH Sharon!
    You are a vessel God uses DAILY!!!!!
    Wow- loved this post and will forward you link to my bible study. As I reflect on their prayer requests, they ALL deal with PEOPLE- the IRREGULARS in our lives!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your inspiring words that come from an wise mind and a warm heart.
    When I think about what God is "smoothing" out in my life whilst in the tumbler, patience, unconditional love, non-judging come to my mind.

    Love you!

  17. Anita - Thanks...I'm glad that I'm not the only one needing a good "buffing!"

    Janet - Thank you for your KIND words. You are an encouragement to me...on a DAILY basis. Just knowing you're out there in my world. I appreciate the "pass-on" - very thoughtful of you! You know some of the irregulars, in my life and in yours - we'll keep praying for them...and for us, because we KNOW God's using them!



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